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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tonights Game

I just wanted to let everyone know in the NYC area that I will be holding a game tonight at an undisclosed location. If you want more details make sure and email me and I will give you the information if I know you.

In any case, this is how the game is going to breakdown. It will be a 3/6 table for the first two hours then it will be bumped up to a 4/8 table after that. The game that will be spread it hold’em and if everyone wants later on we can turn it into a no-limit affair. We will play it by ear at that point in time. I'm going to try and get our rake cut in half being that it's the first night we are there so it will go from 8 dollars and hour to 4 dollars an hour.

See you tonight on the green flet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Running Very Bad

All I can say is that I have been playing soooo loose as of late. And my totals on some of the online sites show it. It’s gotten so bad that I’m back to those .50/1.00 games to try and regain my form. I just can’t say enough about how I have been getting killed. I suppose I will have to sit and really concentrate on hands and so forth…I guess that happens from time to time when you are playing online, you become a machine and just see the cards come up and fold…come up and fold…then you are just waiting and your thoughts start to wonder and when you have a small suited connector you call just because you figure no one has called and so forth…when in reality you should at least have five callers on those hands. An A hits on the flop and you can’t fold your Kings when there is someone betting you down….this isn’t a rant about a suck-out or anything of the sorts. I’m just writing this to remind myself and get my thoughts out.

In closing, thanks for putting up with this little rant…brick and mortar game taking place in NYC if anyone is interested. I think I’m going to have spread 3/6 or 4/8 so if you are interested get back to me.

Oh, once again, if you are interested in any of the Live Roosters that I post for friends or yourself please let me know.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Odds and Ends

I am glad that everyone seems to be getting back to blogging and writing. I know the high of Vegas still lives with many of us, but we need to move on in our writings. There have been some excellent non-Vegas posts by those individuals who couldn’t make it but were with us in spirits…I mean spirit…haha!

In any case, does anyone know what BG or Pauly is laying down as the over and under in terms of how many people will register for the next Vegas event? Yes, the next Vegas event when we bring the championship back to the East Coast (to be more specific, NYC where all championships should be…cough!cough! Go Yanks!).

Also, I’m wondering if Bill is going to scout some poker rooms for us while he is there this coming week…cough!cough!

I hate to do work at work…so go read the new post by Iggy.

Got some new cards sent to me from Marlboro via the mail, did anyone else get those? Maybe I won’t open them and have them as a bounty or something of the sorts.

Can someone say the Mrs. Hang has better poker content that the hubby. She talks about actual hands she was delt…good job Mrs. Hang. But Al’s too funny not to read daily in my opinion.

A couple odd Vegas thoughts:

- Yes, if no one will write it I shall. All the blogger wives are hot! Sorry, I don’t mean to offend. But the truth will set you free and it’s been building up inside, and now it’s out of me…I feel free!
- How did the Poker-Geek become everyone’s little brother on this trip…he even got backed on some action, too much. What about that shirt, I’m blogging this? Also, where are those shirts with the fish?
- Talking to Otis about staying home and working from the home office…seems he really enjoys the life he’s living…good job.
- Running into Spaceman at the airport and getting some last drinks in with him.

O.K. that’s it for now. Oh, make sure you check out the Rooster of the week on the photo below. If you are interested in obtaining such a Rooster for a pet please let me know. This one is not for sale, but it's children are so let me know. Hope all is well and enjoy your day.

Random Thoughts

If you are reading this and you are a blogger in any way, shape or might want to check out this site if you need help with your blog and making it a better site.

Also, you might want to check out Derek's post about our time down at the NYC Card Club a few weeks back. Best post to date for the D-Dog. Check it and run with it and post a comment on the homies site...let him know he's doing a kick-ass job.

Oh, and Dereks brother who is running with the stars of poker now. He's name is Pauly and he's linked up to the right also. He's covering this tournament in Vegas that's going might have heard of it...WSOP. In any case, he's doing the best job on the net in terms of day to day check it!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Vegas Pictures

Nice CarGrey Ghost


Beautiful View from the Famous Plaza Hotel
View from Plaza

Another Beautiful View
View Out Window of Plaza

This is what I ate day and night in Vegas
Las Vegas Food



1st and 2nd Place
1st & 2nd

3rd Place
3rd Place

Bill Shows The Cards

Only if you play in the WSOP can you have guns this big!!
Only if you play in the WSOP

Well I guess the theory of guns and WSOP isn't true!

