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Monday, November 15, 2004

WPBT Holiday Classic at Sam's Town

I try not to steal too much from other blogs, but this is just a mere advertisement about the First Annual Holiday Poker Classic. I wanted it to be called the Blogger's Championship, but I think we will let Iggy work on that or a points system and yearly at this event someone gets crowned Poker Blogger Champion of the world. In any case, the below part is from Tao's promotion of the event.

Sadly I must report that this will be my last play for the year and upcoming year. I sat and thought about my life and what I want to accomplish and for some reason the tossing of cards wasn't in the agenda. It's going to be hard to let go of any type of gambling for the next year or two, it's been a part of my life for so long now. That's 3 card poker, no ponies, and no poker. I mentioned to a dear friend of mine that this was the path for the coming years and she was rather shocked, as I'm sure most of you are since this is the first public announcement of it. I sit here almost in tears thinking of all the characters I will be leaving behind...most of all I will miss the degenerate gamblers/drinkers (you know who you are), and of course my blogger friends.

I wanted this to end on a high note but I'm just a bit broken up about this. All the time and effort I put into my game seems to be a waste. I have about a million and one poker/gambling books that I must put on a shelf and no longer lay next to my bed to pick through when getting ready for bed.

In closing, I wanted to send a shout to the following:

My Father, Elias V. Ochoa. Papa, thanks for showing me at the pool table at a young age that there is other ways to make money.

My Mother, Rosie Reyes. Mom, thanks for always being supportive about my ways of life...I know you really never approved of me playing the ponies in college and now cards...but thanks for sticking by me through big bankrolls and small.

My Sister, Elena Huizar. Elena, I know you hate that I gamble. I'm sorry, but it really did pick me, I didn't pick it. I send you a hug for all your support through all this and I know, I know, God doesn't approve.

Well that's it for now. I will try and get as much gambling in as possible before the WPBT classic.

WPBT Holiday Classic at Sam's Town

This December 11thIt is NFR (National Finals Rodeo) final weekend. As I said earlier, rooms are pricey. As of today, the "rack" rate for the 10th & 11th is $125 per night. Poker rate is $69 per night plus taxes. If needed, the 12th is $39 plus taxes.If you wish to book at Sam's Town, call the poker room and ask for me, Dick. I suggest that you book by the 19th. I will check availability and will post any problems that I see coming up.Direct line to poker room is (702) 454-8092 or 1-800 897-8696 (DO NOT ASK FOR RESERVATIONS), ask for Dick Gatewood.

Derek and I went to Vegas last year during Rodeo Week and we had a blast playing poker with drunk cowboys! Some of your favorite bloggers will be playing (this includes me) in the Holiday Classic in addition to special guest Charlie Shoten. I'm also working on another celebrity guest. Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sloppy Play

I have been starting to play very sloppy as of late. I'm not sure why and it's gotten so bad that I have stopped playing for a bit. I don't know, I figure that after hitting so many good hands for so long that the poker Gods were looking down on me. Yet, I think it has more to do with loss of vision. When I play I always have a goal of what I want to win that day and I stop. As of late I have been getting online and big win will make me happy. Thus, I have always played hands till the end thinking, "this is the hand to put me where I want to be." When I don't hit I have lost some chips and think, "now I have to win two hands to get ahead." Those of you who play know this cycle and know how deadly to one's bankroll it can be.

It's funny. No matter how many how many books and blogs you read about matter how many hands you have played in the past...well you can't run from this trap. It just catches you like someone doing the old check raise on you. I suppose I should have read my mantra inside my wallet more before these huge loss sessions (read previous article).

I am starting to look for a new job doing something besides playing poker and working at my current job. I think that I might go and become a male stripper or something of the sorts, I don't know? I just can't see myself playing so much poker and sitting here behind the computer at work all day...I welcome any of your suggestions.

In closing, I hope all is well with everyone these days. I have quit all types of gambling for the time being until I get my head straight and accomplish some outside goals (O.K. I still gamble on my monday night bowling games with Rey "El Rey" Contreras and John "General Lee" Lee). Yet, I'm sure I will be home one night and read some poker book and jump on the computer or make a run to AC. We will have to see how it all pans out.

Once again, have a great day and may all your flops be monsters.