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Sunday, December 30, 2007


I'm not really sure how he keeps all these stats on people or himself. But I'm sure if you are to write him and ask him to crunch your numbers he will. I tend to write my profit v. loss in a book. But for some reason I'm starting to wonder if technology might be the right way to go. In any case, go visit Ven-Ay or Ve-Nay as he's known in these circles.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

You Can Change!

I'm not even sure I want to expose you to this photo. But since more people visit THIS SITE than HIS SITE I figured I would post the picture.

Oh, and please don't feel bad that I get more traffic, he's a B-Lister now working hard on becoming an A-Lister and one day he will get the traffic. It is only a matter of time.

So we have a few metro-sexual fools in our group. Fret not if you want to be one of them...there is time for change if you are a long hair rocker and here is the proof.

Please click HERE!!! Yes, that is Joe Speaker.

In the words of everyone's favorite Little Man Oh, The Humanity!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


If you look to the right you can see some new changes to my blog. I put up a few pictures that Pauly Drama took. Then I also put up a new card cap that my parents got me for x-mas. I also put up a new picture there of a Rooster. I hope you enjoy.

Celebrate Rickey

Go celebrate Rickey's Birthday. By far and I say this with 100% certinanty. The Greatest Baseball player to every live...period. Click Here To Visit Rickey

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Then There Was Two

It is 10:40 am and I have tried to bring myself to complete my second to last trip report. It hasn’t been easy for there are so many elements to this heads-up/showdown with the legend named, Otis.

Elements that are so different yet somewhere they connect. Let us take a look at the particulars.

A-Lister v. Super A-Lister
City v. Country
Cocky v. Humble
North v. South
Popular Country v. Bluegrass Country
Hack Writer v. Real Writer
Bachelor v. Married
Old Blogger (2004) v. Super Old Blogger (2001)
NYC Wrecking Crew v. G-Vegas Crew
Brown v. White (I know Otis rolled his eyes at this one and said, Dear God…haha!)
Loud-Aggressive Drunk v. Quiet-Fall Down Drunk

Otis and I have some history behind us in terms of friendship and playing against one another. There is the legendary “BASH” story. Where such things you hear today were born. Example, The Rooster is Cagey. Of course over time people like Pauly Drama have added, The Rooster is one cagey MOFO...but you get the picture.

There is also my legendary crush on Mrs. Otis that we always laugh about and is all in good fun.

There are us opening up on our blogs that we were going through tough times emotionally.

There is us opening up about family which is kind of a private matter to both of us and I could see Otis struggling with some of those pieces he wrote (I suggest you all go read them...maybe he can link in comments the post about his father’s sickness and cards...AlCan’tHangs favorite post of all time from Otis).

Let it be stated that I love and respect Otis on so many levels that in some ways it seemed only right that he and I were heads up at the final table. And I, like so many other bloggers was kind of rooting for him to take it down. Of course there are a lot of other bloggers who I would have loved to play heads up against, yet, I think in many ways this was the most compelling story line (read above). For me it was a chance to play against one of the most solid players in the community and also one of my all time favorite writers.

From what I hear Speaker gave the Boom Shout: “It’s The Rooster and Otis heads up.” That caused the scurry to the table. But I will get to the surreal moment in a second.

Throughout the day Otis and I had been playing at the same table here and there and of course I was a wary of him on every hand…why you ask?

Three main reasons:

1. His reading ability and feel for the game.
2. His composure at the table hand after hand even after a bad beat.
3. He’s hard to read…he peeks at his cards the same way every time, he never rushed his calls and his look of calm, collected and calculated killer was a bit unnerving.

It was only three hands together at the same table that Otis took note of what I was trying to accomplish by my playing style (Johnny Hughes got it right away also). It wasn’t so much a verbal communication but a smirk that Otis gave me. Basically his look made me say, “Crap…he’s got my game plan down already.” So what could I do but smirk back and lift my eyebrows which basically said, “You got it.”

Throughout the day there is this friendly back and forth going on between us. If I would bluff I would show Otis from time to time. Sometimes he would nod his head that he wanted a peak and I would show him no problem. An understanding? I’m not sure what to call it to be honest because I’ve never done this with someone. And he did show me cards back. For as much as I did feel a threat whenever I sat with Otis...there was this whole notion that I would not get bit by the scorpion.

