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Monday, January 30, 2006

New Rooster and Pauly Top 10

Please take a visual peak at “Little Man” the new rooster on my site. You have seen his older brother posted before. Remember, the Hatch Roundhead? In any case, if not, well this is a supreme family line of Roosters and all are easy to get along with…except this little FUCKER by the name of “Little Man” and his mean attitude warrants the name. He’s a good kid, but his older brother has given him a complex I think. In any case, you can see the self-confidence in his strut and I love it.

I have DPAW contribution here. My Top 10 things you say and think after/during chilling or reading Tao Of Pauly:

1. Thanks for the special herbal tea from China, Pauly. It made all the pain in my lower back go away.
2. You are right Pauly, strippers are productive members of society and very smart.
3. Yes Pauly, I tipped the damn girl 10 bucks for our two beers.
4. Kicked in the Junk by some Tool.
5. I need a dollar to listen to your bad beat story.
6. Damn, after reading Pauly I’m feeling good about my issues.
7. Brutal
8. I wonder if Pauly has posted today (check…re-check…recheck…fucken Pauly hasn’t given me my post)
9. Look at Pauly getting air time on WSOP chatting with Doyle…now he wants to be a fucken movie star, too…as if being a super writer wasn’t enough.
10. Pauly's right, I hate those fucken downtown want-a-be hipsters who live in Williamsburg, too!

Now Here is the man in the flesh:

Pictures 019

Pictures 014

Hollywood and Manchester Fan

Foodie Guest Post by Human Head

Here is another Foodie guest post by HumanHead

Human Head guest post

Monday, January 23, 2006

Blogger Wives

As I have mentioned in tones and hints….Poker Blogger wives are hot. Err…hammers will probably be flying at me from my fellow blogger brethren that are married…and I’m not talking about the 7-2 off suit kind. Yet, I did want to post an example of one of the many beautiful wives that accompanied us in Vegas and made the reunion with friends a blast and joy.


Since this beautiful lady is married (her husband has big shoulders guys) and very in love...I guess she will not be able to join me with my extra ticket I have to the Super Bowl this year...cough!cough! Joaquin teases...I kid, I kid. No, people...her and the hubby are SUPER-HUGE Seattle Seahawk fans so I thought I would just bust chops and joke for a second...I did mention her husband has big shoulders that will probably crush me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Foodie Guest Post by Anthony

We have another Foodie Guest Post…by Anthony!!

Anthony guest post

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Flagstaff's Comedy Makes The Rooster Laugh

I just thought I would pimp a picture taken by Gracie of me. Word! Ohhhhh! Yes, here I am being a rail-bird to Senor Flagstaff.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Another Guest Post by Human Head

Another guest post in my food blog by none other than Mr. Head…hope you all enjoy!!


Thursday, January 12, 2006


I’m sitting here thinking and these are my investments for this year. Yes, these are the MOFO’s that I want a piece of for the WSOP event and how much I can give (thus, please lock me in).

Saturday, July 22rd – Seven Card Razz – Backing F-Train for 100.00
Friday, July 7th – No Limit Hold’em – Backing Bill Rini for 50.00 or 100.00 depends on how much he’s looking for.
Sunday, July 9th - Ladies Event - Mrs. Spaceman for 50.00
Thursday, July 27th - I’m covering all of Pauly’s entrance into the Media Event (Of course I will be backing Pauly again this year for the event of his choice…my advice, don’t play like a pussy, Pauly).

As for Iggy, well he’s like a young Lee Tavino in his wild youth these days...he’s boycotted the biggest event because they aren’t small people friendly at the WSOP. Yet, he’s gone on record saying that if they insert chairs for small people and he feels it meets his standards and that of small people around the world then he will play. And I will be there to back him (for the record, Travino didn’t play The Masters because of racial discrimination towards people of color…Tiger Woods is such a pussy).

Now you ask, “Rooster, now that I have been co-opted into your bracket, how do I pay you back (i.e. what % do you want of me for this money)?” These are homie loans, man. In other words, if you place or get in the money you decide. If you have tons of bills and just bought a new car and tell me, “Joaquin, I can only give you the backing money and I will get you with more on the flip-side” well that’s all good. I just do this to get my money back in the end and if I do that’s cool and if I don’t, well that’s no biggie either. It’s about having a friend in the race more than anything. Also, if you want to play another event that is cool…I just picked some out that I thought you had a shot at.

