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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


There are those terms that mesh with a certin event that just fit. For instance, when watching soccer one can say, The Beautiful Game.

When two highly skilled boxers battle it out this Saturday on Showtime (not PPV) you will be witness to, Beauty.

Vazquez v. Marquez III

I can't tell you who is going to win. It is too close to call. But I will promise you will be a barn burner.

Running Well

I've been running rather well in the underground games here in NYC. Not totally great, but I can make a bit here and there. It all adds up. A couple of hundred here and fifty I said it all adds up.

I've started to get a better grip on No Limit since that is all they seem to play. The one thing that I have problems with keeping pots small. When the pot is limped in front of me with a few people in I feel my 7's, 8's or 9's are good so I bump them a bit. The problem with this is that I'm playing the flop more than my starting hand. I think that mixing it up might be the way to go here...sometimes raise and sometimes not to raise.

The thing that I really need to turn up is my non-aggressive play. I sit and wait for too many hands. I call a bit too much with AK and AQ and only raise with pairs...those A-K and such should be raised. I just need to get out of that mind-set. I notice that a lot of people will fold when I raise a pot.

I'm just sitting here thinking.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I’m happy to see that Joe Speaker closed his blog down with a picture of me. What can I say, go out on top people…put a picture of the only A-Lister you know on your blog to close it out. That is almost like throwing a no-hitter in your last game as a pitcher.

For some reason I think it is the week that all ghey bloggers close their blog. I think that we are seeing the end of another blogger this post by the second class blogger and citizen, Bobby Bracelet. I’ve been wondering when this no-talent blogger was going to shut down the car. I’ve often wondered if Bobby was the hall monitor in school? You know, he talks the tough guy who looks down on D-Bags...but he has the personality of a hall monitor and crossing guard when you meet him in person. Need we call him Bobby The Rat?

In other notes, Pauly’s tournament this past weekend was a fiasco. My computer was going nuts on me. I was forced to push hard and win a big pot. Then turn off my computer and boot it back-up. We call that Mexican-Rigging it where I’m from. I’m hoping to have my computer fixed and have a better showing this coming Saturday. And congrats to Pauly on his win. What can I say, NYC Bloggers are just slayers.

I was talking to myself the other day and saying...can’t people get it? They come to The Rooster asking, how can I have an A-Lister blog. There is no formula, people. The Rooster says, just keep it real. Write and play like you know how. If that is poker make it poker, if that is life then make it life. Nuff said. The Rooster is need to tell him.

For instance, Chili writes about raising kids and Otis writes about being inside for months and Blood about not leaving his home because he was sick. Yes, they rock down there in G-Vegas. Might want to go visit Rapid Eye to see how rocking it is down there. So much so that two of the key members of G-Vegas are leaving within a six month period. Need I say more? Poor-Poor G-Rob...Poor-Poor Blood...Poor-Poor Shep...Poor-Poor Chili. Sad day in G-Vegas bloggerville. The Rooster just poured out some of his 40oz. Hope you all still have a gathering every five years to throw cards around.

Moving on to brighter and better things...yes, that does mean all things Canada. You might want to hit Katitude’s blog to get a rap on the gathering up there at Eh-Vegas. Looks like we had some NE representation up in Canada, but we had one person on the IR. Of all things, Bam-Bam comes out with the gloves on. I need to get my trip report in person to look into Al's eyes as he says that Bam-Bam drank him under the table. I have to look into his eyes because I know when Al is bluffing, I can see Al's's in the eyes, Chico. I’m not sure that Bam-Bam didn’t pay off Al to say that.

Speaking of paying off. I am having my new series start soon. Derek and I are working on the details. But it is with a famous site that you can’t get cheated out of money like Absolute Poker. I’m not sure the prizes we will be able to work out...but we are hoping that it will include a slew of Vegas things such as lap dances and things that matter. I know, I know, some of you want to win seats into the WSOP and that is great...but what about your free time after The Rooster takes your chips? Just saying...keep an eye out for that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saturdays PLO with Dr. Pauly

I will be back at it again this coming week. I'm relaxed and ready. I re-read my own book on PLO and I will also only be playing one tournament this Saturday. Do hope to see all you Donkey MoFo's there.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


An Old School Blogger who likes the worst team in the NFL is starting to post again. He also just bought a new home. Did I mention he has a hot wife? Holla!

