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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hitler Is A Cowboys Fan??

Click HERE

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Blogger Wife Crush

I hate to say good-bye to Mrs. Otis. Serious, she has been my blogger wife crush for a few years now. Maybe it is because her and Mr. Otis are so damn happy together and I can't be just the "CRUSH GUY" anymore. I must move on. It hurts, I will move on sometime soon and get over it. I think pain is one of those things that we all must go through when it comes to crushes....the pain will pass.

If you were wondering how this all came about so soon: CLICK HERE Yes, it hurt seeing this.

OK I've moved on.

There were two ladies that were high on the list of who would take Mrs. Otis' place. Mrs. GCox and Mrs. Tripjax. Both are nice Southern ladies (as was Mrs. Otis), they both talked to me in Vegas, and of course both are deeply in love with their husbands which leaves me on the outside looking in...I love to tourture myself.

In any case, here is my latest Blogger-Wife Crush.


So nobody really wants to talk on this cheating thing. I don’t have every single detail nor do I have every single exact fact. Then again, who does? We get bits and pieces here and there and nobody wants to talk about it.

I was just over at Iggy’s site and read about two buddies logging on UB at the same time from the same account being some 100 miles away from one another.

People are in shock and they should be to an extent. I say to an extent because I remember once when the face of the UB Company, Phil Hellmuth was signing books at a Barnes and Nobel while his friend was playing on his account. I mean I found this to be sick when this broke about a year ago. Why couldn’t Phil just put money in his friends account instead of having people think he was at the table? Let’s be honest, everyone wants to sit at a table and take a shot at a pro once in a while. So if the face of the company is lying there is bound to be many other glitches with the company. Phil did explain what had happened and apologized on a few forums...but in my book he is a cheater and liar to those at the tables where he was logged on.

Then there was the Zee Justin who was playing more than one account in the same tournament. What a douche bag. He went on to admit that he did cheat. Yes, this is cheating no matter how you put it. I don’t care how much success he’s had live since then, I would never let this kid sit at my table. How can players let this guy sit with them?

Josh Field is another cheater like the one above. He was also playing with more than one account and he went on to blame it on his maturity. Pifft!!!

I play an underground game here in Harlem USA...Holla! You know if one of these kids were to sit down at the table at this game...he would get pistol whipped based on the fact that he’s a known cheater and be forced to get off the ground and leave the premise. No questions asked. You know what the other players would do...sit there with a grin on their face. Cheating is cheating and there has to be ramifications.

If I were at a table with these kids when they were playing more than one entry in my online tournament I would be pissed. So much so that if I was to see them at a Casino I would have them step outside rather quickly. If they refused, I would probably be banned from that Casino within a few seconds for laying the smack down. Sorry that is just how I feel about cheaters.

Everyone is talking about bringing this to the forefront and talking about it. I say be an outlaw and take the law into your own hands at the table. If you see one of these kids at your table call them out. You might not lay the smack down like they do here in the Harlem game nor take physical violence...but walk up to them and let them know they are a cheater or ask for a table move and tell the tournament director that you don’t want to play with a known cheater at your table.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Added B-Listers

I got the news that SOXLOVER wanted us to take him off our I did as such. And I also got rid of a few people that haven't posted in a year or so. Sucked but I always click on there and get the old post. If some of you come back to posting let me know and I will re-add you.

I also added some new bloggers at the bottom. As the song goes, Kids...its a long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll.

I added CienCambio-Change100...Iggy calls her one of the best writers in the group period.

I needed some international flava so I added the ever so cool, Katitude.

One guy named TripJax only got on the list because his wife is hot but he's still very much a C-Lister.

I've lurked on Badbloods site for many years. He takes his badbeats like a man so I added him. He also gives good advice and I love it when he has a bad run...the inner frustrations he feels are funny to read about. This just goes to show me that he's a B-Lister still...but that is o.k. the A-Lister always likes to see the B-lister suffer.

Out of my community service I finally added StB. He's been asking for a long time to add him to my blogroll. He drinks girly beer which was hard for me to be o.k. with but the Soreloser Story is worth him being up here.

OK have your work cut out for you to reach the A-Lister Status...hope you get there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Things Happening

I will be playing this tournament for a few reasons. I don't play online much and I loved it when we had these tournaments and those big ones that Iggy use to throw. Now that I'm playing in this tournament Pauly will be able to advertise that at least one A-Lister has committed. If Derek commits that might be two. Holla!

Also, go check out GCOX on how he's been able to do well in Razz tournaments and he has some good pointers (for a B-Lister...cough!cough!). Don't feel bad for Gary...there is one A-Lister in his house, his wife. I tell you Mrs. GCox has to be the Sweetest lady in the South. Too bad her husband probably has her rooting for a loser college football team...then again, what would you expect from a B-Lister.