Baby Hamma'
Baby Hamma'

Me & The Lion
Me & The Lion

Not Enough Chips
Not Enough Chips

D's first pack ever from a vending machine
D's First Pack From Machine Ever

First cab always goes to WSOP players
First Cab For WSOP Players

My Vegas Girls...cough!cough!
My Vegas Girls...cough!cough!


No Words Needed
No Words Needed

No words here either
Here Either


Picture of Iggy

Iggy's Vegas Girls

Navy Girls Rock!!
Navy Girls Rock!!

Fat Man & Me
Fat Man & Me

Famous Person at airport
Famous Person at Airport

My Home
My Home

The Real Vegas Strip
The Real Vegas Strip

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Charlie Passed

Rest In Peace, Charlie.

It turned pitch black over NYC today and it's starting to rain. Maybe it's the heavens crying for Charlie, but I tell them not to cry, we are happy that we all got to know Charlie even if it was just through the blog community and cyberspace. You will be missed.

I know that everyone is going through so much in our community over the past week, it's been an emotional two weeks. The highs and lows we have experienced as a community are just insane. I can only imagine what the family and friends of those individuals are going through.

Of course everyone is trying to do his or her part in these difficult times. I think our next event in Vegas (correct me if I'm wrong Bill, but I think Vegas won votes wise) we should donate some of the money to the family of Charlie to distribute it how they think Charlie would have liked it spent.

With that being said, I think we should all chip in 20.00 bucks each to fly Charlie's mother to Vegas to meet us if she wishes. I'm sure she would love to meet Charlie's online community friends. If she wishes she can take Charlie's seat and play in honor of Charlie. Of course this will probably be highly emotional, but maybe she will do it with pride for her son.

In closing, I hope I'm not out of line by proposing this. It's just my take and I'm a small person in our huge community. Of course we will need the dust to settle in all of this before any decisions are made. Like I said, just my take on this.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Joaquin's Roll Call

I wish there was something happy that I could write about. Yet, I’m in a funk for our community today. We have been hit by so much sadness over the past two weeks that it’s been hard on all of us, but especially our fellow bloggers whose family, friends, and loved one’s are hurting both physically and emotionally.

I’m a religious man and I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel for every one. So know that tonight I will be lighting a separate candle for everyone of you, for both hope and love.

Growing up we had this thing called a roll call. So this is my roll call of good vibes and positive love.

Jen – How could your smile not fill the room with happiness? You will be missed by all and may your soul Rest In Peace above. And although you may no longer be here in the physical sense, I’m sure the memory of your infectious smile will bring a smile to everyone’s face here on earth.

BigMike – I have read of your exploits with Al and people probably think that, as many shots as you two have taken that you are invincible. Yet, I send you a hug because I know these times are difficult.

Felicia – You have been through so much the past couple of months, yet you find energy somehow. Can I please get breast milk! As much as you can be cruel, you have a heart of gold and are such the softy. I am amazed at how you are using your time to get Charlie calls and smiling through your pain. Amazing! The candle I light will be for both you and Glenn, for I know you two are one and a team. If anything I saw in Vegas that I never wrote about but will mention it here…its Glenn’s deep love for you. It was simply amazing and something that I can only aspire to reach.

Charlie – Brother Man…I’m here in the city rooting for you, man. Yes, you and the Yankees….cough!cough! I was going to send you a throwback jersey to when we won the series but I couldn’t choose which year you would like…we only have 26 or so to choose from…cough!cough! You can come after me the next online tournament where you might get the hammer from me…cough!cough! Like the Yankees, I find a way to win…cough!cough! Keep fighting the good fight, Charlie…there are thousands of us rooting for you and I will purchase and light a lucky Yankee Candle they sell at the local bodega. I send you a hug brother man.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two Quick Things

One, make sure to hit Bill Rini’s blog (link on the right of my blog) to vote on where our next WPBT will be held. The final two choices are Vegas or New Orleans.