So this is his resume in The Rooster's eyes: Hot wife, hot wife, new home, sort-of-kind-of new job, does his best to battle cancer, cool lic. plates on the blog and of course is one of my favorite B-Listers on the face of the earth.

Yes, The Rooster did say Hot Wife twice. As we all know, Bloggers marry up and Dear God if you ever needed proof....I present to you the Easycure family.


Quick Review

Number of tournaments (online and live) = 9

First place finishes = 4
Final tables (second place finish) = 1
KTFO = 4

Of course the most disappointing of these tournaments is the second place finish. I pride myself on closing the door when I'm there. That one I just couldn't close out on this kid. Nuff said. But it was a nice score none the less.

Since I fancy myself a cash game player I don't play many tournaments. I don't think that I will ever be a good tournament player...just like I don't think that I will ever be a good no-limit player. But I have my own little formula down that has been working and I'm sure I will take stab at tournaments here and there.

What I do know from speaking to many vets is that these things come in cycles. So this good run might end tomorrow and I might not win one for another month or so.

The Rooster wanted to interject here for a second:

The Rooster thinks that this run is o.k. but could have been better. Missed a couple of big draws heads up and lost one that should have been another victory.

The Rooster thinks one of the things that has helped The Rooster is the beats at the final table. Before when The Rooster would take a brutal beat by someone drawing out on him (because The Rooster always goes in with the best of it)The Rooster would tend to push a bit too much in following hands.

The Rooster would like to thank somone other than The Rooster for this improvement. Serious, Pauly Drama has really helped The Rooster with his mental coaching on this. The Rooster has said The Rooster will write a post on this topic. But in all honesty, The Rooster has found that a calm sense of self and only accepting victory is the key to success at final tables in tournament play. May sound odd and lame, but The Rooster stands by his take.

The Rooster would also like to point you to JoeSpeakers blog to catch a cool, dope and fantastic portrait of The Rooster. Sure Speaker is a B-Lister but The Rooster has to do his to perform community service.

The Rooster doesn't like to mix politics with his poker. Thus, if you want to talk politics The Rooster suggest you go here.


Also, The Rooster has found these two other blogs to be A-Lister material:


In closing, The Rooster would like you B-Listers to know that if you aren't having success with your blog or poker game that maybe you might want to take some lessons from The Rooster (20.00 bucks a hand)and read book after book on poker. The Rooster means dedicate your life to least try and be an A-Lister if you can't play like one.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Wrong Championship

I have to admit that I wanted to have a better showing in Pauly Drama's PLO Tournament but I was stupid enough to see a buy-in Stud Tournament going to fire up a few hours before Pauly's Tournament so I figured, why not. Well to my surprise (not really, just trying to act humble)I was in the mix early for both tournaments. I think 2nd in the Stud Tournaments and 6th in the PLO tournament.

This is where it got all screwed up. I know it is easy to play two hold'em tournaments at one time...but two multi-card games on-line is a bit crazy. Not to mention that I was on the phone talking to my buddy back home. Well you can see. I ended up being bounced from Saturday's with Pauly in 20th place.

But I ended up winning the Stud Tournament why being railed by Pauly, Derek, JoeSpeaker, Zeem and someone else. All the while keeping an eye on the PLO Tournament and rooting for everyone there.

Then I forgot to say who I would dedicate the victory to. When I'm running deep in a tournament I start playing for someone or something to keep my mind in focus. Then like an angel calling my name from the PA area...I heard a soft voice in my ear (like when Adrian told Rocky to WIN!) that said, do it for Bean. With that little whisper...well I brought it home for Bean.

The Rooster wanted to interject here for a second:

The Rooster wants to tell the readers that next week The Rooster will only be playing Pauly's PLO Tournament and will come back to win The Rooster's Title back.

The Rooster also wanted everyone to know that The Rooster will be giving out lessons to B-Listers on Stud at a very low price....20.00 dollars a hand. Yes, The Rooster does include folded hands in that price.

The Rooster also wants to send a shout to Bean. Although The Rooster doesn't know Bean well The Rooster figures they can spend some time at The Rooster's place in Rio.

The Rooster has spoken and although The Rooster didn't win the PLO Tournament this looking for The Rooster next week.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Champ Is Ready

The Rooster is ready to defend his title tomorrow in Saturday PLO with Pauly Drama (Register NOW if you want some of this!!!!). I have yet to see Waffles or BadBlood signed up...F'en B-Listers.

