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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is your chance to make history. You can vote on what to do with Barry Bonds home run ball. Mark Ecko who won the bid on the ball is letting you have your vote count as to what to do with this ball. I'm excited and I will tell you that I voted to send the ball out into orbit. You can vote HERE. I hope that all my readers (thanks mom) vote to send the ball to the moon. Let me know what you voted for. I liked putting the Asterisk on it then sending it to the hall. But I like my choice. What will be your choice?

In closing, thanks Mark for letting me have my say.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The General's Bad Beat in Vegas

I was speaking to The General yesterday via email and he was telling me about his trip to Vegas this past weekend. I asked him if he ended up or down. He then told me he pushed it the last hour he was at the casino playing blackjack and ended up down. Ouch!

My words were, go up big or come home broke. He then wrote me his bad beat story...Dear God...but coming from The General I figured I would post it because it made me laugh a bit and reminded me of Grubby.

Here it is:

yeah, i figured, i could just go home up $700 or try and crush it and go home big. figured i couldn't lose too much in 1 hr, within 15 mins, i was down to my last $100 chip from a 2k start, rebuilt it back to like 2.2k, then went on a small losing streak, then the 2nd to last hand plays out like this:

2 6's vs. dealer showing 5. split, right? so i split, get another 6, split it again, get a 3, double down and get an 8 for a total of 17. onto 2nd hand, i get a 5, double that down, get an 8 for a total of 19, 3rd hand, i get a 10 for a total of 16. so i have 16, 17, and 19 vs. dealer showing 5. 2 other guys playing. they play their hands out, dealer flips over a king so I'm thinking this is good. he flips over an ace, whew close but still I'm sitting pretty right? 3rd card he flips over a 6 and crushes me and the rest of the table. that was 1k on the 3 hands with 2 double downs. down to my last 200, i lose 17 to 19. he was pulling shite out of nowhere. it was unbelievable. and he was a nice guy too and i was going to tip him big cuz he had his first kid on the way.

In the words of Derek, Poor-Poor General. What made me laugh was the last sentence. I was like, unless you see the dealer actually pregnant it is a lie. Serious, they all say that so you can tip them big. Even if it is a female and she looks 9 months pregnant, ask to see the belly to make sure it is not a pillow.