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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I wasn't sure if to post this on my city blog or poker blog. Yet, being that it is sport and there was probably some sick person who was willing to bet on the outcome of this game I figured that I would put it here in my poker blog.

I wanted to send a loud congratuations to my buddy Frank Walsh from Huntersville, NC. In any case, Frank started this team last year and they finished last in the league and this year they finished first. What a turn around.

This league has all former pro players as coaches for the kids and has a bit more of a professional league feel to it being that the clock stops when it is suppose to. I guess in other leagues it is a runnng clock to get the kids on and off the field, this league tries to promote kids to learn as much as possible so the whole on the field off the field as quickly as possible doesn't apply.

In any case, Frank is the team Prez. and the team is coached by NFL Great, Adrian Murrel. Here is a picture of the team after their championship victory.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Flash! Obie is back!

I need say no more than this. This got me pumped to read. One of our most solid players in the community is slowly making his way back to poker. Not fully as of yet, but go check out the results:


This guy is a pimp.

It doesn't say The Rooster is Cagey (ala Otis)...booo!

Rooster people are very observant. And most of the time, they are very accurate and precise with their observation. Perhaps, you can say that Roosters have a very keen "sixth-sense". With Roosters, what you see is exactly what you get. There are no hidden depths to the Rooster's character: he is neither complicated nor profound, rather, he is very forthright and straightforward.

The rooster likes to be noticed and flattered. He might dress a little flashily with this in mind, but in his heart, he is completely conservative. Roosters always appear attractive and beautifully turned out. They are sociable and love to receive attention.

Believe it or not, it is not an easy task to fool the Rooster. His mind is cautious and skeptical, with this perceptive gift, Roosters make excellent trouble shooters, detectives, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. Roosters are always up, out and doing. You rarely see a relaxed rooster that sits quietly in the living room, doing nothing. They are also multitalented, and can become accomplished in many different ways.

All Roosters are extremely conscious about clothing and appearance. They may appear conservative but are obsessed with their look - they can spend hours standing in front of the mirrors and will not even wink when they spend $500 for a jacket. That doesn't mean they don't care about money, in fact, they love to compare prices and even if the bargain is only few cents or few dollars cheaper, they will be satisfied.

Though sharp, practical and resourceful, the Rooster also likes to dream. And because he likes to dream, he will disappointed the loved one, for the reality will never match up to the dreams he would like to share with her. Nevertheless, he really is sincere about those dreams though.

Rooster people make great hosts and adore entertaining. The main virtue in the Rooster character is loyalty: they make devoted friends. They always keep their promises and are always true to their word. When Roosters love and admire someone, they will even catch the moon just to keep them happy.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Vegas Part Dos

So I’m back for my second post on Vegas. Where was I...oh, I was down at the MGM for the mixed games and it is the same as usual. There are people flying in and a shuffle into and out of the mixed games.

I think Smokie got engaged on the plane flight to Vegas. Dear God, in the words of Iggy: Oh, the humanity! Another blogger marries up. Way to keep up the tradition Smokie and yes, his future wife Love-Elf is hot.

So we are there playing mixed games and chatting it up. F-Train took my seat since I wanted to walk around get caught up with people. Iggy, Al and Pauly were holding court at the bar but would you expect anything else? I did manage to get back to my seat and see Dawn donk off a whole bunch of chips on two hands...too funny. I also got to see one of the coolest card caps in a while:


Then out of nowhere…everyone’s favorite Totally Gay Blogger shows and the MGM sports book goes nuts. Everyone is soooo happy to see Bobby Bracelet. Yet, how come the Bracelet decided to show after he said he wasn’t? Who was it that coaxed him into coming? Who could put the pressure on him so much that he would just pack a backpack and jump a plane to Vegas with nowhere to stay?

Well I suppose I should take the credit here from what I read here. Yes, F-Train and I decided to call Bobby when we were in the cab on the way back to the MGM the night before. I guess there were a few words exchanged for his lack of manhood for not being in Vegas and it put him on, “I’m not with the crew tilt.” So you see people, sometimes my late night calls do work out for the best.

