Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Back To The Tables

I must admit that I have become rather excited at the fact that I will be back into full poker mode starting this week. It’s been a while and this whole being reformed thing just isn’t panning out for me. I mean, it’s hard enough being on the wagon these days…so a non-poker gambling life is just out of the question. Thus, will be looking for the bloggers online to play some poker with. For the first time now that I think about it. Yes, I’m bringing the pain and maybe a hammer here and there.

I suppose that you should read a few people’s blogs because they have some good stuff on there. First, you might want to read Al’s blog because he’s celebrating his one year anniversary of blogging. Also, read Iggy’s blog because he’s the man when it comes to giving you all stuff dealing with poker. Then there is Pauly (remind me if I ever have a kid to not have him become a writer) who is dealing with a loss of a fellow compadre in the writing world.

On that note. The bloggers have taken some huge losses over the last month. Iggy lost a good friend, as did I. Now Pauly is dealing with the loss of one the influential writers in his life. Tough times my friends, tough times indeed.

I hope all is well and lookout because I will be on the tables this coming week. It helps that I have my computer up and running in my room…yeah!yeah!


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