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Monday, June 30, 2008

Poker In The Weeds: Takes It Down

This is a picture of the most feared player in PLO. Although he doesn't look for highlight reel catches, steal everything in sight, or speak in the the third person. In other words, he's not the guy below. But click here and go give him props for taking down his brother's tournament.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Odd Ramblings

Rooster, I, like you, cut my teeth playing Stud with all those WWII Vets and Korean War guys.

Well said, G-Money. The Rooster leaves to AC in about four hours to sit with those old men at the Stud table. And The Rooster is not really excited at this point in time. The Rooster doesn't feel like traveling by bus for two hours and to sit at a table for another 10 hours. Maybe The Rooster will go home after work and run some before AC and sleep on the bus on the way there. The Rooster finds that when he's chill that TILT comes less. So wish The Rooster luck and may the cards hit him so damn hard that they cut him. Holla!

DP can't do it like me...

The Rooster sometimes likes to review his game and sit and think and it really does help. Sometimes to get the scoop on a really good player I go HERE. Say what you want about PC but he was the man back in the day and you can learn a thing or two from him.

I said, DP can't do it like me...

Go visit one of the nicest guys in Bloggerville AlCan'tHang. He's got a new job and I remember when I first started to read Al's blog like....a long time ago. My times change. I remember Al when he had short hair and would wear a tie everywhere...haha! Jokes. The Rooster wishes Al well on his new adventure.

DP can't do it like me...

In closing, I leave you with wisdom from my little 7 CardStud inner-poker voice: Never chase when you are behind from the jump. In other words, if a K raises in early position and you have Q's...throw them away.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This was a great little story for you: CLICK HERE

Monday, June 23, 2008

WPBT Winter Gathering

It looks like the dates for the WPBT are December 12-14

The Rooster will be arriving on the 11th and staying at the IP. Keeping with Derek and Pauly's tradition...I will be there Rodeo weekend.

In any case, I'm bringing my cowboy hat and spurs. Saddle up and get your ticket now. I wish you all luck in getting there.

And yes, I will be taking the damn hammer trophy home again. Iggy, I would like my name engraved on it please...thank you very much.

Remember, The Rooster never bluffs. Holla.

Please bring all the hot wives...thank you very much. Bloggers always marry up witch still baffles me. Serious, computer geeks get the chicks now. Shaking my head.

I'm helping with the golf who will be doing the poker tournament? BG?

Random Crap

Go over to TripJax and wish him and Chickjax’s family a quick recovery.

Also, Okie-Vegas’ is coming up quickly so you should go hit up Gary and Maudie about the information.

How about Iggy and winning a seat in the WSOP. I'm waiting for G-Money to make it now. That is all we need...those two ex-vagas guys making a return together to Sin City. I sometimes wonder what goes through those guys minds when they fly into Vegas.

How about Giambi and that mustache? Viva 70's porn!

Also, change in the agenda people: Schaubs will be handling the Winter Gathering golf tournament. Holla!

I’m thinking about starting to play online poker again. Yet, I’m not sure if I want to commit to it. I’m much happier playing live games in AC these days. I take off at 7 or 8 and get at the tables for some goodness and catch the next bus back to the city. Goodness and I have started to run good again…finally. No bad beat stories here but when you go on a bad run on Stud or any game for that matter. Well it hurts.

On another poker note…I read StB and I didn’t know that people were getting backed for the blogger tournaments. I don’t understand this to be honest, they buy-ins are like $10.00 bucks. Explain please?

I love it when there are people who talk all different languages at my poker table. I live in NYC so you hear about 10 different languages a day. In any case, there were these two Chinese people at my table who were talking while out of a hand. Someone calls the floor and asks for the all English rule to be in effect. I thought that was funny because those two MOFO’s weren’t even in the hand and the two people in the hang were American born and knew one another. Too funny...I was like welcome to the big experiment known as the USA.

In other news go check out PaulyDrama and his travels. Also, Pauly had a bad car wreck so send him good vibes:

Friday, June 20, 2008

No Mas and Golf

Although not in my blogroll NO MAS is back and kicking. Large and I-Berg are BACK and writing good content again. I'm not sure what happened to that place but they went AWOL on me. Check out their line of shirts HERE. Funny...sometimes I see people wearing No Mas shirts around the city for they are sold at a lot of the cool B-Boy stores and I'm like, I know that shirt and who made it. I'm not getting paid to pimp their site, but I did want to say that these 2 guys break their ass to run their site and they also have cool films they shoot of local fighters so check it.

On another note. I was trying to figure out who is going to be my GOLF partner for the Winter Gathering in Vegas this year. I went through the list:

Derek - Tons of magic tea on the golf course and if there is girls tons of checking out the ladies...because that is how we roll...don't see many girls on the golf course.

PaulyDrama - Tons of magic tea on the golf course, talking music, and of course Katie Holmes.

Al - I get the free limo ride to the golf course because that is how Al rolls. But then I would have to drink SoCo on the course for 18 holes.

Human Head - Hear about how smart his kid is the whole 18 and how the government is tracking our scores on the course.

BG - Probably food talk and how he's exploited at work.

Kat - Too much ass grabbing....haha!

Blood - Hey, Rooster, tell me how my biceps look when I swing.

Easycure and GCox - I'm so in love with my wife for 18 holes is nice and all...but ummm.

Geek and Proud and BiggestRon - Hey, we should go bowling after this game.

Waffles - Bad beat stories for 18 holes.

Grubby - Threes Company and stories of sitting eating all you can eat sushi for 4 hours then being asked to leave...I might like that.

LuckBox - Don't worry Rooster, we are 12 strokes back...but I'm the LuckBox, Baby! We will make it up on the back 9.

Donkey Puncher - Dude, when I was single I was the man...pifft!

Joe Speaker - AJ, Soccer and ladies over 40...hummm.

Otis - God doesn't like me for 18 holes might be tough.

G-Rob - Hey, how does my hair look when I swing...does if flap to the left or right?

Falstaff - Hey, do I look skinny when I swing? How much do you think we will lose if we walk the course?

F-Train - Listening to: Rooster, you suck at golf, I should have picked my girlfriend for 18 holes might be tough.

Pablo - How do you play soooted connectors, Rooster?

Daddy - CHORIZO!

Bobby Bracelet - Elizabeth for 18 holes will be tough.

Reslpsa - Law talk for 18 holes...ummm...errr.

Stevie The Bull (StB) - Old Milwaukee, doesn't get any better than this.

Fat Guy - Rooster, let me tell you how we do things down in Texas...Dear God.

So I thought and thought who I could shoot 18 with and possibly win. Everyone had their strong points, but when all was said and done I went with this guy:

I figure golfing with a MIDGET named IGGY would make for a good story later in life.

In closing, I don't have all the details for the golf tournament. I think Al is putting that together but I'm sure there is a Public Golf course that The Rooster and the Midget can crush. Also, I hope this is a team event if it's singles I'm going to be a donator.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Crap

Of course I visit the best pokerblog daily in hopes of a new post. Yet, there has been no inspiration for The Weeds as of late. As The Weeds often states, "Rooster, I need that perfect mix of magic tea and 80’s re-runs of Welcome Back Carter to get my writing mojo going." Que Paso Con El, White Shadow?

Congrats to everyone’s favorite little man, Iggy-Cakes for winning his way into the WSOP Main Event. I’m not sure if Iggy will be able to get away from his job, The Summit, and Thus, I might have to take his seat. Why me? As my main man at Poker In The Weeds says, walk that aisle Rooster...because to be the man, you have to beat the man...Woooo!

F-Train cashed in the Razz event and you can read his write-up HERE. If you visit his archive comments and my post...well you can read many times over where I have said that F-Train is the best Razz player in the community. The Rooster knows of what he speaks.

Also, go check out Pauly’s monthly Truckin’ magazine. I love the stuff that is written over there and Drizzy to the Izzy makes his debut in the mag.

Everyone is talking about the flaming war that is going on in the community and asking my opinion. I’m like, PIFFT! Serious, have any of them won the Winter WPBT? I don’t know, I just don’t think that any of them can walk the yard alone. Also, I don’t want to bring the lawyers into it because we all know that there are too many blogger lawyers already. I’m going to close it with this statement: This coming Winter when we are in Las Vegas, I know Randy Couture Fighting School has a gym there. I can call Randy in advance and I'm sure he will be willing to let bloggers who have beef walk into the cage and duel it out.

Speaking of the cage. Iggy-Cakes and I have been having a friendly debate as to the whole topic of UFC v. Boxing. I bet on both sports and I’m probably one of the biggest winners when it comes to betting on these two sports (so if you need some direction of who to bet on write me). But back to my conversations with Iggy-Cakes, I just don’t see one UFC fighter pulling in the PPV numbers that someone like Oscar is pulling. When I see this I will give it up to the UFC. I can say this about the UFC, they are more willing to pit the best against the best...but boxing is following suit now. Your take?

Also, I found this BLOG and it looks like he's back.

I wanted to also post a few pictures that might make you remember some old times in bloggerville.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Birthday Picture

Twiiter Me If In Trouble

If you are in trouble make sure and use Twitter.


You can Twitter "The Rooster" HERE

You can read updates of win I win the WPBT this Winter. I will give you play by play accounts. If I would have had Twitter before I could have done it this past year when I took it down.