Friday, February 15, 2008

The Champ Is Ready

The Rooster is ready to defend his title tomorrow in Saturday PLO with Pauly Drama (Register NOW if you want some of this!!!!). I have yet to see Waffles or BadBlood signed up...F'en B-Listers.

The Rooster is currently re-reading The Rooster's book that The Rooster just finished on PLO. It is a great book and all the pros that have read it have said the same thing. The Rooster highly suggest that you get your hands on it. Send 20.00 bucks to The Rooster's Pokerstars or FullTilt account and The Rooster will send you the book: The Rooster Does PLO.

Name on both sites: Joaquinochoa.

In closing, all you B-Listers...take your beating like men and women. And yes, The Rooster did just do 10 push-ups to show BadBlood that although sick, The Rooster has learned to puke and rally.


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