So there we are back and forth all night on raises, all-ins, and tough folds. All the while I really wanted to get rid of Otis because he was a thorn in my side. Then the hand of all hands happened. I was able to catch Otis on a semi-bluff with his all in and I was chip leader at the time and Otis was a bit short...I found a nice hand. I can’t recall the hand totally but I had him all in and I was ahead.

Flop...I’m ahead.
Turn...I’m ahead
Wait...Otis is calling for a King on the river.
River: KING!

Dear God. I let out a scream! As most of you know, I don’t read boards well so I didn’t see the straight that Otis hit. I just knew I lost by everyone’s reaction.

To show you how much of a class act Otis is I shall tell this story. After the hand I didn’t even see him shout with excitement. I was in my own little zone at the time. He came over after the excitement and said, “Joaquin, sorry I reacted like isn’t my nature.” I knew that. Shit, I didn’t even see him react. But that is Otis and that is why he is loved by all bloggers.

On another hand someone pushed and I called with 8/9 and Bacon Mary came over the top. I showed my cards to Otis and said, I want to call but I’m not getting the right odds to call. I mucked and he said, hard to call there. Then the flop came 4-8-9. We look at one another and giggled.


Out of nowhere tons and tons of bloggers show up for the showdown (read boom shout). I have a good chip lead at this time and the final table is being organized. I need to use the bathroom but everything is happening so quickly I don’t want to ask for a bathroom break right there. I’m caught up in the moment myself.

There are bloggers taking photos, bloggers laughing, Iggylooks like he may have had some of Pauly Drama special herbal tea, Otis looks tired, AlCan’tHang has a drink in hand, I see California April who thank God sweated me the final table, and of course I see Pauly and Change100...Donde esta Derek?

The dealer starts whipping out the cards and I’m a bit frazzled but it all. I’m feeling good because I’m in the lead chips wise and I feel I can push a bit. I got a bit card dead and Otis is really pushing hard now. I can’t counter the all-ins with the cards I’m getting and I feel that maybe Otis feels weakness.

All this time I’m not looking at Otis for a fear he can pick up tells on me. Also, I say this with all honesty...Otis was looking through me. The three faces of Otis for the day were:

1. I’m having fun here and hugging everyone
2. I’m tired when is this going to end
3. I’m here to win this and I am going to turn my game up.

Of course the third look was the look I was getting when we were heads up. So what else is The Rooster to do but act the fool and listen to Willie Nelson and Jay-Z. I know, I know, odd mix but it is what it is.

Crap...Otis has the chip lead. So I start to push back and come over the top. I’m trying to pop it on my button every single time to see where I am in the hand, but Otis pushes back and we are about even in chips. I take a bit of the chip lead then it happens.

Otis gets a read.

I can’t tell you what this read is but I had been employing a betting pattern that Otis picked up on. How did I know he picked it up? Easy. He cocked his head and smirked and came over the top. It was like the light had flashed and he pushed and I folded.

At this point I start to freak out a bit because that was my bread and butter move all I start to bop around and blasting Jay-Z. I think that four RedBulls, two cups of hot coco and three cokes starts to kick in. Wait, I’m not thinking straight so I turn it back to Willie.

The next hand I folded A-10 (I showed the A). Now to most people that would be golden in that situation. But I thought about it and thought...and remember when Mav didn’t engage because something didn’t feel right. Same with me...I was telling to me Willie, talk to me, but Willie Nelson didn’t say a word. At that time he was singing his gay cowboy song and I saw Speaker with his scarf on...nuff said.

I took a little chip lead and Otis pushed and I called and I won the race.

After Otis being Otis came over to shake my hand and we both babbled something to one another. I think the tired hit us both at the same time for we were spent. We went over to the IP and Pauly Drama pretty much covered what happened to me there. Dear God. Want to feel my Hamma?

In closing, thank you all bloggers for sticking around. It was great having so many bloggers at the heads-up match. It made it all that much more memorable and I’m sure Otis will agree. Until next time when you all come and try to take the title from me...later!

p.s. next top memories. Also, is Pauly Drama>Mr. Miagi? There is a reason they call it the Tao and his valuable lessons in tournament play such as: “Rooster, you can’t play like a pussy heads up.”

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bounties I Won!!

I remember when bounties use to be this big thing in the blogger tournaments. I hope that some of you get back into them and for you B-Listers make sure and get into it. I took note that not everyone had a bounty in hand.