The Rooster is currently re-reading The Rooster's book that The Rooster just finished on PLO. It is a great book and all the pros that have read it have said the same thing. The Rooster highly suggest that you get your hands on it. Send 20.00 bucks to The Rooster's Pokerstars or FullTilt account and The Rooster will send you the book: The Rooster Does PLO.

Name on both sites: Joaquinochoa.

In closing, all you B-Listers...take your beating like men and women. And yes, The Rooster did just do 10 push-ups to show BadBlood that although sick, The Rooster has learned to puke and rally.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mama Said Knock You Out!!

The Champ will be back this coming Saturday. Defending the crown as the greatest PLO Tournament and PLO Cash Game player the world has seen.

The Rooster doesn't have to say much about this...The Rooster's live PLO cash and tournament play PLO results speak for themselves. The book, The Rooster Does PLO will be out soon. Holla!

See you B-Listers there!

Screw It...if you KO me I will wire your buy-in to your account.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Need I say More?

As some of you know, I use to be a pretty serious boxer growing up. I need not go into the story of why I stopped. In any case, back home in my neighborhood boxing is a way out of some of the more difficult economic situations. I just wanted to post this little feature of "El Gallito" (the little rooster) from my hometown. He stole the name I had as a kid...haha! Here is the article: CLICK HERE

As you can carry the name you have to be an A-Lister

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Game, Set, Match. The Rooster

I took that from quote from Pauly Drama's post about my tournament win.

It has a hard fought match where I almost lost to On_Thg or the lawyer or everyone's favorite Mid-West Lawyer or B-Lister or The Rooster's new rival from the Midwest. Either name you want you can take and use when you see On_Thg.

It was a great tournament with some great banter. That is why we really play these tournaments. Some of you newbies (c and d Listers) might not know this so let me school you on some of the history of these blogger tournaments and the etiquette that must be used.

Ribbing is allowed
Flaming someone for playing ANY hand isn't
7-2o must always be raised
If you bust someone out a GG is always nice

With that being said, back to the history lesson. Big blogger tournaments back in the day were Da Shanizzle. There were like three people that would throw them: Iggy, Pauly and Otis would have an awesome one with Poker Stars sponsorship. Everyone would bring bounties if you were to knock them out. If someone didn't have a bounty they would send 10.00 bucks to your account.

Wow...writing that just made me think of how we have grown as a community. I think it is great that everyone throws tournaments these days. Some have become little cult games...Riverchasers, TheHoy, and The Big Game...there is a new one making a splash called Skillz series. Amazing!!

The Rooster's skillz can't really take him far in a lot of these so The Rooster stays away. But I'm glad that the tournaments keep popping up and gain some traction. They keep the community going.

Where was I going with this...

Oh! I remember. I'm a cash game player, thus, I find myself donating to these tournaments more than anything. But there were a few tournaments that I always wanted to win more than others. For instance, the blogger tournament in Vegas was a huge win...but I really wanted to win the one in Vegas that Otis got Poker Stars to donate all those prizes to. Gracie knocked me out in 11th...see I still remember. But Gracie did go on to take second and Glyphic took my jacket. Damn, I wanted that Poker Stars jacket. I also always wanted to win one of Iggy-Cakes big tournaments were everyone would show up. To say you won that would get you like a million people to visit your blog...wait, I have that already....haha!

But another tournament that I always wanted to win was one that Pauly would put on. Serious, I've known Pauly for a few years now and I'm proud to call him my friend. In my neck of the woods we call that a mans-man. Basically it breaks down to a guy who will shake your hand and look you in the eye. In my neck of the woods...well country folk always said that spoke volumes.

So I was pretty excited to win the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly PLO Tournament. It was probably one of the most exciting times being a part of the community. That and getting ready to invade Philly for Al's parties. I digress.

So The Rooster knows that everyone is waiting for hand history and all. But you can go visit Pauly's blog for the main points. But there were some brutal swings in the game where I just had to walk away from the computer for a bit.

Here is The Rooster's recap as only he can stolen from Derek.

StB was a pain in my ass as always. The Rooster says those mid-west guys are pushing his last Mexican Nerve. Speaking of the Mid-West...once again, Donde Esta Drizzle?

Donde esta Derek?

