Friday, June 27, 2008

Odd Ramblings

Rooster, I, like you, cut my teeth playing Stud with all those WWII Vets and Korean War guys.

Well said, G-Money. The Rooster leaves to AC in about four hours to sit with those old men at the Stud table. And The Rooster is not really excited at this point in time. The Rooster doesn't feel like traveling by bus for two hours and to sit at a table for another 10 hours. Maybe The Rooster will go home after work and run some before AC and sleep on the bus on the way there. The Rooster finds that when he's chill that TILT comes less. So wish The Rooster luck and may the cards hit him so damn hard that they cut him. Holla!

DP can't do it like me...

The Rooster sometimes likes to review his game and sit and think and it really does help. Sometimes to get the scoop on a really good player I go HERE. Say what you want about PC but he was the man back in the day and you can learn a thing or two from him.

I said, DP can't do it like me...

Go visit one of the nicest guys in Bloggerville AlCan'tHang. He's got a new job and I remember when I first started to read Al's blog like....a long time ago. My times change. I remember Al when he had short hair and would wear a tie everywhere...haha! Jokes. The Rooster wishes Al well on his new adventure.

DP can't do it like me...

In closing, I leave you with wisdom from my little 7 CardStud inner-poker voice: Never chase when you are behind from the jump. In other words, if a K raises in early position and you have Q's...throw them away.


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Kobe can't do it like me!


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