Any case, thanks to those people that provided bounties...they were awesome and fun.

Visit PITW for the ultimate recap

Dear God. Please go visit Derek's blog by clicking HERE

I'm still laughing at this one. Guy is humor to no end and his top 15 is one of the best. Although he runs with C-Listers I still consider him a friend.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Pauly Drama informs me that he’s going with Badblood to a club before the tournament. I guess this is some pre-tournament regimen that Blood conducts when a big tournament is going to happen. Like others, I thought that Blood would hit the gym to get some lifting in before the tournament.

Derek suggests that since I’m a Mexican, I should eat some Mexican food before the tournament. Thus, we stroll on over to O’Sheas Casino for a bite. Derek had Subway and I had a chicken burrito with all the trimmings. And thus my friends, a pre-tournament regimen is born for The Rooster (Also, a moment of silence and pour some drink out of the 40oz for my homie Derek…his burrito streak for lunch every Friday ended on this trip).

We arrive to the Venetian and bloggers are everywhere. I arrive at table 17 and find some tough players. You have read the epic tale of Al and me HERE or Al's version HERE.

Notes to self about this table that I have to make. There were a handful of better players than me here.

F-Train had won this tournament before and plays a lot more no limit than myself and is probably one of the better guys at talking through a hand.

GeekandProud plays a lot of no-limit, is math oriented, and is a bit straight forward placing his bets. Will value bet a lot more than pushing all-in.

Biggestron was in full effect with his snowball. I knew when he had a strong hand he was going to want to play pots. I suck post flop in no-limit so push was my take with this guy if I had a hand.

GCox I knew that if he started to get cards I would be in for a long night. He tends to put a crap load of pressure when he has a big hand. Put pressure on the guy that needs to make the decision is how he plays.

Waffles who I know only from online play tends to be patient and bets big when he has a hand. I haven’t played enough with him but he also seemed able to lay a big trap.

Carmen was at my table and when she catches it can be a long day. She has that check like; I have nothing then can come over the top on you.

Joe Speaker was to my left and all I kept thinking about was that he was trying to trap me. He’s a patient player and is no rush to get his chips in. He’s going to wait until someone makes a mistake and I knew he was eyeing my stack (yes, I did get caught in a monster trap he set).

The table was fun and I was able to dodge and weave to the final table.

I was a bit sad that Pauly Drama went out in 11th place because as much as he’s owned my ass as of late at the no-limit table he’s always been one of my biggest supporters.

So we make the final table and I measure everyone up a bit.

1. The Rooster – That’s me!
2. Otis – Tough and very solid player that I’ve played with many times before. A thinker and always picking up information. I need to stay away from him as much as possible and can’t let him pick up reads.
3. Kuro Kitty – Never played with him before but was told he made the final table the last time.
4. Schecky – Follows the poker scene for work and I read about him on Pauly’s blog all the time and a solid player. Try and stay away from him.
5. Columbo – Always sticking around and another thinker…he’s going to be looking at betting patterns and trying to build a puzzle out of the flow of the game.
6. Grubby – Tough very experienced tournament player who bubbles a lot live from what I’ve read in his blog. Never scared to put the chips in the middle with any two cards to bluff here and there but also to race.
7. Miami Don – Makes a living playing cards and gambling. Super solid player and take the best of Otis, Grubby, Columbo and a bit of his own style and you got Miami Don. I’ll try to stay away from him.
8. Instant Tragedy – Don’t know much about his play. Seems like he’s willing to gamble a bit put plays solid poker.
9. Change100 – Solid player who will push when she feels like she’s got the best of it. Follows the tour also and has probably learned a lot from that. Try not to play too many hands with her.
10. Drizz – A solid player that doesn’t bluff much. Willing to gamble a bit. But this isn’t his favorite or best game…that game you get four cards.

So I look to my left and there is Miami Don, Change100 and Grubby. Of course I’m a bit upset that Miami Don is put right to my left. But the good thing is that I have more chips than him and Change100 so I can put a little pressure with big raises on them. Grubby on the other hand is willing to gamble so that kind of scares me a bit.

Columbo is to my right and he’s a solid player so if he bets big I will just fold.