Two, make sure and visit the Good Doctor’s (aka Pauly) blog for all the latest breaking information on the WSOP. Pauly’s site is linked up on the right side of my blog.

Random Vegas Thought

I hate to go on a verbal rant because I’m a relaxed guy. Yet, I am Fooking tired of people knocking The Plaza. Please stop that NOW! Serious people…you have to love the place. It’s the place where back in the day on any night you might see Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and the pack walking through the joint. Serious, I’m old school to the bone and I love Fremont Street. While we were there they had this great collection of beautiful custom vintage cars all along the strip…the REAL STRIP. People, so the water didn’t go down the drain as quickly as you would’ve liked…who cares? Maybe the food wasn’t as expensive as you wanted it…who cares? This is the place that legends use to walk and strut their stuff. I send much respect to the legends of yesteryear…can we put our heads down and have a moment of silence. I love the crazy elements of Fremont Street, I guess that's why I have always liked AC for its edge and shady element. I don’t believe gambling is supposed to be done in some damn posh place called the Bellagio or Wynn. In any case, I took the following quote from a great Vegas movie, The Cooler…please read at least twice:

Shelly Kaplow: [talking about the Vegas strip] What, you mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh? Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That's a fucking violation is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along came that Steve Wynn cocksucker and knocks her up and put her in a fucking family way. Now she's nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much fucking makeup. I look at her and see all her fucking stretch marks it makes me want to cry because I remember the way she used to be.

Nuff Said!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crazy Ride Home

I’m in the cab with Bill and he must think I’m psycho. The cab driver tells me there is an accident on the freeway and he wants to take the streets because it’s faster. I’m like…wait a minute, how much is this going to cost. He says 25.00 bucks and I start to press him to drive faster. Bill must be sitting there thinking what the hell? I’m from NYC and we don’t let Cabbies take advantage of us. I know they work hard for their money and want the next fee, but I know they will get over if they can.

I check in via the kiosk (I love those things) and head to my plane. I know Bill is in line a couple of airlines over so I go looking for him and find him. I walk up to him and go into my rant:

“My God…you’re Bill Rini aren’t you? Gosh, I know you are trying to catch your plane and all, but can I just get a quick picture to show my friends back home. We are all fans of yours and they aren’t going to believe that I met you.”

The two guys in front of Bill were just looking at him with wide eyes. I knew this would make Bill laugh more than anything and he played along…thanks Bill. I had a star sighting.

Then I see Spaceman and we decide to catch some beers before we get on our planes. So a beer and shot after it’s time to get on plane. I run to my plane and then run back to Spaceman to catch some pictures of him and my good friend.

I get on plane and try to help this lady get her huge luggage in the overhead. It’s not happening…just then they say, someone is sick on the plane is a doctor on board? I tell her I have my advanced EMT Lic. if they need any help? When trying to get the luggage in overhead I’m cracking jokes and making people laugh so when I said that I could help this stewardess didn’t take me serious. As a matter of fact, she was very rude and told me to be serious and sit down. I figured why beg and plead to help someone who was throwing up. I’m not going to lose sleep over it…the lady got off the plane and I figured she didn’t want to go home and tell her husband she blew her kids college fund.

Then there is this crazy girl behind me who is piss drunk with 3 of those little plane size shots of Jack D in front of her. I was a bit thrown off on how come they kept selling them to her (esp. because this was a midnight flight). I was doing my notes for the weekend and I can hear her writing like a crazy woman behind me. I tear some pages off my pad and pass them back to her…bad move. She asks me if she can sit next to me to share her writing? I agree and sit next to this hot girl who is 5 sheets to the wind. Serious, she would get up to hit the head and not know which way to walk. I would have to get up and point her the right direction. The guy across the row is sitting there laughing with me about this. I couldn’t read her writing because it was too sloppy and her thoughts made no sense. Then she would start to talk LOUDLY about how her boyfriend didn’t like her drinking…ahhh yes! I can see why, sweetie.