In closing, start to study, practice and practice…it’s going to be a ride. Oh, I was going to back some of the other big guns like Mr. Luckbox, The Speaker, Otis and some of the little guns like Bobby Bracelet…but they are cool fools who have a lot of people behind them.

In Rooster News

This was taken from my hometown paper. As aforementioned, I am a country boy and these are some of the stories that make the cover page of my hometown paper. It made me rather sad to know that people are BALCOING these cute little guys.

Rooster Story in the Register-Pajaronian

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Joaquin's Poker Tour

Where to catch Joaquin “The Rooster” Ochoa over the next month on his own U.S.A. poker tour. If you will be in A.C. any of these following dates please reach out to me so we can grab a bite to eat at Hooters (official A.C. dining club for The Rooster).

February 3rd – 5th - Limit Hold’em will be the game of choice this weekend

February 10th - 12th – Limit Hold’em will again be the game of choice

February 17th – 19th – Limit Hold’em in Vegas (pending)

February 23rd – 26th – Limit Hold’em and Stud at the L.A. at Commerce Casino

Of course some of these dates are pending but most are almost set in stone.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bobby Bracelet

My blogger brethren known to the world as, Bobby Bracelet sent me this picture of a shirt. He figures that if I promote this shirt for him and tell the ladies in the Poker Blog world to visit his site that they will visit. Not only that, but Bobby is going to put money into my blackjack account on Party Poker so I can win him some money since he sucks at Blackjack. Well let’s just say that he ain’t no Bill Rini. Bobby's Blog is on the list of blogs you can visit on the right.

post script - visit his site and peep the picture in the upper right to see the legend.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Monday, January 02, 2006

Another New Years Post

I wanted to write a quick note to the one person out there who reads this little crap of a blog (Thanks for reading, Mom).

First, I wanted to thank my family who has always been supportive of my poker playing although I know it bothers some of them. I’m trying to get my sister to take up the game. She’s ultra competitive so I’m sure she will do well. Plus, she has my father’s gamble to her. Myself, I’m a wimp…sorry all, no big gamble to me.

I wanted to thank all the fine writers in our community. You guys always crush work production which is nice and you give me something to shoot for. I have come to realize that I’m not going to scribe like some of the big guns in the community in terms of vernacular, content, writing structure and stories, but I can dream. I do love you guys and I have sucked you cocks and vaginas for so long giving you credit that I must stop. What can I say; I’m a slut when it comes to meeting people who are good writers.

I wanted to thank all the ugly bloggers for getting married to hot wives. If not for the wives being hot I would have nothing to look forward to during our gatherings. Serious, have you noticed how many ugly bloggers got hot wives…shit, it’s just amazing. Can we be the poster boys for ugly guys who have brains get the hot chicks? Do I see a shirt in the future that reads: Blogger geeks get the hot wives! Oh, didn’t mean to exclude the females…Pretty Pablo, Sexy Pablo or it is Beautiful Pablo?

I also wanted to send a shout to the ladies of our community. They have to sit and shoot the shit with the boys for hours on end. To bring an end to this abuse, I hear the Maudie is going to start an all female blogger tournament…haha! I kid, I kid. It’s nice having you ladies around…wink!

I wanted to send a shout to my NYC bloggers…you all know who you are. We have to get on the ball and lay down some whip ass to the rest of the blogger community and show them how the Yankees do it. We have only Pauly who placed in Wil’s tournament for our best cash-out in some time…let’s do this boys and girls.

In closing, I encourage everyone to take a few shots at big games this year. Serious, you have to pull the trigger and take a shot when you are in the right frame of mind and running well. Just my take, man…just my take. I say if you are 4/8 and beating the game take 400.00 to the 6/12 game and take a stab, you might be surprised by the rush and also the solid play you show. But then again, that’s just my take. Have confidence in your game and take a shot, you have read the books, you know position, fuck the whole notion of bankroll…this is a one time shot you take every six months to see what you are made of and where you are at…o.k. sorry, I’ve said enough.

Later and have a great year in the 2006.