Cards are in the air for a bit and I start to catch like no tomorrow. Yet, when I don’t have a hand I can feel Don is starting to pick me apart with his reads. He’s let out a huff when I come in with nothing. He wants to call but he’s just not getting a decent hand to call with. Thus, I start to bet sporadic to try and throw off the scent.

I can’t play the post flop game or pots with Don or Change100 so I’m kind of in a bad situation and have to just keep putting the pressure on.

I knock everyone’s favorite blogger, Drizz with my jacks.

Change100 and Instant went down. More because they were a bit short to put their game to work which is always a problem when you come to the final table and are pretty much in a push mode.

I can’t get a read on Grubby and he and Don play so different that it is mine field for me to avoid. Don gets knocked out and now I only have to worry about Grubby to my left for now.

About here someone asks for a chop. If you read previous posts I don’t chop for a few reasons. Now I wanted as many people to get paid in the tournament so that is why I started to float the idea that the top 20 should get paid, plus we were looking at another three hours of play if that wasn’t done. So I really didn’t want to chop anymore. It is not that I’m a bad guy but I thought the whole 20 payout was good for everyone and enough chopping.

I’m not sure where it happened. But Grubby lost his traction somewhere. He was a big stack but he lost a big hand and went card dead. It was odd because Grubby tends to make hands happen…any two cards can be a winner for Grubby, he’s always flinging chips in and out of pots. I’m thinking he might have been thinking of Mr. Cashman or something. But Grubby’s good run ended when I knocked him out.

Dear BeJesus…Columbo just wouldn’t go away. I was really impressed again by how much class this guy has and his ability to stay relaxed even when he’s missing his flight, taken a bad beat, and how he can keep his mind working at the next task and not go too much on tilt. But finally he was knocked out and able to catch his flight. Also, for the record, I would have to put Columbo’s wife as one of the sweetest and hottest blogger wives around. Sorry Columbo I had to say it.

Schecky was impossible to read. He bet from all kinds of angles and wasn’t scared to push. Never really followed the same betting patterns and was willing to play pots even with the huge blinds. He was the chip lead for a long while and he played it well but he lost one big hand to Otis if memory serves me correctly. I didn’t play many pots with him the whole night and I wanted it like that.

Then we were down to three.

Kuro Kitty was a big pusher and I ran into his AK with my 2-3 suited when I pushed and he instant called with six players left.

I look over and Pauly tells me that I have to have heart. Don’t get down on myself. I have to admit; those words couldn’t have come at a better time. That took the wind out of my sails but Pauly’s words kept me going.

Down to three the talks start for a chop. Otis and Pauly explain to me that it is best if I agree. I don’t know how these things are conducted or what the break out is going to be but I trust Otis and Pauly. Of course Otis sees that I’m still not in total agreement as I say, I have the most chips. He then tells me that we will take the “off the top” and give it to the winner. I’m really not sure what that lingo means but in the end if the winner got a bit more I was fine with that.

I was able to win a big pot back from the Kuro Kitty but he was just an awkward player for so many reasons. I think that he was stealing the blinds a lot and just hanging around…hanging around like Teddy KGB would say. Even when I would raise and say, “you go home Kitty, this is no good for you.” He would look at his cards and push me off of good solid hands.

Kitty finally lost a race with me and then there was TWO.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Rooster vs. Al Can't Hang

The Cowboys vs. The Eagles
Arsenal vs. Chelsea
Crown Royal vs. SoCo
Country vs. Metal
Short Hair vs. Long Hair

Now There Is:
The Rooster vs. AlCan’tHang???

Through the halls of human competition there have been epic battles that have been fought and won. Some battles so intense that a distain for the other side has lingered for years to come...but this my friends is what hatches new rivalries. One such new rivalry was born at the Venetian Hotel and Casino on December 8th, 2007. Between two warriors known to the blogger and poker world as The Rooster and Al Can’t Hang.

Sure there was the back and forth all day battle that took place between Otis and myself. And yes, that will be spoken about for many years to come in our community. Yet, those were more of the jostling type with each man giving and taking all day. And that is for my next post.

But if you wanted to see an all out war, a pissing contest, a self check of ones manhood, then please step to table number 17.

The shenanigans started early as I sat at my table and found Geek and Proud and F-Train to my right. To my left in the 1 seat was none other than Al Can’t Hang. In the North East he goes by more names than Apollo Creed did in Rocky Four...some are as follows: The Funny Hippie, The SoCo Basher, The Big Tipper, and of course Al Can’t Hang.