I finally pulled into NYC and came straight to work. Next post will be my reads on people.

Sunday in Vegas - Dia Dos At Binions

It’s my last day in Vegas and I figure I might as well get some poker in. Bill Rini is off to check out Wynn’s new place and I am temped to go, but I love old Vegas and hit Binions again. Before that I see Pauly, Derek, Spaceman, Poker Geek (everyone’s little brother) and other individuals playing in the Plaza Tournament. I sweat them for a while then I head over to my new home, Binions.

What can I say, the 3/6 tables were soft and I love that they give you a food voucher if you are there long enough. There is a father son duo from the south sitting at my table. They seemed like a working class type of people (my type of people) and what I found to be so neat is the amount of respect the son had for his dad. No, he wasn’t laying down pocket Aces when Pops was in the hand…he just seemed to have a deep affection for his father which I thought was really neat. I crushed the table for a long while and before I knew it was time to eat my free meal and head over back to the Plaza.

I did manage to get many a photo of the old classic cars that were on show at the strip and I will post some of my favorites soon. I love antique cars and my father has two that are beauties so I grew up around this stuff.

Upon my return to the Plaza I get wind of something like this, “yes, the girls were on the bar dancing all night long.” Cough! Cough! I think Al was right when he said Ms. Hang had something up her sleeve. I can’t get into the details from the myths or truths I heard about the girls night out…coff!coff! But I did hear free drinks all night long…go girls! Nuff said.

I got to play craps with Pauly for a bit. We went and put some of my small earnings on the numbers. This guy rolling was hitting all over the place for a long while and we took our cash and ran…just like I like to do. When ahead get out of Dodge.

Then I got to sit with Iggy, Grubby, Fat Guy and Bill Rini at the bar. Great conversation between Iggy and Bill took place about how to play certain hands.

O.K. here is another sensitive thing that I thought…who helped Iggy up to the stool and who is going to help him down…the thought only passed my mind really quickly. Sorry Iggy.

Then Grubby and the Fat Guy were making me crack up with Grubby bouncing ideas off of the Fat Man about what raffles he should have on his blog. For those that don’t know, Grubby is a comps junkie at casinos and gets prizes for his slot tournaments.

I suppose every blogger has that conversation that really sticks with him/her…for me it was watching these conversations unfold. I suppose you had to be there but two interesting and funny conversations taking place at the same time between guys I read was great. It was almost time to catch my flight home and Bill and I decide to catch a cab together to catch our flights.

You make think this report is almost over but you have no idea.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saturday in Vegas

Wow…so I played the tournament that day and then went to the Cantina Party. Yes, the legend of Al NoPuedeColgar was in effect. Needless to say we had to walk around a bit before we found our way out the casino…the blind leading the blind.

We hit the Cantina and I had to grab the mic…cough!cough! It’s just an old favorite that my grandmother and I use to love to sing together (read blog about passing of my grandmother) of course it stirs many memories of me growing up in her care. And I thought the bloggers gave me so much support during that time that it would be a shame if I didn't belt it out for the crew (no relation to Dutch's Crew). Funny thing is that it’s such an old song, it’s a classic and many of today’s young kids know the song, but a lot don’t know the meaning of the song and the man who sang it and why it’s so powerful. But I guess it’s up for interpretation.

After we just had some drinks and I had to show Derek what cool California girls looked liked when they walked in the Cantina and he agreed it was a nice batch (pictures to come).

Then I saw this guy with a blue shirt with a tiara…umm can you say funny or scary?

Then I seen this penis head from Texas…coff..coff…haha!

It was all shitzzz and gigglezzz…then Ms. Hang was holding court with the girls and I hear Al say, “She has something up her sleeve.”

Then we went back to the Plaza but not before Bobby Bracelet got the cab before us because as stated earlier, “those who play in the WSOP get the first cab”.

In any case, we got back to the Plaza and I was rather tired but I had to play some more poker with the crew…did I mention I hadn’t slept yet? I was getting really tired and Pauly knew this so he had some famous herb-tea for me to drink so I could crash.

