Monday, May 23, 2005

Da' Townhouse

Before I start my blog I want to thank Toni for her hospitality. Although we didn’t get a chance to speak much I wanted to say the following about Toni: A great host who made everyone welcomed. Thank you very much Toni!!!!

I finally got to meet some Bloggers (Pauly, Mas, Derek, Jordan and F-Train) for those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet these people I will give you my read on them. I didn’t get a chance to speak to F-Train but I will give you my breakdown anyways.

Pauly – What can you say about the guy. Nice guy who is very excitable and willing to try and talk to everyone. In Vegas he is someone that you want to talk to for a few minutes. One of the highlights was talking about the automobile industry and the shape it’s in. Yes, Pauly can talk about more than just the Hilton Sisters and Katie Holmes…haha!

Pauly on Gambling: I think Pauly is a good gambler but he has a lot of gamble to him. Those are the people that are dangerous to run with in Vegas. In other words, he would make a prop bet on anything. People like this get me in trouble so I will stay away.

Mas – Got to talk to Mas a bit since he got K.O. from the tournament rather quickly. Mas is a very cool guy. In short, Mas is the type of guy you want to have as a friend for life because it seems his word is solid as oak.

Mas on Gabling: I want to tell people this…Mas is a gambler. I don’t want to make any Asian people love to gamble reference…but this guy has the most gamble in him than anyone I met. Not only gamble, he likes to push the limits. I remember Stuey U. once said that it’s not gambling for him unless it hurts when he losses. I’m willing to bet that this holds true for Mas. So he’s not going to give you a small 5.00 prop bet (he might do it to entertain you), but he’s much more willing to bump it up to 20.00 bucks for the ride. Thus, only run with this guy if you are willing to put your bankroll on the line.

Derek – Derek was the one guy that I was rather excited about meeting. Sure everyone wants to meet the fucken movie star Pauly, but meeting Derek was what I was really looking forward to. I just like the voice in his blog and his small ego when it comes to winning big pots and different polls he joins. Shit, I would be jumping on the table and doing the Dion Sanders shuffle if I won as much as he did…but he just takes it in stride. Derek was a cool guy and I was happy to finally meet him.

Derek on Gambling – Derek is the guy that I would want to gamble with. He’s just a thinker who has a lot of gamble to him but he’s under control…more of a grinder like myself. Any individual who takes a free-roll serious with 2,000 Mofo’s in it gets my respect.

Jordan – Jordan is a very cool guy and someone you could have a beer with at a barbeque. I can see this guy owning a boat and saying, “hey, come over for some fishing, water skiing, and drinking some beers in the sun.” Just a very cool guy.

Jodan on Gambling – I think Jordan is more of a serious gambler. If he puts his money in there you best believe he has a hand. He goes in getting the best of it. I know that if we are in a pot I better have a hand or 10 outs at the least. He’s a purest when it comes to gambling and doesn’t like games like follow the queen and so forth so I like this gambling aspect of him.

F-Train – A very pensive guy who if you were to talk to one on one he would get into some deep shit. Like I said, I didn’t get a chance to speak to F-Train much but he seems like a thinker and someone you would want to sit one on one with and get into some poker material with.

F-Train on Gabling – Stay away from this guy. He’s a solid player and is one of those individuals who knows all his outs and have pot odds down to a science, so while your counting in your head he has it all worked out already.

In closing, these remarks were made with small amounts of information so I could be totally wrong on this stuff. Just thought I would take a stab on the information that I gathered…then again, I think going all in with 2-2 is solid.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey yo. Its Jordan. Thanks for the compliments. I think you were pretty dead-on with your analysis of my game. I'm definitely a gambler, but when it comes to poker, I like to know where I am at, so I haven't played much of the wild games. As for whether I always go in with the best of it, I'd have to say that it is often the case. Plus, your statements might get me more respect at the tables, so double sweet. Now its my turn though:

Joaquin: Joaquin is a stand-up guy. There are some people who talk even though they have nothing to say (I'm guilty of this myself). Joaquin, to me, seemed more of the kind of guy who spoke only when he had something to say. With that I mean, when Joaquin is talking, you'd do well to listen, because he isn't talking out of his ass. Either that, or he fooled me. Joaquin, you sat out both tourneys, so I can't say much about your game other than this: you seem to be a selective gambler. I give you a lot of credit, because a lot of guys (myself included) have to literally pull themselves away from a gambling opportunity. Some self-restraint can go a long way. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully, you'll be at the Pauly freeroll on Noble.

Take it easy,
High on Poker

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