The table looked solid so I figured my best chance of doing any damage was to win a big hand and quickly. There was the usual back and forth at the table with everyone getting their legs under them more or less. I say more or less because The Rooster was going to draw the line in the sand.

The Line:

On what appeared to be a routine hand Al came out with a 3x the blind raise. The Rooster just called being that he was in the big blind. The flop came out all hearts and The Rooster checked. Al bet out strong. The Rooster came over the top for an all in. Al sat in the tank...thinking and pondering. The Rooster told Al that he would show the hand if Al were to fold. Was this a tilting device The Rooster was employing? No, actually it was a method to get someone to sucker bet into you taught by none other than Derek from Poker In The Weeds. Strong quick over-the-top bet to get a quick reaction. Al wasn’t biting. What did Al have under? He sat alone in the tank as everyone at the table watched...this was the first all in at the table. Was it Aces or Kings? The Rooster sat in silence and Al folded. The Rooster quickly showed Kh-2h to hit the flush on the flop.

There was silence at the table. The hand didn’t make sense to those at the table. Then Al let out the words, K-2? You called with K-2? Those words my friends will be carved in the monument built to this great rivalry.

Al Draws The Line:

Two orbits later after The Rooster took it upon himself to raise Al’s blind...Al drew the line. He looked over at The Rooster with a very serious tone and serious cadence, “Rooster, you keep raising my blind and I’m coming over the top next time.”

The Rooster let an orbit go by and raised Al’s blind again. Since there were two other people to act after him Al couldn’t do what he said. This is when The Rooster chimed in with, “Al, I thought you were going to go over the top on me?”

On the next deal as the cards are coming out Al looks over at The Rooster and states...All in blind?

It was a line that The Rooster in all his years had never encountered. Sure he had battles with Spaceman in the past...but this was an all in challenge without seeing the cards. The Rooster is not known to gamble much. There he stood with Al announcing it to the table. The Rooster was either going to crow or whimper. OK all in blind, The Rooster stated with his chest out.

All In!! The Rooster crowed.
All In!! Al Yelled!!

Low and behold what did he find under? Could that be KK? The Rooster peeked again...yep, KK.

A few at the other tables came to watch. The Rooster was feeling cocky about his KK hand. Al was quick to show his 8-8 and he felt good for those at the table let out an Ohhhh! Then The Rooster turned his cards and the table let out a bigger Ohhhhhh! Yet, as we know, all The Rooster’s KK went down in flames when the second card on the flop was an 8. The damage was done and very few chips were left for The Rooster to work with.

Al went out a few hands later when he got into a three handed all in...his AA ran into KK and a QQ with a K hitting on the flop.

The score is what you want it to be in this rivalry. The Rooster has it 1-1 at this time. It was short lived, intense and I’m sure these two warriors will call on one another soon enough for a battle of the blinds, a battle in the trenches, and a battle to see who has mas cajones. Until then, for those that were there, know that you witnessed an epic battle that is far from over and will be talked about amongst internet dweebs for years to come.

(As a side note: Al did rail me at the final table and was very happy for me. This was no way to say who is a better poker player or that we are not was just something that was fun that I wanted to write about.)

Visit Tao of Pauly

Dr. Pauly has a really funny recording of me on his blog. What can I say, Dr. Pauly gets paid for crazy reporting and he caught me after an all night bender after my win.

I probably wouldn't have done all this in a sober mode...but the truth is that it was all in fun and Derek and I were talking about Mayweather being annoying with all his bling. Thus, I did my best mimic of him in the interview that was conducted by The Good Doctor. That is why we were all laughing during the video.

In any case, this wasn't meant to offend anyone...just good blogger fun. By the way, please never send this clip to my mother or sister...God knows what they would do to my beautiful ears if they were to see this.

If anyone wants to know what I was drinking I think that you should go visit GCox Here and he was keeping an eye on me because the Top Shelf stuff for us Mexicans was flowing. Thanks to everyone who helped me with the drinks and the purchases.

In closing, it was fun hanging with all you kids. Until next time when i come back to defend the title. I wonder if I will come into the tournament yelling...what time is it? and have some friends yelling, it's rooster time...ala Aaron Pryor also known as, The Hawk. For those of you that didn't get that it is o.k. just another boxing term...humor. I'm killing myself here.

