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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pauly Drama!!

Vegas has me as the odds on favorite to win this tournament. I hope you can all join in this tournament that has been presented to Pauly's Blog for all the hard work he's done over the last five years. I remember reading Pauly's blog when most of you were still sucking your thumbs. I do think this is going to be an old school mega tournament and hopefully a few of the old school guys will come out of the woodwork for this one.

A few people The Rooster would like to see in this tournament:

1. Cuban Links
2. Urgarte
3. GCox (just so I can raise him)
4. Daddy (just to type Chorizo in the comments)
5. Some of the the G-Vegas Boys

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's In The Name?

There are times when someone's blog name (Runner-Runner Rebuy) hits them in the face.

With that being said, The Rooster brings you this example and the second bad beat in many postings by none other than, Vinny.

I'm not sure what to say here but your blog name discribes this one and this one hurt my junk so much I'm not going to ask you for the dollar in December. Poor-Poor Vinny...does a great job of waiting to trap and BOOM! Runner-Runner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Few Pictures From The Weekend!

A few of you have been wondering about the prop bet that I took part in. This by far wasn't the worst prop that I have won. Yet, you can read about it HERE! I did this without even flinching, because The Rooster doesn't flinch.

I need not even get into this conversation people.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beer and Wingman Stuff!!

I’m starting to come down from my weekend Chicago energy high. There are some points that might have not been mentioned in other posts.

The boys from Minn brought some good beer. Of course they were trying to represent their state well and the beer was quite good. It got a little out of hand when Drizz said that a few of those beers could be auctioned on EBAY for a couple of hundred but I let him run with the story. Chad tried to back him up on this claim but I think they had this pre-planned…unless I see the link where the beer sales for that much. But the Brown Can was much better than the Red Can.

One thing that I took note is that all these guys love beer of different types. Everyone was willing to try everything DP threw at them. What really surprised me is that Drizz liked Belgium Beer. I always put him on Old Milwaukee or PBR. I know that StB loves to try every beer on tap so I knew he would have some new beers to suggest.

The best home brew of the two was Baily’s Special. I really liked the taste but I was trying to mix it up a bit and I was in Chicago so I had to have a lot of Goose Island.

Once we got to the stadium it was Old Town for the Rooster. I think I had about 7 of them give or take a few. Drizz drank the most at 10 but I’m sure StB had just as many but he wasn’t keeping count. I’m sure StB would say that keeping count is for Rookies who just came up to the bigs.

After the game I went to HB brew house and had one of the big boys there. Oh, and I did get a Summer Ale from Goose Island which was nice. DP had these mugs at his pad and I would pour two beers into them and drink.

Grubby and I took off and went to his hood for a beer. Every time I visit Grubby’s hood I like it more and more for they have a good mix of micro-brews and drinking bars.

Speaking of Grubby he is a great wing man. He was willing to go up with me to talk to any of the fine ladies of Chicago.

I think Chad would be a great wing-man also but he’s a bit too blunt. I seen you making the move to talk to that girl, Rooster…she sucked. Yes, yes she did fine Sir…twas like pulling teeth talking to her.

As for Bobby Bracelet…well depends how many beers he has drank for the night. He has too much backhanded humor for many girls to understand. For instance, “you aren’t fat like all the other girls The Rooster talks to.” Nice.

DP…well after all his Rooster-Blocking I got him back and clean. Needless to say, it was such a bomb that the girl told him, you will never get laid with this guy around. I pointed to his ring and said, his wife is much hotter than you and he’s only talking to you for community service hours he owes! Boooooom-Chaka-Laka.

Spreaker, Drizz and StB…well they just shake their head and walk away when they know where I’m going with my comments. Where is the love for The Rooster? No Homo.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 1 TILT!!

TILT - My routine of staying up all night and catching an early flight backfired on me. I missed my flight. What should I do? I call those with more experience flying to see what they thought. They were all calm while I was flipping out but the consensus seemed to be that I should hit the airport and see what they could do for me on the spot.

TILT - I land in Chicago pretty much off tilt. I then proceed to get a cab driver from I needed a beer by this point and this guy is slowing down at every corner looking at property that is for sale.