Also, you might want to read and see something.
Joe Speaker is back and bringing in Kool Breeze into his stories. What else is a C-Lister to do but bring in an A-Lister like Kool Breeze. But you should also watch the movie that he has posted up. You can see The Rooster showing his mantle at the punching game.

Johnny Hughes has a new post up on that site or you can catch it Guinness. Also some good articles at Guinness and Poker about cheating.

OK. Enjoy and take care.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy Frank Is Back!

My good buddy, Frank Walsh writes for the Huntersville Herald "down there" and you can catch his sports articles HERE. Us Yankees like to call the South that..."down there". In any case, Frank is a New Yorker now living in the South.

So he wrote me this after reading my post about Bobby Fischer. In any case, Frank is a funny guy and you might want to pay his articles a visit. In any case, here you go with what he wrote me:

"if you head south for long enough you hit the equator and the begin heading north ..........if you go too far then your original plan of traveling to a warm place heads into the opposite direction and you get cold....if you are too skinny and need to gain weight you can go too far and become FAT the most feminine of males are often gay but when you go all the way to the masculine side you get the prison type of gay guy who is big and strong INTELLIGENCE is just like these things........the least intelligent are called retarded or other things........ but when you go past smart and then to genius and keep going get all sorts of mental problems...... the SMARTEST people often struggle just to live in our world and not be looked at as insane ..........remember "rain man" with Dustin Hoffman and Tom about Hannibal Lector? I think bobby fisher fits right can be described as some one who was just too intelligent to be a normal human being ......"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Funny Stuff

People often say, Rooster, you are always talking about fellow bloggers being b-c-d-listers and you also have a geek-lister roll. Who are the geek listers?

The list is long from Pablo (who doens't have a blog but buys two of every comic book and is a part of the bloggering brethern) and so on and so on.

But there is one A-Lister in the Geek Club. Dear God. Who the hell brings three bowling balls to Vegas every gathering? Serious, WTF? In any case, here you go...visit his two sites and you will know what I'm talking about. The king of the A-Lister-Geek-Bloggers.

His Flickr Page which scares me when I see the photos on here.

GEEK AND PROUD WTF? Who goes and buys a mini speaker for their IPHONE? I don't get this at all...and the time traveler thing he really wanted to get for his house? I sit here shaking my head. At least my friends get a kick out of it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer Dead

I was very sad to hear the news that Bobby Fischer has passed. As long time readers know I thought that Fischer was one of the greatest minds to ever play chess. I didn't agree with Fischer's view of the world...but God on the board this guy could create...a virtuoso of his craft.

If anyone has played chess seriously they have read something or heard legendary stories about Fischer. But his great battle of 21 games against Spassky has to be the greatest international wins for the United States. I put it right up there with the US Hockey team beating the Russians.

He was the youngest to ever reach the Grand Master title at 15. In the chess world that is like a 15 year old being the head of Microsoft or Apple.

In any case, I wish the man the best and hopefully he will find peace in the after life that he was never able to find here on earth.

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer (March 9, 1943 - January 17, 2008)

My Past Posts on Bobby Fischer: HERE

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm always laughing at how people evolve in the blogging community. Serious, I love it when I see a B-Lister (read previous post about Drizz) slowly starts to crawl up the food chain.

You know, like when your GAY friend says, I'm starting a blog also and you get happy. Then you read what he/she wrote and you say, D-Lister at the best...then before you know it he's having lunch and dinner with those up the food chain and you are wondering how that happened? Well it probably is that you are just a sore loser for starters.

Where am I going with this. Well we have a graduate. Yes, he has moved from C-Lister to B-Lister so you might want to go pay this guy a visit and read his funny post about wine HERE. For the record, he will continue to be a B-Lister as long as he calls his girl...HIS Jr. High, Kid.

The Rooster has spoken.

Monday, January 14, 2008

To All B-Listers

Look B-Listers...I don't mind that you want me to blogroll you on my site. I understand. But the truth of the matter is that it takes time to get on the list.

Look at people like RES IPSA POKER that has never asked me for a link and he's not. But look...I've been reading his stuff for a while and the truth of the matter is that when I play with him in tournaments he never gets any traction to get going. He's a hell of a player but what is up with his live tournament showings? We need to talk about this before he's listed. Sure he will kill me in no-limit and online...but live is where the money is at and legends are made...Holla!

Then there are true B-Listers like StB who I've hung with, drank with, talk politic with and sports with and he's not even hooked-up. Why you ask? Because he drinks wussy beer and has never really come to the city to prove his mantel in drinking.

