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Monday, October 31, 2005

MGM and Mixed Games

Wow! The response has been overwhelming when it comes to Razz. Not to mention that the HORSE folk have put in their request for mixed games. So this is what I’m looking to do and please let me know what you think.

On Friday night at the MGM I am going to try and reserve their private room upstairs. I don’t know of this room, but enough people have written me to know that it exists. I would have loved to have a tournament of Razz…but I think we won’t have the numbers so what I’m going to ask them to do is spread the following:

Two Tables of Razz: 2/4 and 4/8 or 5/10 (the bigger stakes will depend on where people are at with their bankroll…either or is fine by me)

One Table of HORSE: 2/4 spread and I’m sure some people will want to throw some pineapple into the mix. That’s up to the people at the table.

One Table of Omaha/O8: 2/4 will be the spread. A lot of bloggers enjoy this game and it’s really not spread in Vegas from what I have seen.

Remember that we are all on a budget due to holiday season coming up. The goal here is to get as many people sitting a playing something different that hold’em and no-limit.

In closing, I will be making calls over the next two days so as many responses as possible on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Razz in Vegas

Upon my return from Brooklyn with F-Train we got into a discussion about Razz. After talking for a bit we were thinking that we should set aside a certain amount of time to play Razz in Vegas with other bloggers who enjoy the game. Thus, I was wondering if anyone wanted to set out a four hour block while in Vegas to play some serious Razz?

We figured this could be played at the Bellagio at stakes of 4/8, 5/10 or 8/16. It doesn’t really matter to be honest. We know must of us visit the Blogger poker conventions for fun and to talk about poker and donkey around. Yet, we figured we could get some serious poker in during this time and this is what we are trying to accomplish with this game.

Thus, if you might be willing to set aside 4 hours to play Razz and might be interested contact would be greatly appreciated. If we get a bunch of people interested maybe we can set up a small two table 25.00 buy-in tournament or something of the sorts.

In closing, we are just looking for people that are willing to play the game live.

Riding the 2/3 Express with F-Train

Ugarte held a home game yesterday in Brooklyn. So why does this title read like it does, I will get to that later.

First, let’s get this straight, I’m a Manhattan Snob. I don’t venture out of the city much…actually there was a whole year that I didn’t leave Manhattan, not even to go to California. I just stayed on this little island and ran amuck. In any case, venturing out to Brooklyn is always fun and the place has really changed over the years. There is such thing as a Brooklyn Snob, too. But they tend to be trust fund kids that live in Williamsburg and act like starving artist. Nuff said.

So I get off the train and I’m lost. I catch a cab and she wants to run me to the other side of Brooklyn. Call my sister to check my email from her home in Az. to get me directions because mine must read wrong (according to the female cabbie). All along I’m squeezing my butt cheeks because I have to use the restroom. I finally yell at the cabbie…find me a bathroom before we go any further…she drops me at the Circuit City and I tell her I will find another cab. I do my business at Circuit City, but only after waiting for a lady that was in there washing her hands for an hour.

I’m informed that I had the correct address…bad cabbie. I get in a new cab and I remember that I should never catch a yellow cab in Brooklyn…always a Gypsy Cab they know the lay of the land better since many live in the neighborhood they patrol.

I get to the game and there are only four of us. Here I am running around and squeezing my butt cheeks to get to the game on time and there are only four of us…pure humor. I’m informed a few more will trickle in soon. But truth be told, I was in no rush.

Right off the bat I take note that Ugarte has provided two new deck of cards…SAWEEET! I hate going to a home game where some of the cards may be marked or are old and bent. They were in the wrapper still…kind of like me before sex. O.K. too much information. Serious readers don’t go in bare back without the bare facts. Enough of my public service announcement. Not to mention that the WSOP is on TV and that was funny because we were all rooting against The Grinder…he and his posse are such asses.

The game starts and people trickle in. Its no-limit and you know how I suck at this game. I think I got pushed off of so many hands but who cares…I’m still learning the warfare of this game.

Big Hand #1: F-Train pushes with DA HAMMA (as Boston folk say) and is up against A-K…of course, in the blogger mind set...this is a great call by F-Train. No one hits until the RIO. Guess who hit? Yep, F-Train hit the big 2 on the river. Talk about fishing for a card, but in bloggers minds: Never question the power of DA HAMMA!

F-Train controls the table for most of the night and then he gets loose as a goose and starts to bleed his huge stack away. Buy in for us was 1,000.00…o.k. not really but I just wanted to wake my one reader up (mom, stay awake and act interested).