Quick Request

I know that some people have a lot of photos that they took this past weekend. I'm trying to find a few to post on my blog. Thus, if you took pictures and don't mind them being posted on an A-Listers Blog such as mine...please let me know if I can use them and where you have them posted.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Solo Rage

I tend to Rage Solo the night before the Vegas gatherings. I go out here in NYC with the intentions of staying up all night in hopes of not missing my early morning plane the next morning. I figure I can always sleep on the plane ride there for my rest. A few times these Rage Solo Parties (most of the time John “The General” Lee is with me so not all that much of Solo Rage is going on) have gotten a little bit out of control. This time the guests were John “The General” Lee and MLCDG (Main Land China Drinking Girl). Needless to say that we got a bit saucy and it was fun indeed. Then MLCDG broke out to meet her sister and we were back to the original and The General. In any case, we ended up raging pretty hard into the night.

For those loyal readers that don’t know what Raging Solo is...well I took this quote from Al’s blog who actually took it from Otis

Redemption in Raging Solo

In Vegas, one's opportunity for a solo rage is ubiquitous. For as long as he wants or as long as he can stand, he can prop himself up on the shoulders of friends. And when he is ready, he can step out into the dry air, blink at the lights, and start to walk. Where he stops--if he stops--is of little consequence. What matters is that he rages solo. It need not be a trip-long or even night-long event. It can last as long or short as he wants. It can be sober or drunk. It can start at one end of the strip and end at the other or it can start on one side of the street and be only bound by a crosswalk. What matters is the rage. It can cost $1,000 or $1. It just doesn't matter.

Raging solo--define it as you like--is the key. At the end is redemption. And with redemption comes a whole new way of looking at things.

So I’m at home at about 5:30 am and I can’t recall my plane ticket, airport, and airline I’m flying. This has never happened to me and it wouldn’t have been so bad but my DSL wasn’t working. What to do? Let me see...I have a group of about 125 computer/poker/writer geeks gathering in Vegas...thus, why not call one of them for help. Sure enough I call Joe Speaker who helped locate my flight on Oribitz after I passed him my login information. As we say, nice catch and thank you very much Speaker (Did I mention that he was still in LA trying to sleep for the big yes, that would put it at 2:30am west coast time).

I remember the last time this happened it was with Donkey Puncher. I called him in a drunk state and started to berate his poker skillz. He ensued to take bets on if I was going to make it to Vegas.

So I was able to get Derek on the phone and he’s screaming at me to get to the airport...then he looked around at everyone in his room and stated, “I’m not sure The Rooster is going to make it.” Needless to say, I made it!!

So I’m on the plane and I see this English kid with the word, HITMAN shaved into his head. Dear God, this weekend is the Hatton fight, I almost forgot. We spoke for a bit about the fight and I had forgotten how cool English people are.

So I’m on the plane on my way to Vegas then it hits me...did I check a bag in? Yes, this was The Rooster’s state of mind. I couldn't recall if I had checked a bag in.

I pull into the IP and pull up a chair to the no-limit table. I had my suitcase with me at the table...very hard core I say. There at my table is legendary Pauly Drama and Johnny Hughes. I got felted for my 100.00 when Pauly Drama hit a set. Nice catch!

I then pull up a seat to the 3/6 table and grandma in the number one seat decides to hit on all her hands from 2/5 offsuit to 9/2 offsuit...nice catch I say and just keep playing solid. My solid play has me down 30.00 bucks.

Poker is not being good to me.

I tend to pride myself on my mix play game so I figure my big score will be at the MGM Friday night. WRONG! Of couse Falstaff finds every hand a good one to raise with and these guys start to battle over the rock (which is a stack of 6 chips tied together by a rubber band) so of course I lost 100.00 there rather quickly and things this trip aren’t looking good my friend. I hung and got caught up with a few people then headed back to the IP and spoke to Derek and how G-Money was the man. Nuff said.

Next: Saturday’s Tournament.


I won the 4th annual WPBT Holiday Classic Tournament at the Venetian. I will have a full report to come but I'm really beat right now and just arrived from my red-eye. I will have a post up later today.

