Monday, December 10, 2007

Solo Rage

I tend to Rage Solo the night before the Vegas gatherings. I go out here in NYC with the intentions of staying up all night in hopes of not missing my early morning plane the next morning. I figure I can always sleep on the plane ride there for my rest. A few times these Rage Solo Parties (most of the time John “The General” Lee is with me so not all that much of Solo Rage is going on) have gotten a little bit out of control. This time the guests were John “The General” Lee and MLCDG (Main Land China Drinking Girl). Needless to say that we got a bit saucy and it was fun indeed. Then MLCDG broke out to meet her sister and we were back to the original and The General. In any case, we ended up raging pretty hard into the night.

For those loyal readers that don’t know what Raging Solo is...well I took this quote from Al’s blog who actually took it from Otis

Redemption in Raging Solo

In Vegas, one's opportunity for a solo rage is ubiquitous. For as long as he wants or as long as he can stand, he can prop himself up on the shoulders of friends. And when he is ready, he can step out into the dry air, blink at the lights, and start to walk. Where he stops--if he stops--is of little consequence. What matters is that he rages solo. It need not be a trip-long or even night-long event. It can last as long or short as he wants. It can be sober or drunk. It can start at one end of the strip and end at the other or it can start on one side of the street and be only bound by a crosswalk. What matters is the rage. It can cost $1,000 or $1. It just doesn't matter.

Raging solo--define it as you like--is the key. At the end is redemption. And with redemption comes a whole new way of looking at things.

So I’m at home at about 5:30 am and I can’t recall my plane ticket, airport, and airline I’m flying. This has never happened to me and it wouldn’t have been so bad but my DSL wasn’t working. What to do? Let me see...I have a group of about 125 computer/poker/writer geeks gathering in Vegas...thus, why not call one of them for help. Sure enough I call Joe Speaker who helped locate my flight on Oribitz after I passed him my login information. As we say, nice catch and thank you very much Speaker (Did I mention that he was still in LA trying to sleep for the big yes, that would put it at 2:30am west coast time).

I remember the last time this happened it was with Donkey Puncher. I called him in a drunk state and started to berate his poker skillz. He ensued to take bets on if I was going to make it to Vegas.

So I was able to get Derek on the phone and he’s screaming at me to get to the airport...then he looked around at everyone in his room and stated, “I’m not sure The Rooster is going to make it.” Needless to say, I made it!!

So I’m on the plane and I see this English kid with the word, HITMAN shaved into his head. Dear God, this weekend is the Hatton fight, I almost forgot. We spoke for a bit about the fight and I had forgotten how cool English people are.

So I’m on the plane on my way to Vegas then it hits me...did I check a bag in? Yes, this was The Rooster’s state of mind. I couldn't recall if I had checked a bag in.

I pull into the IP and pull up a chair to the no-limit table. I had my suitcase with me at the table...very hard core I say. There at my table is legendary Pauly Drama and Johnny Hughes. I got felted for my 100.00 when Pauly Drama hit a set. Nice catch!

I then pull up a seat to the 3/6 table and grandma in the number one seat decides to hit on all her hands from 2/5 offsuit to 9/2 offsuit...nice catch I say and just keep playing solid. My solid play has me down 30.00 bucks.

Poker is not being good to me.

I tend to pride myself on my mix play game so I figure my big score will be at the MGM Friday night. WRONG! Of couse Falstaff finds every hand a good one to raise with and these guys start to battle over the rock (which is a stack of 6 chips tied together by a rubber band) so of course I lost 100.00 there rather quickly and things this trip aren’t looking good my friend. I hung and got caught up with a few people then headed back to the IP and spoke to Derek and how G-Money was the man. Nuff said.

Next: Saturday’s Tournament.


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