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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AC with Bloggers

The next day I met up with Pauly Drama to head over to AC for a night of gambling. After we got checked in we decided to head to the tables. But before we even got to the tables Pauly Drama was swarmed by a few of the floor people and they started to chat about the Borgata Open and how they missed Pauly this last time around.

We decided to sit and start to play some cards and that was fun and all, but then we had a little altercation at the table which happened so fast I can't recall all the details. In any case, the table broke and we all went to eat...I thought Fat Burger was in order since it has been ages since I've had one of their burgers. I got to sit with the blogger crew and chill a bit and just listen to what people had to say.

Pauly was feeling sick so he called it a night but I stayed up and decided to continue to play a bit. But this is where the story gets forward to about 5:00 am....weeee!!

So it is like 5:00am and the only people who are up drinking at the famous B Bar at the Borgata are F-Train, Carter, Brdwed, myself, and a pretty girl at the bar. The boys had just left their 1-2 no-limit table to join me for a drink. So we are there drinking and I start ordering another round and see the pretty girl watching the craps table from the bar and I ask her if that is her boyfriend throwing? She said no, but that she had been watching the guy throw for over a half hour and he kicks his leg back every time he throws.

I think to myself, there aren't many people at the table and he's been throwing for that the average individual that wouldn't be a big thing. Yet, to those of us who have been around casinos for some time can do the math...the time in between throws isn't that much because change is given out quick to three people at the table. I wander over and this young preppie kid and he is on fire (not in the gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that). He doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing and the penguins (craps dealers) running the room are telling him to push more and more. He hit his number four times within seven throws...what are the odds? I look over and he has a whole rack of greens posted on the rail with tons of reds...he tells me that he started with a borrowed 100.00 bucks and the penguins confirm.

I call F-Train, Brdwed and Carter over and they are excited and put their money on the table. As we know, it is the Virgins that last forever in this game (no pun intended) and this guy was living proof. Yet, here he comes...the cooler of all coolers, F-Train. Nuff said. The kid rolls a 7 his next throw and his friend whispered to him, they brought in the cooler as he looked at F-Train.

We then walk over to the Blackjack table. Carter and Brdwed decided to use some of their earnings from 1/2 no-limit to fund their blackjack. The boys are running o.k. but then someone called the Cooler aka F-Train decides to jump gets 21 on the first hand and 20 the second hand.

I think you all know the moral of the story here...when it comes to floor games and you are feeling hot...get F-Train away from you

Monday, September 25, 2006

Pre-Bash Festivities in the NYC

Wow...there is so much to say here and I don't really know where to start to be honest with you. Thus, I will do my best to start where it all started. Pauly Drama was nice enough to invite me and Flagstaff to join him and Derek to dinner to celebrate his birthday. What did we have for dinner...well you will have to visit my FOOD BLOG to get pictures of the meals.

But what this first post of three is about is Wed. night. It is like any other night in NYC...calm...until The Rooster hits the town. I was having a problem if I wanted to post this story here or on my CITY BLOG but I thought the story would fit here.

In any case, where was I. Well we had dinner at the Palm and so I decided to cruise the boys around mid-town at some bars my roomie had introduced me to. You know, simple bars where we could drink for cheap and just get caught up. I decided the boys needed to visit Barcelona Bar where they have over 500 shots you could take give or take a few. I felt that Falstaff needed to take the Top Gun shot and with Pauly Drama as his wing man. So here are some pictures (take note that Highway to the Danger Zone was playing in the background). Note...these two guys were originally cast to play Mav and Goose



It was none other than Lindsey who took time to serve us. This wasn't a pose, I just caught her as she turned around in this picture. Boys, she is single so for a small fee of 300.00 dollars I will get you her number. The real reason I took this picture was for Al Can't Hang and Big Mike...see the Eagles in the background.


For as many shots as Barcelona Bar has they need plenty of different liquors and here is a photo:


After we hit Barcelona and another $1.00 beer night place we decided to hit the bar of all bars, Yogi's!! I can't tell you enough about this place but this is how the night bartenders giving one another body shots and being rather buzzed and keeping the party going. Once again here are some pictures:

First: The Cutie known as, Leah

The Good and two...down the hatch she goes!


