Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy Frank Is Back!

My good buddy, Frank Walsh writes for the Huntersville Herald "down there" and you can catch his sports articles HERE. Us Yankees like to call the South that..."down there". In any case, Frank is a New Yorker now living in the South.

So he wrote me this after reading my post about Bobby Fischer. In any case, Frank is a funny guy and you might want to pay his articles a visit. In any case, here you go with what he wrote me:

"if you head south for long enough you hit the equator and the begin heading north ..........if you go too far then your original plan of traveling to a warm place heads into the opposite direction and you get cold....if you are too skinny and need to gain weight you can go too far and become FAT the most feminine of males are often gay but when you go all the way to the masculine side you get the prison type of gay guy who is big and strong INTELLIGENCE is just like these things........the least intelligent are called retarded or other things........ but when you go past smart and then to genius and keep going get all sorts of mental problems...... the SMARTEST people often struggle just to live in our world and not be looked at as insane ..........remember "rain man" with Dustin Hoffman and Tom about Hannibal Lector? I think bobby fisher fits right can be described as some one who was just too intelligent to be a normal human being ......"


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