Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Post

I was going to add more to the weekend with some of the bloggers that came to town but the truth is that Derek did one of his killer posts and I just left it at that. How can The Rooster follow that up?

Moving On.

I went to A.C. a few weeks ago for one of my all night benders. Lost a big hand in the stud game when my boat was out done by a straight flush! Ouch. I would go into hand history here...but I’ve been reading those too much in my books these days. But this is how it played out verbally.

Seventh card face down and old man bets. I’m thinking he hit his flush and my mind starts to sing the Star Spangled Banner...doh!

Old Man: Bet
The Rooster: Raise
Old Man: Re-Raise
The Rooster- Re-Raise
Old Man: Re-Raise
The Rooster: Can you spread your cards out more (I see it!). Yikes. You hit the straight flush on me.
Old Man: Silent
The Rooster: This has happened to me before and it hurt...I’m going to mercy call here knowing you have the straight flush.
Old Man: Here you go.
The Rooster: Thanks.
Another Old Man: Son, I didn’t think you were going to hit the breaks there.
The Rooster: I wasn’t...I had a big full house.
Another Old Man: Shit, everyone could see that.
The Rooster: Thanks.

We all started to laugh at that one a bit. I’m not sure about the odds of that...but it has happened to me before so I wasn’t going to get into a raising war with Gramps who played one out of every 15 hands. I went home down about 300.00 for the night.

I sent High on Poker a text I was already home at the time. In any case, he said he had just won a tournament. I was happy for the guy. Then I read in his blog that he chopped. Sorry, J-Dog, you can’t say you won a tournament if you chopped. Just my take.

Also, I put everyone’s favorite Mid-West Lawyer on the blog-roll, Res Ipsa. What can I say, Res is the man. One of the nicest guys in the poker community and he might seem tight on the poker table, but when you see this guy out in Vegas he has a lot of gamble to him. I’ve seen him playing just about every single game and table in Sin City. I think him and Grubby would get a long because I always see him playing slots. Res, you are going to lose on those things. The Rooster’s Consulting advice and free with no charge.

Maudie and GCox are starting to promote Okie Vegas so you might want to hit their sites.

I got a call from Donkey Puncher the other night saying, I’m rolling to the corner bar alone tonight. I was like...funny because I’m rolling solo also. When a man needs his beer he needs his beer...maybe we have a problem going to a bar alone for a beer...haha!

Poor-Poor Joe Speaker. Sure he will say that we all go to those dark places from time to time. I agree. But I go there when I need to hit a punching bag really hard and I leave those places alone after that. Otis said something to the extent that he wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says, Oh, it's you again. I see Speaker waking up and saying, "Shit, I made it through another day."

Speaking of the OTIS CLAN. I really do suggest you go visit Mrs. Otis. She has to be one of the funniest ladies out there with her Apple Bottom project. They got this game to help them with their health...Fitness Wii.

Falstaff is getting all girly on us and suggesting bags to purchase. I use a lot of man bags myself, but I don’t go suggesting them on my blog. Sure he’s going to tell you that it is a work thing...but I think he’s going the way of Speaker and DP.

In closing, I am still hoping that we can have the winter gathering where I will defend my title as the WPBT Winter Champion. I got an email from someone saying I brag too much about that victory. Maybe. But like my main man at Poker In The Weeds says, to be the man, you have to beat the man. Until it!!


At 6:51 PM, Blogger BamBam said...

A truly appropriate ending me hermano! I'll give you that.

At 6:52 PM, Blogger BamBam said...

Oh and that hand in STUD...

I know you know this but, it happens all the time.

Just sayin'

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Derek McG said...


Walk that aisle!

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Logan said...

Good of you to make the call rather that keep re-raising. I have been in that situation before and put in too many re-raises. I really enjoy your blog!



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