I know some of you have seen the drunken video of me on Pauly's blog. No longer will The Rooster rage solo is all I have to say to that. I was just joking on that video and really drunk so I hope people take it as pure humor and that is what it was intended for (click on the picture to see up close and also check out the John Deer mug in the backgroud).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

RIP David Edward "Chip" Reese (March 28, 1951 – December 4, 2007)

I have never idolized someone in my life. The closest thing I’ve ever had to an idol died two days ago, David “Chip” Reese. I never met Chip, never got to shake his hand; mostly I just wanted to thank him for the knowledge he dealt in his chapter on 7 Card Stud in Super System. And it goes without saying that our little game of cards has lost a giant in the game.

The pages of that chapter have been the most potent information ever dealt in a poker book….hands down. That chapter alone is better than many complete 7 Card Stud books that I have read. So much information is departed in that chapter that I have read it over 20 times….EASILY. I find myself often reading and trying to dissect Chip’s thought process and I try to hear his voice. I know, I know that may sound a bit odd and drastic but I honestly think to understand the many layers to that chapter you have to read it that way.

Yet one of the things I always heard and read about Chip was that he was an even tempered man. He was cool and calm even after losing a big hand. I also read that he had a huge presence about him when he walked into a room. Why wouldn’t he…the guy was above smart and probably the best damn poker player in the room.

In closing, I wish you the best in the after life Chip. Don’t forget to check raise big JC on the river after you hit the boat. Also, sorry it took me so long to write this but I really was in shock and found it hard to believe that you had passed. I’m sad we never got to meet but make sure and save me a seat and no need to poke at me, I know you are playing the perfect game for me and also playing my best games and I will pony up and take a shot.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


One of the hardest working men on the blog scene is at it again. People know him by many names: Pauly, Dr. Pauly, Yo Paulie, The Good Doctor, Pauly Drama and his brother just refers to him as PAUL.

Here is the latest issue of Truckin and GCOX, Betty, and Johnny all have their stories published this month.

On another note, being that I'm an A-lister and people always ask me...what is Pauly Drama really like? Well I can only tell you besides being the hardest working man in bloggerland. Pauly Drama is a giving guy and fiercely loyal friend and that in my book is gold. When it comes to beer he will drink a lot of beers but his go to is Red Stripe. And if you get to know him and you get some girls to read his blog...well the time will come when the girl will let you see their boobs so you can confirm to Pauly that they are real(that is off the record by the way).

So enjoy the reading!!

Decemer 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 12

1. Santa by Paul McGuire
Santa nodded off on the subway. He did that often, always after he copped. Friends would often tell him that they saw him passed out on the subway. They’d try to get his attention, but he was in his own world... More

2. Christmas Eve Dinner by Betty After Dark
Her legs still weak and her stance a bit wobbly, I wrapped my arm around her and led her out of the restaurant. The hotel was just a few blocks away. She was shivering. Was it the cold air or the orgasm?... More

3. Kelso McQuire by Johnny Hughes
The gamblers always stand in the back at West Texas funerals. In the middle of Kelso McQuire's funeral, Ice House Henry was whispering around and telling this fifty-year old story about Kelso, that not one living, breathing soul had ever heard before... More

4. Scared Santa by Dwayne Williamson
This amorphous blob of blood red fabric and snow white hair would release these grunts from its maw that shook my rib cage, causing me to tremble even more violently than before. Because Santa Clause scared the holy hell out of me... More

5. The Hunt by Gary Cox
When the son was young, the Father went deer hunting every year for a week at a time, right before Thanksgiving. The boy badly wanted to go with him, but was never considered old enough. He saw in his Father’s eyes how much he enjoyed that time, whether it was the actual hunt or the solitary time spent out there in the woods... More

6. Monday Evening LIVE in Theater! by Sigge S. Amdal
A middle-aged, disillusioned, smack-ridden woman in a wheelchair bemoans her disability when the subway seems one step too far. By the touch of a button she whirls off into the distant tunnel like the depart of an ancient ghoul... MoreThis issue has a couple of holiday themed stories including a spicy tale from Betty After Dark. Johnny Hughes returns along with everyone's favorite Norwegian writer Sigge S. Amdal. This issue also features the debut of two new authors Gary Cox and Dwayne Williamson. And I have a little Santa story as well.

If you like this issue, then please tell your friends about your favorite stories. It takes a few seconds to pass along Truckin'. The writers certainly appreciate your support. Thanks again to everyone for wasting your precious time month after month with Truckin'.