Then out of nowhere Ms. Hang, Ms. Otis, and Ms. Head and others come barging in the room. If you thought everyone loved Ms. Hang for her kind words and always offering to give a hug hello…well Ms. Otis is tornado of all wives. She was making everyone laugh with her SC word…read Pauly’s blog about this word. I can’t mention Super Cunt in my blog too much. In any case, it was just too funny and the tea was starting to affect me. But Ms. Otis had us all in stitches and I think it had a reverse effect of the herbal tea I drank because I started to pace and freak out a bit. Then I just broke out to my room because I felt on tilt…yes, the blogger wife sets Joaquin on herbal tilt.

After taking a shower and getting dressed up I took an hour nap. Funny in Vegas while sleeping your mind can't turn it off. I hadn't slept in three days and while sleeping I wake up after an hour nap because I know Pauly is holding a tournament in his room. I figured I might as well get ready for the night…nothing really happened though. I played a couple of hands with the group downstairs and crashed out. Yes, finally some good sleep. I was so happy to get some good sleep.

Next my last day in Vegas.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Binions Part Uno

So Pauly got me thinking of Binion’s so I figure I would make the trip over at 3:00 am. I went and sat down at the 2/4 game because I couldn’t get into the 3/6 game. Sad note here, they don’t spread much more than that at Binions. I thought about how this use to be the Mecca of poker in its day and now it only spread 2/4 and 3/6.

In any case, I sat and there was this FLOUNDER at the table. He would raise or re-raise with any two cards. I was sitting next to Ohio-Jeff. Well it was the name I gave him. Nice young good looking kid who seemed to be enjoying his stay and I figured it to be his first time at the live tables since he wanted to play through the night. He was a solid player and very little flaws in his game. He knows the basic A,B,C, and D of playing. To my left was this Old Asian man who had a pile of chips. Ohio-Jeff told me that the old man had been getting cards all night (this would continue).

In any case, the best line of the night came from Ohio-Jeff. We had busted the FLOUNDER and two other fish at the table over the period of two hours (two racks the flounder went through). So the FLOUNDER is looking to buy in again and is going through his 20’s and can’t decide if he wants to buy in for 40 or 60 and Ohio-Jeff puts his head down and starts to mumble…”Buy in for 60.00 buy in 60.00” It was a classic line. You always want the fish to buy in for the max because you know he can’t walk away and on top of that Ohio-Jeff was going for blood. It was just classic.

The neat part of this was at the end of the night it was down to Ohio-Jeff, Old Asian Guy and myself. We played one hand short and called it a night. Ohio-Jeff and I got a comp to eat for free. I tell you, Binions might be a bit run down and all, but they take care of their players and there is nothing like old Vegas baby!!! I found out that Ohio-Jeff is getting married and he’s still in college. I would tend to vote against this, but he has a plan for him and his girl and seems to just be a really good kid with his head on his shoulders. I suppose it helps that he’s totally in love with his girl. We spoke for a bit about Ohio football and M. Clarette and such. Just good conversation and before I noticed it was 7:00 am and time to hit the Aladdin soon.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Friday I've Arrived

Night before Vegas and I can’t go to sleep because if I sleep I won’t wake up for flight, which leaves at 6:00 am. Thus, I recruit John “The General” Lee to stay out with me for drinks. I figure that this will help me get home late, pack and get to airport. I get home about 3:00 am which is perfect because now I can just pack and leave for airport.

Got to LaGuardia U.S. Airways and the waiting area rocks…they have Bloomberg machines, phones at desks and the such. Got on to Pittsburgh and my flight was delayed for an hour and half. So I walked around airport, which was really nice. For some reason they put covers over the Maxim magazines in case kids are looking at the covers? I didn’t get this but I went along with it…I suppose after living in LA and NYC you tend to think no biggie about everything.

While waiting for my flight I met this nice Jewish lady who was born and raised in Queens. What can I say, she was a nice Jewish lady and I love old folks stories. She told some good ones. In any case, she started to rag on Bush and I seen some people get a little bit bent out of shape but she didn’t care. I thought this was funny as heck…wonder if the bloggers would rant at the tables and get people bent out of shape…haha!

