Monday, February 04, 2008

Online Cheater Or Not?

Mark A. Seif to me always seemed like a cool guy. The type of guy you could have a beer with on the back of the porch and talk about a ton of things: law, politics, chicks, and grill some burgers at the same time.

Now...well now I'm not so sure I would chill with this guy. I think the MOFO is a cheater. I mean unless he proves different. Right now the company he promotes for has admitted to cheating. So what makes me think this guy didn't have his hand in the cool-aid? I know, I know, he's been a successful cash game player and tournament player. Very true...but that doesn't mean that someone hasn't cheated when playing online. For instance, Zee Justin has had success live but he's still a cheater.

In closing, you can hit Iggy here to read about it.

In closing, I think the guy needs to step up to clear his name. He can't be easy stepping around the issues.


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