Then there are the B-Listers that have almost made the A-list as of late. Like Dwizzy To Da' Izzy. I mean look at his old posts...dear god. Now look at him...he's a funny guy and formed his own personality online and he has a readership. I can't tell you all the times that Drizzy has pulled The Rooster over to the side and said, "Rooster, thanks for all the encouragement and guidance your blog has provided me over the years." What can I say, the kid has picked up tips from the The Rooster and look where he's at.

Then there is the only and only PIMP in the crew that I know, Zeem Jr. Holla at a brother, Zeem! Zeem is the man and everyone should at the very least holla at Zeem for some good limit advice. Because he's a great limit player and an all-star you don't see him on my blogroll...but I respect the brother and have him on my mental-roll.

Then you say, Rooster...but you also have some C-Listers on there that haven't posted in a LONG WHILE. This is true also and I'm going to have to give them the green light off the blog if they don't start posting.

In closing, what The Rooster is saying is that The Rooster reads all the blogs, Baby. The Rooster just don't have time to put you all on the list. The Rooster will be updating the blogroll in a bit and you can see where you are at on the list. Holla!

Wall Street Game

Tonight I will be playing in the WSG. Should be a good time and they are having their mixed games. Solid conservative play is what gets the money here. So I will be folding a lot and hopefully getting good starting hands so I can play one hand every half an hour. Holla!

I tried to get these girls invited but the host said it was a full table. Now who would tell these girls they couldn't come play at their home game? Dear God. I guess I can go on a rant about this but I will let it be.

No Need For Words

Click HERE.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A quick post

I don't have the following site linked to my blog nor has he asked me to link him (like so many b-listers). Yet, I think with Dr. Chako in a far off place right now this post hit home. I am not trying to get the guy traffic because his girl is hot and all that...but I want you to read his post because I think it will hit home what so many young men and our very own Dr. Chako are going through over seas.

So go visit Ve-Nay and read his x-mas post...and why you are at it go visit Dr Chako and tell both of these B-Listers that I don't have listed on my blogroll that I sent you.

In closing, I read tons and tons of blogs a day and I need to update like Al...but give me time...I'm reading all day.

It is over for Joe Speaker

I was sad to hear that Joe Speaker pulled the plug on his blog. No need for a long explination as to why...he just ended it with an AJ post. I liked that he went out like that to be honest, no need for him to explain himself to his readers. He knows he is loved.

I'm a bit sad about this to be honest. Speaker was one of my favorite writers in this little community and one of the first B-Listers that I really enjoyed reading day in and out. Not to mention he brought me to read such B-Listers like, Betty.

As Iggy once told me in Vegas a few trips back, "Speaker cut a vain and poured his blood on his blog." We all know what time of life that was for the long time followers of Speaker. I praise you, Joe Speaker for cutting a vain and showing us your blood.

In closing, I wish you the best amigo and remember...a dead blog is sometimes a good blog.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Shirts

If you want one of your own click

Jan Truckin

Might want to go check out the new publication of Truckin by none other than Pauly Drama.

Also, you might want to go find out what a back-lash play is by visiting Iggy. Johnny Hughes goes into detail about how he sets this play up in no-limit and is a great write up if you are into No-Limit player. I think that Johnny also has an article in Truckin this month.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poker Here and There

I’ve been playing a lot of live poker as of late. Home games, Arizona Casinos, Atlantic City, the Underground Card Games in NYC, and of course Vegas. I wish I could give a nice trip report for all of these sittings but I will just paraphrase the best I can.

Wall Street Poker: This is a great home game that I can travel to rather easy and is in striking distance from many of the faster NYC trains. They tend to play no-limit and no-limit tournaments and neither of which I am good at so I try and skip those. But from time to time they spread a good mixed game. About two weeks ago they had their O8 and Stud8 3/6 game. I love the table, great chips and friendly people. Then my number one tilting machine walked through the door, Stephanie from IHO poker. I need not even talk about that for those of you who have played with her know she is can tilt anyone. I send you love, Steph. Then there is BWOP who played a really solid game of O8 and I learned a lot just watching her on certain hands. J-HOP was there and I can’t really get his rhythm down in a game. There was a lawyer who sat to my left that I thought would me an ATM but he knew the games rather well and was solid. There is our host but you can link to Wall Street Poker to find out more about him. There were some other good players and I don’t know them well enough as of yet.

In any case, the game was great because the dealers were fast and the flow of the game was rather fast which I love in these games. I hate those hands that just take forever and ever. Although it is a friendly game there are some great things I learned about certain hands and how I could play them better next time. At the end of the night is also a good time to practice short handed play because a few people leave for they have to work the next day.