Arrived to the Plaza and met Pauly and the crew who were already getting ready to hit the Rio and sweat the bloggers. I wasn’t really star-struck by any of the players. I figured I lived in Westwood and saw movie stars all the time…ask Grubby about my stories.

Oh, funny story, on the way to the Rio I get thrown in the back of Felecia and Glen’s SUV and we make some jokes about throwing the Mexican in the back…haha! I guess it might sound bad reading this…but we were happy to be together and everything was funny as hell at that point. Oh, it was the first time I met Glenn, Maudie and Felicia.

In any case, I got to see Otis play for about an hour or two. Unfortunately I got to see him get busted also. I thought it was great when we were eating on break when Al said, “I’m not leaving until Otis is out of the tournament”. Yes, brother…the bloggers stick together. In any case, Otis went all in and I could hear Pauly under his breath chanting…Ace-Ace-Ace…but one never came and Otis was out. Everyone paid their respects to Otis and I figured the guy was tired so I just said good play we shall talk later.

It was now time to storm the Castle. I went and did well at the 2/4 game because I couldn’t get on the 3/6 game. Then the wheels came off and I bleed my 100.00 buy-in plus the 50.00 I had won up until that point. I was tired because I hadn’t slept and I wasn’t thinking right…and although I never do this I was upset that those dorks beat me for my money so I had to hit the blackjack table. I ended up winning like 220.00 from the 20.00 I bought in for. I was on a roll and hit a few lucky hands…wait, aren’t all hands in blackjack lucky? After tips and dinner and drinks…I won about 200.00 at the Castle.

Oh, another thing that I have been trying to find a way to talk about without hurting anyone’s feelings here. I finally met Iggy. He is a…how should I say, Little Person…I think that’s what they like to be called…or is it vertically challenged. In any case, when he had two of those chairs pads that the dealers use to sit on when dealing I thought how odd. Week after week Iggy puts himself out there and people bash the crap out of the guy at times. Then when he’s in public they bash him more. It was good that he had blogger support there. Serious, it must be tough having to put up with that when you hit card rooms or just normal everyday settings…more on Iggy later.

It’s past 12:00 and I review my food intake for the day and it reminds me of my youth…McDonalds give it to me three times:
Breakfast: Sausage McMuffin w/egg and hash brown
Lunch: #2 Quarter Pounder w/cheese and fries
Dinner: #8 Fish filet with fries and Hot’n Spicy sandwich

I know, you are in Vegas, a foodie, and you are eating McDonalds…what can I say. It happens.

Now back to the Plaza and we are thinking about playing some more poker. Everyone is tired because they arrived on Thursday and were up all night playing and got very little sleep. I want to make my claim that I haven’t slept in some days also…but I let it go. I hear Pauly get a call from his editor that he wants some writing done by tomorrow. I think, who said the life of the writer was fun. Think of it, you get a call at 2:00 am from your editor telling you to get him some crap by tomorrow morning. So I know that Pauly needs some space and time to write. Pauly knows I can’t sleep much myself so he asks if I’m going to Binions….oh, the stories of Binions…next post.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Aladdin Tournament

Playing at the Aladdin was a great experience. They had a microphone and everything for our event and we got the traditional…dealers, shuffle up and deal via the mic. I wanted to thank CJ for putting this together…not to mention he was very smart in having everyone there a half an hour early. What I liked is that we had some readers and wife’s play in the tournament…gave it a good warm fuzzy feeling.

We got there and the room was rather dead which was nice because it gave plenty of space for signing up and chatting with some fellow bloggers. Needless to say 71 Bloggers showed up to the event and were ready to play.

Sidenote: In the cab on the way to the event I mentioned to everyone in the cab…please don’t take it personal, but I’m here to win this thing. Someone said, I think there is a lot of pride on the line and we all want to win it…opps…now I’m in trouble…everyone is here to draw blood. No one came here with the friendly attitude.

