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Friday, September 26, 2008


I haven't posted here in a while. I'm off to The Bash. See if I come back alive and not in a body bag due to SoCo.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A.C. with PitW and Tao De Poker

I was planning on making the trip down to AC this weekend then I got word that PitW was going to be visiting Tao of Poker for an uptown reunion of sorts over at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Since Pauly tends to felt me on my bluffs I figure that the 3-6 limit tables for an hour with the boys might be in order. Mostly I'm going to see if PitW and me can get Pauly Drama out for a drink or dinner.

Speaking of which, you can get all the good poker updates on what is going on at the Borgata here: Pauly Drama Blogs Borgata.

This was a great story about hitting the bad beat jackpot: HERE.

My main man Drizzy to da'Izzy is in the mix covering the biggest online tournament to date. Wish him luck.

In other news...go visit Al Can't Hang to see what is up for The Bash. I can't say that this is going to be the biggest and best, because that depends on who brings their A-Game and such. But I think that it is going to leave his little town red (on fire).

BadBlood broke his hand click here for pictures and sad stories. People, if I, The Rooster, have told you once...then I have probably told you twice, but here it is again: Roids makes one fragile and helps the aging process. Heal quick Blood...I have a strong feeling that Al might try and take you over the top like Stallone when he sees you at The Bash. Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy Rooster.

Joe Speaker will be listening to Country Music soon enough. I remember growing up we use to go every Friday night to the local dirt track in my home town. Click Here to check out the track. I know a lot of them boys that are running the cars now. Good local boys with a dream and maybe just want to do some racing as a hobby...but I suggest you support you local dirt track in your area for it is a dying sport. Everyone wants to run the asphalt now a days. But the smell of that red clay when the wet it down at the start and when packed in by the end of the night...ummm...brings back great memories of home.

Next post: Canada comes to NYC via a blogger friend.