I can't tell you enough what happens when you have three more crazy people join the party, but it looks a little something like this.


Last but not least. Here are some pictures of the nicest girls the South has ever brought up to the NYC to visit. Really nice group of girls who were all there as friends and getting along with everyone at the bar. I guess when you think Southern Charm they come to mind.



In this case pictures can't capture all the fun that was had on this night. It was good to see old friends who you hold not only an intellectual kinship with, but also a kindship of being an outsider for loving to play cards matter how popular poker becomes it will always be seen as a seedy game.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pauly Drama!

Hollywood and Manchester Fan

I am not sure that I'm suppose to post this or not. Yet, I just wanted to take a second to wish, Pauly Drama a Happy Birthday.

I need not tell you how many times Pauly has captured my experience here in NYC. To be honest, he has to be one of all time favorite writers when it comes to discussing the poison that the city holds (and I have read many NYC writers). I know everyone wants Pauly to write a poker book or a book about acid trips and getting lap dances, but to The Rooster, Pauly's writing really shines when he's writing about NYC.

In closing, Pauly, although it is your birthday I wanted to thank you for the gift of your written word which I get daily. Not to mention, pouring your soul into your blog. It is not easy to face your demons like you do and write about it. Continued success, Pauly Drama and remember...VICTORY!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teddy Bear Bill Rini....Happy Birthday and Happy Trails


I have stayed rather quiet on this topic, yet, I find it a must that I write about this.

In anyc case, why keep you all guessing, Bill Rini is moving.

This comes at such an awful time because I really was hoping that he would take the job on the E. Coast and make The Bash for both a birthday and welcome to the E. Coast party but it was not meant to be.

Well Bill...what can I say, it has been a run. I know your blog won't be dying nor are you. Yet, I do feel a sadness that you are moving so far. I wish you continued success and I feel honored to be able to call you my friend.

In closing, please make sure and get a two bedroom apt. once you settle in...for The Rooster will be visiting.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mrs. Head

I wanted to write and post a few links to someone who I hold in very high esteem, Mrs. Head. I didn't know that Mrs. Head was an artist and Mr. Head is trying to get his wife to paint again and I can see why. She is a great artist to go hit her site and .contact her if you are interested in a piece. She also does commissioned work if you give her colors and motifs you are trying to work with.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Little A.C. People

Now Playing: Gun'z and One'z by Heltah Skeltah and Method Man

Since some of you are going to The Bash and some of you are wondering what about A.C. and poker, I thought I would give you a few things The Rooster goes through every week to get to his favorite destination to throw the cards. I did write a rather long post about my favorite rooms in A.C. that didn't include the new massive room at the Borgata.

I would like people to start to think of moving the next blogger reunion to Tunica or Atlantic City. I don't know about you, but we have done Vegas already...let's mix it up a bit people.

Here are some pictures of many of the bad one's I took. I just got my camera when I took these photos so please be nice. As you have seen by the body shots the girls were taking, the quality of my photos has gotten better since these were taken.


The Rooster rolls with the common folk...well because that's just how I roll. To be honest, I'm rooting for all these Mofo's to be honest. Yet, why is it every single time I'm on the bus I have to hear that someone is always a winning player. And I'm talking about games such as slots and blackjack...Pifft!! To top it off, you can always find someone there buying it. Did I mention that you get 20 dollars of your 30 dollar round trip on arrival upon arrival to AC. Of course casinos do this to keep you at their casino but it makes a round trip only 10 bucks...score!


Yes, sometimes the rain gets in the way and people start to wonder if their hero who is going to take their money will arrive.


Sometimes one has to examine his ticket to make sure he's heading in the right direction.



Then The Rooster finally arrives to see the following and his eyes light up.


There are so many choices for The Rooster to go on the hunt...where or where? Let me check out the Pink Chip game at The Tropicana.

Basically this post is to let everyone know that there are other places we can go to play cards. I know Vegas has the most places, but don't over look A.C. when it comes to action.