Thursday, June 02, 2005

Vegas Here I Come

I will be boarding a plane soon to Vegas. It’s upon us and to be honest, I’m not too excited. If anything, I’m just really relaxed and calm. I get this way before my birthday and Vegas so when they both happen within a span of a week you can guess it’s a good thing mentally. I was thinking of reading some poker books and just getting my mind into it, but I think a chill day with packing is more my style at this point in time.

Most people who know me in the poker world don’t get to know me outside and I enjoy that. You can pick up certain things from my blog and all, but I just tend to mope when in a poker room. Outside the poker room you can see me whipping it up. When I’m at home games’ I realize that I have to loosen up and it takes some time…but I can put my guard down there.

I’m looking forward to meeting many bloggers that I read here and there. We will see what happens in terms of crazy nights out on the town. I’m going to play poker and more poker…now that they closed my local card game down.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger citygurl said...

oh wow, good luck!


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