I was playing solid and picking up some hands here and there after my second buy-in (someone broke me and I think it was Ugrate...can't remember or selective memory.

Big Hand #2: I had a nice stack when I was dealt A-K and re-raised the fist raiser. He pushed and I called (AK v. QQ). Flop: K-K-10. Not home free a Q would make me a dork for calling. Then on the Turn: A…yes, hit the Casa (house)!!!

Another hand was against Dawn. She flopped the NUTZ against my two pairs and she was playing it sneaky. She checked all the way down and I was thinking…I could probably steal here if I push. After thinking and thinking I folded…I knew I heard the Star Spangled Banner going off somewhere in the distance…too bad it wasn’t in my head as my two pairs were dead.

Big Hand #3: Oh, I forgot, I hit the river flush on Ugrate’s brother. I had two pair and I had to call the bet. OK if you want to know the truth...I was a donkey and bet the draw, but it did hit.

It was a great time and everyone was friendly and having a great time. If this game continues to go on it will be well worth the trip out to Brooklyn. Yet, the humor that flows here is mean and tasteless...don't worry, comedians love see that as a complement. But to be honest, funny people populate the game. No examples, some things that were said should stay at the table given the humor they presented.

Oh, and for the title of this post. I ended up riding home with F-Train on the 2/3 Express. Thus, he’s an imposter when he uses the F-Train name…his blog should be called: 2/3 Express….stupid NYC humor.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Copy A Post

Since I suck at writing I thought I would use some of Iggy’s last post since it was so damn funny. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

But I really enjoyed talking to the bloody Gypsy brawler and he enjoyed having an insatiable ear tuned in on his vibration. He had endured a very rough life but was more proud than bitter. He loved history and music and fighting. A true Renaissance Man.

Ahhh…so many of the bloggers are some of the most interesting people I have met. I think of Otis and Pauly, there has to be times in private when they talk (or talk drunk like this past week) and just have to laugh out loud and piss their pants because they get to write about their hobby for a living. I mean think about it, they have turned their life’s hobby into a profession.

I wish that upon all people except for Al…he would die of a SOCO overdose...Nuff said.

So many bloggers actually have been able to do it, like the L.A. crew who all work for Full-Tilt now. It's crazy to read how I’ve seen all of their lives change. Now the Geek has got full-time employment!! I'm sure he spends it on Star Wars actions figures, but none the less, his work is one of his lifes hobbies.

There are no Mexican restaurants in Ireland.

I found this odd. This due in part to the fact that Mexicans hold Irish people in such high regard and in some places as heroes. A lot of people don’t know this but when the US – Mexico War took place many Irish took up arms on behalf of Mexico. Some places today you can still go to Mexico and find statues in honor of many Irish soldiers. It’s a fascinating story and here is a link:
As most of you know I can cook my ass off…maybe I will open a Mexican place in Ireland.

Every fucking French person I met was a complete fucking asshole. I'm not joking.

I hate to take the side of Iggy on this one. But how hard is it to be nice to a small person? Especially a super cool small person. I don’t know, but I continue to hear this about French people. The odd thing is that I hear this from both nice people and assholes. I hate to pass judgment without meeting a person or people myself (yet, when so many people say it). For instance, many of my friends of color have said that they hate Boston because it’s so racist. I’ve had one small incident there, but other than that everyone was super nice in Boston…I enjoy visiting to be honest. Now I find myself in my cube dying to meet a French person today.

The next night in Dublin was crazy. My Dad and I went pub crawling and found a packed one showing the Chelsea - Liverpool match. More bliss.

Ahhh…Al and JoeSpeaker must be jealous…but to be honest, they are lukewarm fans.

I am officially the Jackie Robinson of Irish poker.

This has to be one of Iggy’s funniest lines of all time…well along with showing up to Fast Eddies then running out after Eddie started blastin’ rap music…too funny…please repost that story with picture.

O.K. this has nothing to do with poker…just stealing off other people’s blog and writing thoughts that come to mind…next…well I will have to hit Pauly’s blog. Be careful, your blog may be next!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Big Al Leiter and Poker

May the baseball Gods bless the Yanks tonight!

Thus, a small post about experience and Al Leiter. So how does this have to do with poker? Well the truth be told it’s a short post but hopefully one can gain something from it.

The Yankees got an old man when they picked up Al Leiter this year from the Florida Marlins. Yes, the Marlins threw the old lefty out to sea to let him swim with the sharks. His careers seemed to have reached its end. He was on the down and outs and he had compiled a weak 2-7 record for the Marlins when the Yankees picked him up. I suppose this is similar to some of our poker games when we hit our low points…we just don’t see the end in sight and want to pack it in.

