Friday, November 30, 2007


I thought that I would send you HERE (check out the video for I make a guest appearence) to check out one of the best writers in the blogger community who flies under the radar. Yet if you ask people who have been around here for some time who one of the best story tellers is they will mention Otis along with MESELF (yes, The Rooster continues to consider himself an A-Lister)....cough!cough! In any case, I can tell that Otis is getting ready for Vegas...are you?

Quick story. The great thing about my blog is that it is just me and I don't have a writers personality...I have a hacks personality and there is a difference. The poor-poor writer is always a tormented soul trying to find another story. A hack such as myself just kind of writes stupid things that come to mind.

So a few trips ago in Vegas poor-poor Otis was in a writes funk. I thought it was the greatest thing to watch him wrestle with his demons. Here he is trying to have a good time but you could just see the gears in his head turning. I have a lot of artist/writer friends so I have seen this behavior before and I know to give them space. They want to be like the rest of us normal people (and most of the time they are normal...but when those gears start turning...haha!) but the truth is that they aren't built like us. So poor-poor Otis is sitting there alone at the 1/2 no-limit table and his mind is just turning and turning and I'm watching and watching to see his breaking point. After about another hour of folding he grabs his chips and exits the building.

Why do I write this...because I think sometimes as readers we get confussed between the writers personality and the real day to day person. Most of the time I have found that they are two differnt people. For instance, 90% of the time you hang with Otis you will be like, this MOFO is mad cool...I can roll with this guy. Then there are those times where you are like...WTF?? who the hell is this guy?? This isn't the Otis that falls down is it?

Know that sometimes in Vegas you will see people wanting to be alone for a second (I know Maudie needs that alone time and sometimes she will sit with you but silence is a way of communication for her...she's on another level and that is for another post)most of the time it is the writers trying to soak it all in and wrap their mind around it. Sometimes it might be someone's first time to a blogger gathering wondering how they have become a part of such an amazing group. Never be offended is what I'm trying to say.

People like Pauly, Joe Speaker and Otis have to struggle to get their great stories out and they really think about the words they use so sometimes they like to be alone but don't get offended. Also, if there is someone that you read that has taken you on a crazy ride with their writing feel free to thank them buy purchasing them a beer.

Take note, some like AL need alone time to rage solo (maybe with a friend next time so they don't get rolled for their roll).

Also feel free to thank the people who do the internet tournament tour...Kat, Mookie, Al and others.

In closing, if you are a bit lost in this hand and how I'm playing it or if you want to see the two personalities that I'm talking about visit:

Poker Otis
Everyday Otis

and if you really want to see the writing talent of the clan you should visit:

Mrs. Otis

And remember...the family that blogs together stays together.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger Otis said...

I almost wished I was bringing the wife to Vegas to give you something to do while you're pounding your root beer. Then I remembered that the power of the Rooster doesn't come from the booze. It is always there, sober or not. So, better to leave the wife at home.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Student of Life said...

So, I'm the dumb ass who didn't know you had a third blog. I might not have been feeling so badly about myself if I had been reading his one. Thanks for the ego boost!!! Sorry I won't share SoCo shots with you this go-round in Vegas. Perhaps next time.


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