I did get to talk to the Human Head and his wife. What can I say, I think that that Mr. Head and I need to sit down in a quiet steel cell one day and pound out some talks. Serious, the guy is just way too deep to be talking radical political theory at the MGM. Thus, we changed the subject to rap music and we both agreed that there is a void that needs to be filled by some of the artist out there. Who is willing to step to the mic?

Then AlCan’tHang decided that we were all letting him down because nobody took up the Rage Solo quest. Myself, I respect that Rage Solo thing, but not when I’m really super drunk and might do this: Break Rule #20 Yet, from what I hear, Al had a run like no other at the craps tables when he was throwing red birds at the craps dealers like they were going out of style. Long Live Al Can’t Hang!

So we wrapped it up and decided to head back to the IP. Of course I was trying to get out of this because I knew the madness that would ensue, but I had to go as a badge of honor. I’m not sure what happened too much for my memory escapes me to be honest but I will say that the Pimps and Hoes showed up again and that sent Iggy on giggle tilt.

Also, I finally got to admit to Otis I had a little boy crush on his wife. He was cool about it and here I can finally write it in big letters: Mrs. Otis, you are a cutie! Nuff said.

I got to meet and chat with G-Cox which was cool because I think that guy looks like a famous country singer:


But he sounds more like this country singer:


It was good talking to him about life down in the south and poker and just where his game was at this point in time. Low Limit Grinder I think is what he called himself but if you visit his blog you will know that he became a high roller at the tables by the end of the trip.

I digress. The funny part of the night came when we went to eat. Yep, the last of the last, the strong of the strong (or insane depending on how you seen it) Derek, Daddy, G-Cox, Iggy and myself all went to Denny’s at 8:30 the next morning. That’s right people, there was no sleep for these hombres. It was rather funny to be honest with you because the banter that was exchanged.

Of course Daddy was in search of someone he could bag on and he found a cowboy who could smell Daddy’s bacon grease a mile away. I think Daddy tried to tell him something about how cool his hand held leather pocketbook was. The old cowboy smelled the bullshit coming and cut Daddy off. Maybe it was fatigue sitting in but Daddy was a bit off or the cowboy was that make the call.

After breakfast what was funny was that nobody really wanted to go to sleep. Serious, everyone was scared to miss that tournament that started in a few hours. It was rather funny to be honest to hear the words,
"well we could go drinking until the tournament starts." Yes, these were the type of guys I was with. Then the more logical voices came to voice, whose going to call who? There was a quick moment of panic that set in that we would over sleep. I’m sure this had to do with the fact that we Daddy with us and Iggy who sometimes are known to sleep through tournaments.

That is it for now.

Next post Saturday:
-The Rooster runs over table with hands that can break hands
-DickBro has no game
-Chatting with SirWaffles and breaking eachother's games down and where we are a bit weak
-Dinner with YoYo
-Brotherhood/Sisterhood at the final table.
-Running amuck trying to keep up with Grubette at the table games

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Vegas Part Uno

No one here understands me anymore. I am a fish out of water in this world of reality and I can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Betty Underground

I do believe this is what brings all of us bloggers together, this feeling that we don’t belong in the everyday world. Yet, all of us mistfits connect in a way that can’t be captured into words. I’m always thrown off when I read Drizz’s blog and he says, that his blog really helped him in finding a new good group of friends, because I have to sit and think if Drizz lived in NYC that we would be having beers everyday of the week without question, how can this guy not have a huge posse following in Minnisota? Viva El Sr. Drizzy!


I’ve been out every night since returning from Vegas and that is the main reason I haven’t posted as of yet. Some of you are probably asking how I do it night after night.

First, well that is just how The Rooster rolls…period.

Second, ask Pauly Drama and Derek about how many company parties you can crash in NYC and you will know why I have been out every single night of the week since my return.

Third, if you are calling B.S. you can ask JoeSpeaker about my tirades via the phone that he gets from the East Coast. The Rooster tormenting Joe Speaker is +EV. Personally, I suggest if you are on the East Coast you call JoeSpeaker at 8:30pm after a hard happy hour bender and talk to him. He’s on the commuter train and in professional voice mode.

In any case, I’m trying to garner the memory to tell the so many memorable moments and stories from this past weekend in Vegas.