TILT - We pull out the cards and start drinking. Good smokes and life is good because at the poker table The Rooster doesn't TILT. Yes, I'm at home on the felt. Felt STB and DP. Yes, life is good. I even called DP with a middle pair of 3 to beat his pair of 2. Good hands to push all-in on. Misdeal on a hand I was behind and caught Chad on the turn...but misdeal and I would have felted all but Drizz. I notice I can't push Drizz off a hand and he has all my redbirds before I know it...TILT!! But I didn't show it.

TILT - Lose every prop bet we have going.

TILT - Tango Sur see an old friend of mine from undergrad that I hadn't seen in 10 years. Ouch!

TILT - Said friend tries to set me up with her sister.

TILT - Try to meet up with everyone at bar after spending some time with old friend. Everyone had gone home.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Viva El Senor Iggy-Cakes and Other News

Iggy is currently at about 90K in chips going into day three.

As you know, The Rooster doesn't like to pimp people sites besides THIS SITE. Go read a tribute to why you should be rooting for everyone's favorite Little Man by clicking HERE

This is a funny story about everyone's favorite numbers guy Vinney. Read the one about the worse beat....haha! TILT!!

I wanted to apologize to Derek over at Poker in the Weeds. I had been giving his site capitol letters: PITW. But I was corrected via email when I seen that Derek abbreviates his site: PitW. In any case, Derek put up a picture of his girlfriend HERE.

GCox is over in Okie Vegas with Maudie for the 3rd annual Okie Vegas.

Human Head is back on the grid and moving to the city. No kidding. He will be very establishment again. I wonder if he will be doing a write-up on Naz's new album?

In closing, I don't even know where to start with this last link. Let me just say that people thought Waffles without a shirt was the scariest thing ever posted by a blogger. Now we have THIS!!. Hey, Cochino...go comb your hair and put some pants on.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Page Rank and File

Sending the Little Man Iggy-Cakes good vibes for his Wed. Day 2 of the WSOP.

Page-Rank? Sorry...I'm not sure why everyone is all concerned about their page-rank. Serious, in the big scheme of things does one's page-rank really matter? Maybe I'm missing something about one's page-rank and why it matters. This is my take: You blog because you have something to say or write, not because you want a high page-rank. Yes, even the hand-history people have something to say and I wonder if they care about their page-rank. I think in the end you just love to write and chat about cards or what ever it be. But in all honesty, why do you care what page-rank your blog is? Serious...I'm sitting here laughing at this page-rank non-sense. Page-Rank? Did you say Page-Rank? Write for the love of writing and getting your voice out there...not page-rank! Serious, page-rank? I don't get it. There are people all around the world that are dying for messed up causes and all you can think about is page-rank and that you don't show up on the WWW. I thought people here wrote because of the love, not page-rank. I've always said, The Rooster doesn't shill on his site because he loves being a hack and giving the poeple what they want to read. If I cared about page-rank I would have done some gimmick on my site and sold space. Not me, I write for the purity of it. To shill is to sell out to the man. Plus, all of you are second page-rank to me anyways.

In other news...I'm getting thin and hope to lose another 15 lbs.

I won another home tournament...but then again, what else is new.

Allen Iverson is my friend and he doesn't even Practice...reminds me of The Rooster he just goes out and plays power poker like the greatest player from Indiana taught The Rooster. He said, Rooster, it is all about Power Poker, Baby! Viva Poker Champ!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another Funny Metro Moment

Another funny moment in the Blogger-Metro-Sexual archive. In a series of emails I found out why Mrs. DP's blog was never mentioned.

Email Topic: Mrs DP

Rooster: DonkeyPuncher, you never told me your wife had a blog.
DP: You never asked.
Rooster: Dude, why didn't you ever link her?
DP: She never linked me.

Haha! I started laughing at that one. Too funny.

Funny Stuff

Something funny just happend. Derek and I were emailing one another and one of the funniest things in Blogger history came to mind. It took place at The Bash and it went like this.

Derek: Rooster, I think Speaker went to his room and changed.
Rooster: What?
Derek: Yeah, Speaker went to his room and changed his outfit for the tournament.
Rooster: You have to be fucken joking me.
Derek: No look at him over there.
Rooster: Shit, his shirt even looks ironed.
Derek: What a clown.

Haha! Maybe you had to be there but that shit was just too funny.