Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Things Happening

I will be playing this tournament for a few reasons. I don't play online much and I loved it when we had these tournaments and those big ones that Iggy use to throw. Now that I'm playing in this tournament Pauly will be able to advertise that at least one A-Lister has committed. If Derek commits that might be two. Holla!

Also, go check out GCOX on how he's been able to do well in Razz tournaments and he has some good pointers (for a B-Lister...cough!cough!). Don't feel bad for Gary...there is one A-Lister in his house, his wife. I tell you Mrs. GCox has to be the Sweetest lady in the South. Too bad her husband probably has her rooting for a loser college football team...then again, what would you expect from a B-Lister.

Also, you might want to read and see something.
Joe Speaker is back and bringing in Kool Breeze into his stories. What else is a C-Lister to do but bring in an A-Lister like Kool Breeze. But you should also watch the movie that he has posted up. You can see The Rooster showing his mantle at the punching game.

Johnny Hughes has a new post up on that site or you can catch it Guinness. Also some good articles at Guinness and Poker about cheating.

OK. Enjoy and take care.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger BamBam said...

As the resident "EH-lister," that I know of on this particular site, I was just wondering if you had plans to make the trip up North for Kat's EH-Vegas game.

We could talk bad poker and maybe create an "EH-procedure" together.

I had one of those moments in the kitchen today. I look up and see "The Gaurdian" of the booze, and I'll I could picture was your hung-over face Sunday morning at the let-it-ride table.

Ah, good times indeed.

At 6:15 AM, Blogger Roulette Software Blog said...

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