Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Saturday PLO With Doctor Pauly

First, The Rooster had a great time playing this tournament last Saturday. The Rooster was also very excited to see so many old school folks there. When a bunch of people show to have a good time and play good hands and have good chat then it makes this A-lister happy. So happy that The Rooster was talking at every table to get caught up with his favorite B-Listers.

I thought to myself, Rooster, you should give a re-cap to the tournament. Maybe copy and past a hand history. Maybe tell a bad-beat?

The Rooster isn't sure he wants to go that route (For he doesn't want to tell you about the raise and re-raise pot where his KK22 sooted lost to PITW AAXX sooted, because The Rooster isn't suppose to lose races and that was a race...The Rooster likes to think of himself as Carl Lewis on the felt..closing hard at the end).

Rather, The Rooster wanted to go with the question, Donde Esta Drizzy? Now if Pauly hadn't written a whole post about times and location The Rooster would have been fine with Drizzy missing the sign up. But the truth of the matter is that Drizzy just blew it. Is Drizz not reading Tao of Poker? The Rooster doesn't know, but if The Rooster reads a blog where the author writes about 10 different time zones and what time you can catch the tournament The Rooster figures there should be no problem. Is this a midwest thing?

In any case, The Rooster has to run for now. But The Rooster will see the list of B-listers soon enough.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Derek McG said...

That was a crazy hand. It was a 4 way pot to the flop and 3 way to the river.


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