First let me break you off with my favorite picture from this past weekend. This one came from Linda! Thanks for the photo.

Picture 166

Now let us move on. First, I want to thank Texas-April for throwing such a great party for us. This is the second one she planned and they just keep getting better.

Second, I want to thank F-Train for making my stay that much cheaper with the MGM room. Thank you, Doggie.

O.K. so moving on. I got in on Thursday and had a great time meeting all the bloggers who showed up early to the IP. In case you didn’t know, this is kind of when a lot of the action takes place. There was a time when the action was at the 1-2 no-limit table and Iggy would tilt the dealer….ahhh…times have changed. More people, new blogging addresses and such. And for the record, The Rooster misses Iggy’s old site and is getting use to his new one, but out of respect for Guiness and Poker he hasn’t changed it on his blog roll but that will change tomorrow.

So we drank on Thursday as if we didn’t have the rest of the week to go. It became a pissing contest as to who was going to sleep and every blogger I could tell was bringing his A-Game. Sleeping is for the weak. You have to remember that I live in NYC and we don’t really sleep much so staying up until 5 am isn’t tough…even when the clock is charging you three hours for going back in time. Yet, when it was 10:00 in the morning you knew you were in for a long weekend. I looked over and saw F-Train still chugging drinks at that point in time I decided this is going to get ugly for both of us and we need to shut down the NYC-Express and head back to the MGM. I have to give it to Pauly Drama…the Geisha Bar is a total Blogger type of bar…you get all walks of life there from the degenerate to…well the degenerate.

I woke up about 12:00 yes, that is two hours of sleep and my other roomie for the weekend, Cuban Links was just getting up but no F-Train. I was a bit lost and I thought I had caught a cab with him back to the MGM but he was nowhere to be found. I guess he had lunch plans with his friend and woke up after an hour sleep…champions are made in the fourth quarter and F-Train was trying to build an early lead and didn't want this game to even come close to coming down to the fourth quarter. So for those of you counting…The Rooster: Two hours of sleep. F-Train: ONE!

I decided to meet with an old childhood friend who is now a resident of Vegas and we had a quick coffee to talk about home and where we were in our lives and here is a picture:


I was happy to see that my friend was doing well in her life and happy with her new found love of her life. Myself, I was going through some personal drama but played the happy character that I always play. After we said our good-byes of course I was sad to see my good friend go but I was also happy to see that she was in a very happy space, for if anyone deserves happiness it is her.

More to come tomorrow:
Friday mixed game special
Friday night and Al Can't Hang leaves to rage SOLO
Friday night conversations with various bloggers and breakfast at 8:00 am Saturday
Friday get to chat with G-Cox and his little donkey

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Viva La France

I'm rolling there alone. None the less, I'm going with good vibes running through my body, mind and soul.

I really want to play some poker there so if anyone has a suggestion of clubs. I know there are a few nice clubs there and one needs an invite to others so if you can fill me in it would be greatly appriciated.

Oh, also, if you have a few places that you love to eat in Paris that would be great.

By the way, does anyone know what the National Bird of France is?

Vegas Must Be Near

Because I'm getting hard.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Needed Break

I haven't been playing much poker to be honest. I think I needed a break and I got back on the working trail so that has taken away a bit from my postings. So you are asking, so what has been up with The Rooster. A lot of stuff to be honest, but I won't bore with the details. Yet, I do want to tell you the following:

I will be in Vegas this coming weekend. I wasn't going to go but F-Train of all people convinced me to show. I figure there, with my band of brother's and sister's is where I want to be. Where I'm not judged for all my shortcomings and accepted as I am, and for that, I'm very thankful to all of you. Serious, I feel if there is anywhere my soul feels at peace it is with you degenerates laughing and huggin' it out.

I have this long post to say good-bye to the old Iggy site, but in many ways I'm not sure if I want to post it today, tomorrow or whenever. Sure the whole craziness of good-bye posts is done and all were great! do I say this...well I will post it tomorrow probably or before I leave to Vegas.

In closing, writing these small paragraphs has been great for my soul at this time in my life...I'm happy to be back and thanks for always opening your arms to me no matter what. And as Fast Eddie (the pool player not Iggy's friend) says at the end of The Color Of Money....I'm Back!