Arizona Casino: My main man Zeem told me in Vegas that these games were rather soft and that I should be killing them. I was happy to hear this but what Zeem didn’t tell me was that the Asians are crazy players there. Dear God. The poker room is rather odd in spreads. 8/16 and such...I got use to round numbers. As F-Train would say, why not just make it 10/20. Serious, I didn’t get the blind structure for a while. One thing I noticed here is that they made the dealers wear their badges when they were playing and there were plenty of dealers playing.

In any case, my sessions there were a lot of up and down. I played in this 3/6 stud game and lost 100.00 bucks there by getting chased down three times by old funny senior citizens. I just smiled, gathered my Roosters and walked to the next game. In the end it was all worth the funny banter between the old men.

The 8/16 limit hold’em game was a Wild West shootout. Dear God. Serious, any two cards can bring a winner was the motto. After losing a rack I thought this might not be my day and that I should come back another time. I was able to get back and walk out with a losing session of 100.00. Forgot to mention the Asian lady who almost tilted me...she was ribbing me into not call her bet and I did...I was ahead but she hit the river and won the huge pot from me. I loved her comment...I told you not call, I always hit river card. Haha! She was a sweet lady she was a river rat...hit everything there from a flush to three of a kind. God bless her.

Next Day: I’m playing at the 8/16 game again and I’m up a rack and walked out. There was this one kid that couldn’t miss. Dear God he was destroying the table. He was like the Asian lady above and when I would ask him about the miracle river and how he could call with a pair of deuces all the way down he told me something funny...I got Baby Jesus on my side...he was dead serious. Being that it was x-mas I didn’t go on a Bobby Bracelet and Human Head rant.

Final Day: I was playing o.k. poker but I couldn’t get on a rush. I was stuck another rack at the 8/16 and figured there was some major flaws in my game at that time. I re-bought and got my half rack back and was walking to the window when the announcer yelled: We have a seat at the 8/16 Stud 8 or better game. I raised my hand that I would take the seat. So there I am with all these older people who are playing the game. I asked if I had to declare...haha!haha! I kill myself, for those of you that don’t know, that is how Stud 8 use to be had to declare your hand as a Hi/Lo Hand. In any case, I was down close to a rack and a half that I brought to the table. Now I’m like...something is just not right here for The Rooster. I was going on another losing session and that sucked. Then something started to happen...I started catching cards. A,2,4 – A, 2, 5 soooted. Finally I got a good run going...once that happens for me...RAM and JAM baby so that is what I did. I ended up close to losing two racks to winning three big hands and I was back. I ended up cashing up and decided...8/16 O8...why not. Dear God. My junk was getting kicked there all over the place and I went home inking out an 80.00 dollar profit for all whole session. Some of those O8 hands...boy I can’t tell you enough about how bad those beats!

Atlantic City: I sat down at the 10/20 table to see what would transpire over the next 8 hours. It was a rather fast game with two guys controlling most of the action. I just sat there and watched until I got Aces and that kind of set my image at the table for the rest of the session. There is one flaw that I really need to improve on here...betting that final bet at the end when there is a scary board. Sure there is the rock in me that is content to take the nice pot down...but those missed bets add up in the end. I also need to tighten up a bit in the big and small blind. I got it into my head that I must always defend those two places. Not sure why? But I have. I left a bit up and I went to go eat a nice dinner at NOW (Noodles of the world). I was about to leave but I decided to cruise by the poker room one last time and a seat at the 10/20 mixed game had an open seat. Why not some O8 and Stud 8. The game is beatable and there is a good group of guys who always play together which can cause some problems when they check all the way down to one another. I hate when friends do that…either you are in it to win against everyone or don’t sit at the table. I ended way up here when I was able to scoop on a few O8 full houses and a straight that I hit…they were all high hands only so...SCOOP! By this time it was 6am and I decided to head back to the city.

NYC Card Rooms: The games are good and the players are o.k. with a few bad ones...but they tend to spread only no limit. So after AC I came home to shower and sleep a bit. I woke up and headed to an underground game. Only three tables running and everyone here has cash. There are two 2/5 tables going and one ½ table. I sit at the ½ table because that is more my pace. I leave there up 50.00 bucks and decide that is good dinner money. I’ve off to eat some good grub and a glass of win.

I wasn't up much on all these trips...not much at all. But I think it was good to remember what it is like to chase games. All the fun meeting the old men at the Stud 8 and O8 games was fun. I seen a few old men that I use to play higher stakes stud with and they were just fun to be around. I still laugh that there aren't many young kids playing these games.

Some points of weakness that I am getting back to. Calling that last call even when I know I'm beat. I did that like 8 times on the above trips. I hope to cut that down by four the next time out.