Sunday, February 10, 2008

Game, Set, Match. The Rooster

I took that from quote from Pauly Drama's post about my tournament win.

It has a hard fought match where I almost lost to On_Thg or the lawyer or everyone's favorite Mid-West Lawyer or B-Lister or The Rooster's new rival from the Midwest. Either name you want you can take and use when you see On_Thg.

It was a great tournament with some great banter. That is why we really play these tournaments. Some of you newbies (c and d Listers) might not know this so let me school you on some of the history of these blogger tournaments and the etiquette that must be used.

Ribbing is allowed
Flaming someone for playing ANY hand isn't
7-2o must always be raised
If you bust someone out a GG is always nice

With that being said, back to the history lesson. Big blogger tournaments back in the day were Da Shanizzle. There were like three people that would throw them: Iggy, Pauly and Otis would have an awesome one with Poker Stars sponsorship. Everyone would bring bounties if you were to knock them out. If someone didn't have a bounty they would send 10.00 bucks to your account.

Wow...writing that just made me think of how we have grown as a community. I think it is great that everyone throws tournaments these days. Some have become little cult games...Riverchasers, TheHoy, and The Big Game...there is a new one making a splash called Skillz series. Amazing!!

The Rooster's skillz can't really take him far in a lot of these so The Rooster stays away. But I'm glad that the tournaments keep popping up and gain some traction. They keep the community going.

Where was I going with this...

Oh! I remember. I'm a cash game player, thus, I find myself donating to these tournaments more than anything. But there were a few tournaments that I always wanted to win more than others. For instance, the blogger tournament in Vegas was a huge win...but I really wanted to win the one in Vegas that Otis got Poker Stars to donate all those prizes to. Gracie knocked me out in 11th...see I still remember. But Gracie did go on to take second and Glyphic took my jacket. Damn, I wanted that Poker Stars jacket. I also always wanted to win one of Iggy-Cakes big tournaments were everyone would show up. To say you won that would get you like a million people to visit your blog...wait, I have that already....haha!

But another tournament that I always wanted to win was one that Pauly would put on. Serious, I've known Pauly for a few years now and I'm proud to call him my friend. In my neck of the woods we call that a mans-man. Basically it breaks down to a guy who will shake your hand and look you in the eye. In my neck of the woods...well country folk always said that spoke volumes.

So I was pretty excited to win the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly PLO Tournament. It was probably one of the most exciting times being a part of the community. That and getting ready to invade Philly for Al's parties. I digress.

So The Rooster knows that everyone is waiting for hand history and all. But you can go visit Pauly's blog for the main points. But there were some brutal swings in the game where I just had to walk away from the computer for a bit.

Here is The Rooster's recap as only he can stolen from Derek.

StB was a pain in my ass as always. The Rooster says those mid-west guys are pushing his last Mexican Nerve. Speaking of the Mid-West...once again, Donde Esta Drizzle?

Donde esta Derek?

Kat said The Rooster would get my ass grabbed if The Rooster went to Canada...A!
Holla! Maple Leafs here comes The Rooster
Maple Leaf syrup on the girls rocks.

Nobody could put The Rooster on a hand

The dealing machine at Poker Stars loves The Rooster

There were a lot of B-Listers in the tournament...pifft!
The Rooster challenges more to show up next week as he defends his title

Speaking of titles...A-Lister's are the real poker champs!

The Rooster had Daddy's soup before the tournament.
Get the recipe HERE

Joe Speaker was on a date so couldn't play...LIAR!

The Rooster didn't play well in last weeks PLO because The Rooster was just excited to be playing with B-Listers and seeing their inferior play. The Rooster felt bad so busto rather quick.

ANOTHER New York Championship! We produce winners here.

Rare sighting...BG at the tables.

Dedicated the victory to my number one fan, Saunter...comments welcome!

In closing, as some of The Rooster's friends in Bloggerville say, FEAR THE ROOSTER! See you B-Listers next Saturday.


At 5:26 AM, Blogger StB said...

Nice job. Where's my taste?

At 10:16 AM, Blogger BamBam said...

blah-yadda-blah- won something.... A-lister, yeah blah-blah....
Blah-ANOTHER Rooster-blah...

Usted estará en Canadá !
mi hermano,
ésta es buenas noticias !

It is entirely possible that you could add "EH-Lister" to your resume.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'll be drinking Sol in the alleys for a buck a bottle, maybe less!

Its been nearly 10 years since I've had one but the taste still stands out.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Lucypher said...

Rooster, Congrats on the Win.
I went out and found Abdul Jalib's archives after you reminded me about him. Definitely, good stuff. Also, thanks for linking up my blog!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Derek McG said...

you need a little more iambic pentameter action in your prose.

congrats on the win bro!!


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