Yet, Leiter had a new chance to live and breathe in a new environment and redefine himself. As a middle-reliever none the less. What am I getting at with this post? Well I think I read Pauly’s post about changing one’s game every once in a while when running bad or was it CJ. In any case, the point being, that sometimes you have to change your environment to get your groove back. I find that many people who only play one type of game get stuck and can’t find a way out. I say you should try a new game to get your mind off the losses at your solid game. You just need to switch gears sometimes and switching via a new game is what is needed from time to time. Who knows, you might even find that you enjoy the new game you have taken up…such as Omaha08 or Razz.

The reason being is that ego is a huge part of poker and there are many people who just can’t get away from one game because their ego won’t let them. They think they have mastered the game and thus should be able to beat it. I know, I know, everyone knows about variance and the mental games it plays with your game. But just like Al Leiter was ale to adjust to the middle reliever position, sometimes you might need to change your game to get yourself out of a mental rut.

Another thing you notice when Leiter is on the mound is EXPERIENCE, and there is no substitute for that. I once heard Johnny Chan say the best thing for a poker player to do is play live at a casino and get the feel of money in your pocket; it’s something one can’t do online.

In any case, I wanted to point out a small move the Leiter pulled last night that I thought was just fantastic. When he came out to pitch with a runner on, Leiter got Estrad to ground into a double play and end the 7th inning. Yet, there was a lot of experience on the mound and that made that play possible. Sure it was a simple roller to Jeter, but it was hit fast enough to turn the double, but Leiter let the ball go so Derek could turn two. If he would have cut it off and tried to turn the double himself, the double play ball may have not turned two not to mention it would have taken two long throws to turn the double, instead of a simple flip of the wrist.

Thus, know your instincts and let that control your game. Leiter knew when to let he ball go and let someone else deal with it. Just like when you are at the card table and know you are beat, don’t call down just to keep them honest. Why the hell would they check-raise you when a fourth heart hit? I don’t know, just something to think about.

Sorry for the ugly post. I’m sick as a dog.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Visit to AC

There is so much to blog about but so little time. Sorry, I can't just write them out one after another (Pauly) or do some massive posts (Iggy) or get all deep like (HDouble)…sorry man, that just ain’t my style. Shit, I can’t even write sad stories about running bad like (Grubby), by the way, not to be mean, but does anyone run as bad as Grubby. I’m not talking about in the physical sense, but have you seen how this poor guy gets pounded and pounded? Poor guy. Reading his posts you almost want to yell at the screen…Run Grub! Run! Take your 20.00 dollar win and call it a day!!! Watch out Grub, it’s going to happen soon…then BOOM! A guy hits two outer on him and you know it's just is a snowball…then the next line you read something like, “I figured it couldn’t happen again so I bought in for another 200.00.” And you know what’s going to happen…seriously, it pains me to read Grub’s posts sometimes.

Derek sent me an email all happy go lucky on how I did in AC this past weekend. I suppose he wanted to hear another great score story such as in Vegas. But in AC they don’t have accumulated pots and you can only spin the wheel after you hit a Royal Flush…piece of crap. In any case, I got killed in AC. Basically, they took a cork screw to my eyes…I had to fight and fight to leave about 150.00 down. This was the worst loss in some time. The thing that sucked balls was that I lost in my favorite game, Stud 20/40. I just got killed on the river on two hands and chased with good draws in another two hands…down 400.00. Then I lost another 100.00 in no-limit and I’m thinking…maybe I should get on the Greyhound Bus and go back to NYC.

I went back to the 20/40 stud game with my last 300.00 bucks. I figured if I were to go out it might as well be in a blaze of glory…no reference to Bon Jovi because I am in Jersey. I sit and decide to really hunker down at the table. Then I’m winning and hitting when I have lots of outs. I’m almost even and looking good. Then it all goes to crap as the table breaks and I start to get tired and of course being the cheap guy I am, I didn’t want to get a room. I started to play 2/4 Omaha8 and won some big pots. Now it’s like 5 in the morning on Sat. and I sit at a no-limit table and I’m back down 150.00 and call it a day. I leave AC about 10:00 am tired and beat to hell.

In closing, next time in AC I have to get a room at the HoJo. Serious, I hate playing when I’m tired after a long week of work. I will be back in AC next week to beat that 20/40 stud game. And trust me…I will beat it. I’m going to arrive Sat. all rested and ready to go.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm In!!!

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 7265325