Thursday, June 09, 2005

Binions Part Uno

So Pauly got me thinking of Binion’s so I figure I would make the trip over at 3:00 am. I went and sat down at the 2/4 game because I couldn’t get into the 3/6 game. Sad note here, they don’t spread much more than that at Binions. I thought about how this use to be the Mecca of poker in its day and now it only spread 2/4 and 3/6.

In any case, I sat and there was this FLOUNDER at the table. He would raise or re-raise with any two cards. I was sitting next to Ohio-Jeff. Well it was the name I gave him. Nice young good looking kid who seemed to be enjoying his stay and I figured it to be his first time at the live tables since he wanted to play through the night. He was a solid player and very little flaws in his game. He knows the basic A,B,C, and D of playing. To my left was this Old Asian man who had a pile of chips. Ohio-Jeff told me that the old man had been getting cards all night (this would continue).

In any case, the best line of the night came from Ohio-Jeff. We had busted the FLOUNDER and two other fish at the table over the period of two hours (two racks the flounder went through). So the FLOUNDER is looking to buy in again and is going through his 20’s and can’t decide if he wants to buy in for 40 or 60 and Ohio-Jeff puts his head down and starts to mumble…”Buy in for 60.00 buy in 60.00” It was a classic line. You always want the fish to buy in for the max because you know he can’t walk away and on top of that Ohio-Jeff was going for blood. It was just classic.

The neat part of this was at the end of the night it was down to Ohio-Jeff, Old Asian Guy and myself. We played one hand short and called it a night. Ohio-Jeff and I got a comp to eat for free. I tell you, Binions might be a bit run down and all, but they take care of their players and there is nothing like old Vegas baby!!! I found out that Ohio-Jeff is getting married and he’s still in college. I would tend to vote against this, but he has a plan for him and his girl and seems to just be a really good kid with his head on his shoulders. I suppose it helps that he’s totally in love with his girl. We spoke for a bit about Ohio football and M. Clarette and such. Just good conversation and before I noticed it was 7:00 am and time to hit the Aladdin soon.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

I found out that I have driver training crap that will probably last until around 4pm on the weekend of the 18th, but I'd love to head up to AC after that b/c AlCantHang and friends will be up there all weekend. Let me know what's up. bobnardi @


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