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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Poker 2005

I didn’t end up going to AC this past weekend. As some of my fellow blog mates know, I cleaned out my bankroll. I had some personal things to take care of so I closed out. Now I’m in a new year and I’m going to start keeping better track of my bankroll. In other words, this year I’m not pulling money to travel, drink and have a good time. This will be the first year that I take everything dealing with gambling…well serious. I think I have always played conservative so I always did well. Sure I had my down swings and those swings where it seemed I would never come back from being sucked out from runner-runner. But as all of us know, you do come back from those awful beats.

In any case, the reason I’m going to be posting my wins and losses is because it needs to be done. My sister wants to be able to follow. I know, I know, I’m too damn old to be answering to her…well you don’t know the girl…she will give me an ass whipping and was a bit sad that I didn’t retire when I said I would. So if I can show her some wins and she can follow my stats I’m sure she won’t be as pissed as she is with me now a days.

Things I will be telling her and my few readers in the near future.
Location – Hours Played – Gave Played – $ Started With - $ Ended With. Of course I will also include: Transportation – Food – Lodging – Tips.

I figure once she reads and can follow she will be fine with what I’m doing. Who knows, if I win a seat to the WPT events such as Otis did last week, I might invite her. Well boys and girls….I have to break for the time being.

I also wanted to make my 2005 Poker Wish List:

1. Play solid as much as possible.
2. Learn to bet a bit better for value.
3. Learn to change gears on the drop of a dime – not only when you lose big hand.
4. Play more casino tournaments.
5. Set two days aside for 7 Card Stud.
6. Read more books on poker and re-read old books.
7. Get a mentor who you can chat with about your game and flaws.
8. By June sit at 15/30 and not worry about bad runs.
9. Log 30 hours a week.
10. Make a visit to AC or Foxwoods at least twice a month.

Interested in seeing your wish list when it comes to poker this coming year.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

X-Mas Play

Leave to AC tomorrow which should be fun. I figure that there has be some people there that are looking for a poker game. In any case, I don’t have all my stops mapped out as of yet, but I think it will go as follows:

1. 6hrs at Tropicana and get a room for the night there.
2. Two Hour rest with food
3. Then move to Borgata for another 6hrs of play.
4. Sleep
5. Buffet for breakfast and back to poker.
6. 4 hrs at Tropicana
7. 4 hrs at Trump Taj
8. Rest for 4 hours
9. Back to Borgata
10. Bus back to NYC

So that’s what I’m looking at. We will see what happens when I get there. Tonight I will read a bit on poker and get my center again. Try to reach that point where I’m in the zone. I know you have to sit at the table to feel the zone, but we will see if I can walk up to it already in the zone.

I will probably start off at 2/4 just to get the feel back. Then move to 4/8 for the first night. On Sunday I will go to 5/10 and 15/30 or something like that. We will see how the cards are falling. I shall have a full report on my return.

Next week I will be posting my new year resolutions when it comes to poker.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Missed Vegas

Missing Vegas really blew. I wanted to make the trip but I figured that I had these other things to attend to so that's the way the cookie crumbles from time to time. In any case, there isn't really much to say on the poker front at this point. I just wanted to send my regards to Felicia who won my cowboy hat. Hopefully next year I will provide a nicer one. I hope that all the blogger community had a great time and will send a note to Pauly for putting on the event. Not sure where the next event will be but thinking that I will probably not make it due to my commitment to my new set of goals. I figure that since I didn't make it to Vegas that I would set my retirement date back some...maybe until the end of the year or something like that. This retirement thing is getting harder and harder to do to be honest...but I'm working on it.