I got seated at table 10, which was cool because some of my favorite bloggers were at the table…including Fat Man. There was this reader at our table from LA. For some reason I think he was H-Double’s friend. He was aggressive as heck and kept pushing me off hands with his aggressive bets. I was a bit thrown off with his play because I was sure that he was holding something low…too early to call and the table was tight. Then out of nowhere…Poker Geek yells Hamma! This gets a cheer from the bloggers.

I look to Fat Man’s right and I see Bill Rini really digging in. Serious, he had this look on his face that he was there to win. This is when my adrenaline started to pump with excitement. I figured to try and stay away from Bill and Spaceman as I see both to be in the zone at that point in time. Go figures they would tangle for a big hand later in the event that set Bill up at the final table. I sat and sat and won a few hands and busted Felecia when she was short stacked (I didn’t collect my bounty). Don’t worry Felecia fans, she took a nice pot from me in Razz later that night…I thought I had a lock but she had a better cards (I will talk about this hand in a later post).

As the tournament went on everyone started to go crazy over hands…but at Table 10 things were rather quiet. I think everyone seriously was taking this thing too serious…wait…who was that guy singing, Mr. Serious in the cab. So this is how I got busted. I laid down a few good hands because Bill was licking his chops when I looked over at him. I had forgotten about the other carnivore at my table and sitting to my left, Mr. Spaceman. I thought at thought after peeking a Kd&Jh with the blinds fast approaching. I thought now or never and pushed. Spaceman pushed with A-10…flop was A-5-junk…turn was an A and river was a 5…ouch…full house and I’m out in 19th.

In the finals we had one reader and three bloggers. Two of the four finalists were from my table. So I was rooting for table 10 and when the reader and other blogger got knocked out I was happy to see one survivor from table 10…Mr. Bill Rini. Bill was just focused the whole day and I couldn’t see him losing. Yet, it was CJ and he was throwing the event. In the end Bill won the event and everyone was happy for both guys who played hard all day long. I’m sure they were tired and Bill later told me playing against CJ was an emotional drain. I believe it since Otis said the same thing about getting knocked out of the WSOP and we have better players than they do. So congrats to Bill and if you ever want to sit and talk serious Poker you should talk to Bill. He is great at breaking down hands and position.

Vegas Recap

There is so much to write about Vegas that I don’t really know where to start. Thus, I’m going to poach from Pauly and break this trip up into parts (one of which has already been posted).

A. The things Bobby Bracelet says (already posted)
B. Blogger Tournament Recap (Bill is da’ Champ)
C. Day by Day Report
D. Personal Play
E. Joaquin’s reads on people
F. Things from the Peanut Gallery and Picture Gallery

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bobby Bracelet and WSOP

Top 5 Things Bobby Bracelet Said This Weekend:

1. You always get the first cab if you played in the World Series of Poker
2. We (meaning individuals who played in the WSOP) wouldn’t play a pair like that
3. You can only have guns like this if you played in the world series of poker
4. When you play in the WSOP then maybe we can talk poker
5. Only those who play the WSOP can drink a 45 dollar shot of tequila

In all fairness to Bobby Bracelet, he didn’t word for word say all of these. And we also knew that he was just playing by saying these things. After all it was a blogger event and it should have been done all in fun and in such a way. If you would like to add one "BB" quotes for the weekend please do.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Vegas Here I Come

I will be boarding a plane soon to Vegas. It’s upon us and to be honest, I’m not too excited. If anything, I’m just really relaxed and calm. I get this way before my birthday and Vegas so when they both happen within a span of a week you can guess it’s a good thing mentally. I was thinking of reading some poker books and just getting my mind into it, but I think a chill day with packing is more my style at this point in time.

Most people who know me in the poker world don’t get to know me outside and I enjoy that. You can pick up certain things from my blog and all, but I just tend to mope when in a poker room. Outside the poker room you can see me whipping it up. When I’m at home games’ I realize that I have to loosen up and it takes some time…but I can put my guard down there.

I’m looking forward to meeting many bloggers that I read here and there. We will see what happens in terms of crazy nights out on the town. I’m going to play poker and more poker…now that they closed my local card game down.