Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So nobody really wants to talk on this cheating thing. I don’t have every single detail nor do I have every single exact fact. Then again, who does? We get bits and pieces here and there and nobody wants to talk about it.

I was just over at Iggy’s site and read about two buddies logging on UB at the same time from the same account being some 100 miles away from one another.

People are in shock and they should be to an extent. I say to an extent because I remember once when the face of the UB Company, Phil Hellmuth was signing books at a Barnes and Nobel while his friend was playing on his account. I mean I found this to be sick when this broke about a year ago. Why couldn’t Phil just put money in his friends account instead of having people think he was at the table? Let’s be honest, everyone wants to sit at a table and take a shot at a pro once in a while. So if the face of the company is lying there is bound to be many other glitches with the company. Phil did explain what had happened and apologized on a few forums...but in my book he is a cheater and liar to those at the tables where he was logged on.

Then there was the Zee Justin who was playing more than one account in the same tournament. What a douche bag. He went on to admit that he did cheat. Yes, this is cheating no matter how you put it. I don’t care how much success he’s had live since then, I would never let this kid sit at my table. How can players let this guy sit with them?

Josh Field is another cheater like the one above. He was also playing with more than one account and he went on to blame it on his maturity. Pifft!!!

I play an underground game here in Harlem USA...Holla! You know if one of these kids were to sit down at the table at this game...he would get pistol whipped based on the fact that he’s a known cheater and be forced to get off the ground and leave the premise. No questions asked. You know what the other players would do...sit there with a grin on their face. Cheating is cheating and there has to be ramifications.

If I were at a table with these kids when they were playing more than one entry in my online tournament I would be pissed. So much so that if I was to see them at a Casino I would have them step outside rather quickly. If they refused, I would probably be banned from that Casino within a few seconds for laying the smack down. Sorry that is just how I feel about cheaters.

Everyone is talking about bringing this to the forefront and talking about it. I say be an outlaw and take the law into your own hands at the table. If you see one of these kids at your table call them out. You might not lay the smack down like they do here in the Harlem game nor take physical violence...but walk up to them and let them know they are a cheater or ask for a table move and tell the tournament director that you don’t want to play with a known cheater at your table.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Lucypher said...

Rooster, well said. Cheating would not be acceptable live and it should not be acceptable online either. Here in Texas, people get hurt for cheating even in small stakes games. That's the way it should be.


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