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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No-Mas Street Cred in Question

As an avid boxing fan one of the places I go to visit and get great color commentary on the fight game is NoMas. A blog/website based out of NYC. It brings you short films on the grit it takes to make it in boxing; both on the big stage and on the local scene. NoMas also follows some of the local fighters that I enjoy watching.

Yet, the one thing that I've always enjoyed about NoMas is their shirts. They have a great selection of shirts that not many people are wearing around the city. Not to mention, they have a lot of backhanded humor and their shirts also take me back to my childhood.

So I'm a little torn by seeing NoMas shirts at Bloomingdale's this past weekend. I swear I was there for a friend and his girlfriend who were shopping. In any case, I suppose I'm a bit sad that they have gone mainstream. It was bound to happen, they have bills to pay and need to expand their market, and as I said above, they put out a fantastic product. I guess I just enjoyed finding their shirts in small hip-hop boutiques around the city.

I'm not getting paid to pimp NoMas on this site. I know the writers there and they do a kick-ass job of covering the fight game, baseball, and for some reason Philly sports. But Bloomies? The Rooster is confused today.

For those of you that call The Rooster a is the proof:

Monday, January 05, 2009

Vegas Report

I'm the last one to put up a Vegas report. There is so much to write about and of course my main man, Derek at at PiTW (Poker in The Weeds) hit the nail on the head again with his trip report.

Thus, for many of us who have been blogging and to these things a few times there are a few things you can count on. Bobby blowing his money at blackjack and trying to get it all back at the ponies.

There were a lot of memorable moments...met some really nice people this time around. I wanted to post all these neat things that happened on this trip. But for those of us who experienced it...Grubby got there late but was there in spirit...this sums up what this community is for me. A group of friends who met through poker thing and this thing called a blog...getting together to wish two of our own the best in their new life and husband and wife.

I wanted to put the picture where they were kissing but Iggy kept popping up in those pictures.

Other note....a new name for you bloggers with twitter accounts. You are now known as "Bl-Itter" people. Joe Speaker's girl thought of that.

Oh, I had to post this picture also. We made our way to Casa Fuente.