Kat said The Rooster would get my ass grabbed if The Rooster went to Canada...A!
Holla! Maple Leafs here comes The Rooster
Maple Leaf syrup on the girls rocks.

Nobody could put The Rooster on a hand

The dealing machine at Poker Stars loves The Rooster

There were a lot of B-Listers in the tournament...pifft!
The Rooster challenges more to show up next week as he defends his title

Speaking of titles...A-Lister's are the real poker champs!

The Rooster had Daddy's soup before the tournament.
Get the recipe HERE

Joe Speaker was on a date so couldn't play...LIAR!

The Rooster didn't play well in last weeks PLO because The Rooster was just excited to be playing with B-Listers and seeing their inferior play. The Rooster felt bad so busto rather quick.

ANOTHER New York Championship! We produce winners here.

Rare sighting...BG at the tables.

Dedicated the victory to my number one fan, Saunter...comments welcome!

In closing, as some of The Rooster's friends in Bloggerville say, FEAR THE ROOSTER! See you B-Listers next Saturday.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I've been reading and re-reading Abdul and trying to grasp his concepts and the theory of his play. Serious, it has been rather difficult. It is fun trying though. He has such a different style and I would love to sit with him for two hours and play 10 tables online and go over as many situations as possible. If you have never read Abdul I suggest you get your hands on his stuff.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Saturday PLO With Doctor Pauly

First, The Rooster had a great time playing this tournament last Saturday. The Rooster was also very excited to see so many old school folks there. When a bunch of people show to have a good time and play good hands and have good chat then it makes this A-lister happy. So happy that The Rooster was talking at every table to get caught up with his favorite B-Listers.

I thought to myself, Rooster, you should give a re-cap to the tournament. Maybe copy and past a hand history. Maybe tell a bad-beat?

The Rooster isn't sure he wants to go that route (For he doesn't want to tell you about the raise and re-raise pot where his KK22 sooted lost to PITW AAXX sooted, because The Rooster isn't suppose to lose races and that was a race...The Rooster likes to think of himself as Carl Lewis on the felt..closing hard at the end).

Rather, The Rooster wanted to go with the question, Donde Esta Drizzy? Now if Pauly hadn't written a whole post about times and location The Rooster would have been fine with Drizzy missing the sign up. But the truth of the matter is that Drizzy just blew it. Is Drizz not reading Tao of Poker? The Rooster doesn't know, but if The Rooster reads a blog where the author writes about 10 different time zones and what time you can catch the tournament The Rooster figures there should be no problem. Is this a midwest thing?

In any case, The Rooster has to run for now. But The Rooster will see the list of B-listers soon enough.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Online Cheater Or Not?

Mark A. Seif to me always seemed like a cool guy. The type of guy you could have a beer with on the back of the porch and talk about a ton of things: law, politics, chicks, and grill some burgers at the same time.

Now...well now I'm not so sure I would chill with this guy. I think the MOFO is a cheater. I mean unless he proves different. Right now the company he promotes for has admitted to cheating. So what makes me think this guy didn't have his hand in the cool-aid? I know, I know, he's been a successful cash game player and tournament player. Very true...but that doesn't mean that someone hasn't cheated when playing online. For instance, Zee Justin has had success live but he's still a cheater.

In closing, you can hit Iggy here to read about it.

In closing, I think the guy needs to step up to clear his name. He can't be easy stepping around the issues.


I tend to only pimp two blogs here at MY LITTLE POKER BLOG and they are these here: HERE and Here. But I just wanted to pimp a funny post by none other than POKER IN THE WEEDS. This post made me remember how old I'm getting. Serious.

Also, what ever happend to the working class shows. Not sure if you all remember that Mr. Carter use to sleep on this sofa bed with his wife. Now even he's a baller announcing the high limit poker games. But in all seriousness. Everyone has to be a baller now like The Rooster.

Also take notice that no TV show has its own show tune. Serious, give me at least five shows that have their own song now.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Dr. Pauly's Tournament Tomorrow

Yes, The Rooster will be playing on PokerStars tomorrow. I know, I know, all you B-Listers want to knock The Rooster out of the tournament to have tall tales back to tell back home. Remember two things B-Lister folk.

1. The Rooster doesn't bluff...never has, never will. A-Listers don't need to bluff is my take...they always have the best of it going in.

2. Although I'm probably going to 10 table during the tournament I will be paying most attention to this game.

3. One last thing for you all to think about...this little thing will be sitting next to me: