Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Crap

Of course I visit the best pokerblog daily in hopes of a new post. Yet, there has been no inspiration for The Weeds as of late. As The Weeds often states, "Rooster, I need that perfect mix of magic tea and 80’s re-runs of Welcome Back Carter to get my writing mojo going." Que Paso Con El, White Shadow?

Congrats to everyone’s favorite little man, Iggy-Cakes for winning his way into the WSOP Main Event. I’m not sure if Iggy will be able to get away from his job, The Summit, and MMAJunkie.com. Thus, I might have to take his seat. Why me? As my main man at Poker In The Weeds says, walk that aisle Rooster...because to be the man, you have to beat the man...Woooo!

F-Train cashed in the Razz event and you can read his write-up HERE. If you visit his archive comments and my post...well you can read many times over where I have said that F-Train is the best Razz player in the community. The Rooster knows of what he speaks.

Also, go check out Pauly’s monthly Truckin’ magazine. I love the stuff that is written over there and Drizzy to the Izzy makes his debut in the mag.

Everyone is talking about the flaming war that is going on in the community and asking my opinion. I’m like, PIFFT! Serious, have any of them won the Winter WPBT? I don’t know, I just don’t think that any of them can walk the yard alone. Also, I don’t want to bring the lawyers into it because we all know that there are too many blogger lawyers already. I’m going to close it with this statement: This coming Winter when we are in Las Vegas, I know Randy Couture Fighting School has a gym there. I can call Randy in advance and I'm sure he will be willing to let bloggers who have beef walk into the cage and duel it out.

Speaking of the cage. Iggy-Cakes and I have been having a friendly debate as to the whole topic of UFC v. Boxing. I bet on both sports and I’m probably one of the biggest winners when it comes to betting on these two sports (so if you need some direction of who to bet on write me). But back to my conversations with Iggy-Cakes, I just don’t see one UFC fighter pulling in the PPV numbers that someone like Oscar is pulling. When I see this I will give it up to the UFC. I can say this about the UFC, they are more willing to pit the best against the best...but boxing is following suit now. Your take?

Also, I found this BLOG and it looks like he's back.

I wanted to also post a few pictures that might make you remember some old times in bloggerville.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Derek McG said...

Viva la White Shawdow!!

They have re-runs on the YES Channel. Gotta love how Vince Van Patten’s brother is Salami. He's no Coolidge though.

Wooooo . .. walk that aisle!!


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