Sunday, December 17, 2006

Vegas Part Uno

No one here understands me anymore. I am a fish out of water in this world of reality and I can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Betty Underground

I do believe this is what brings all of us bloggers together, this feeling that we don’t belong in the everyday world. Yet, all of us mistfits connect in a way that can’t be captured into words. I’m always thrown off when I read Drizz’s blog and he says, that his blog really helped him in finding a new good group of friends, because I have to sit and think if Drizz lived in NYC that we would be having beers everyday of the week without question, how can this guy not have a huge posse following in Minnisota? Viva El Sr. Drizzy!


I’ve been out every night since returning from Vegas and that is the main reason I haven’t posted as of yet. Some of you are probably asking how I do it night after night.

First, well that is just how The Rooster rolls…period.

Second, ask Pauly Drama and Derek about how many company parties you can crash in NYC and you will know why I have been out every single night of the week since my return.

Third, if you are calling B.S. you can ask JoeSpeaker about my tirades via the phone that he gets from the East Coast. The Rooster tormenting Joe Speaker is +EV. Personally, I suggest if you are on the East Coast you call JoeSpeaker at 8:30pm after a hard happy hour bender and talk to him. He’s on the commuter train and in professional voice mode.

In any case, I’m trying to garner the memory to tell the so many memorable moments and stories from this past weekend in Vegas.

First let me break you off with my favorite picture from this past weekend. This one came from Linda! Thanks for the photo.

Picture 166

Now let us move on. First, I want to thank Texas-April for throwing such a great party for us. This is the second one she planned and they just keep getting better.

Second, I want to thank F-Train for making my stay that much cheaper with the MGM room. Thank you, Doggie.

O.K. so moving on. I got in on Thursday and had a great time meeting all the bloggers who showed up early to the IP. In case you didn’t know, this is kind of when a lot of the action takes place. There was a time when the action was at the 1-2 no-limit table and Iggy would tilt the dealer….ahhh…times have changed. More people, new blogging addresses and such. And for the record, The Rooster misses Iggy’s old site and is getting use to his new one, but out of respect for Guiness and Poker he hasn’t changed it on his blog roll but that will change tomorrow.

So we drank on Thursday as if we didn’t have the rest of the week to go. It became a pissing contest as to who was going to sleep and every blogger I could tell was bringing his A-Game. Sleeping is for the weak. You have to remember that I live in NYC and we don’t really sleep much so staying up until 5 am isn’t tough…even when the clock is charging you three hours for going back in time. Yet, when it was 10:00 in the morning you knew you were in for a long weekend. I looked over and saw F-Train still chugging drinks at that point in time I decided this is going to get ugly for both of us and we need to shut down the NYC-Express and head back to the MGM. I have to give it to Pauly Drama…the Geisha Bar is a total Blogger type of bar…you get all walks of life there from the degenerate to…well the degenerate.

I woke up about 12:00 yes, that is two hours of sleep and my other roomie for the weekend, Cuban Links was just getting up but no F-Train. I was a bit lost and I thought I had caught a cab with him back to the MGM but he was nowhere to be found. I guess he had lunch plans with his friend and woke up after an hour sleep…champions are made in the fourth quarter and F-Train was trying to build an early lead and didn't want this game to even come close to coming down to the fourth quarter. So for those of you counting…The Rooster: Two hours of sleep. F-Train: ONE!

I decided to meet with an old childhood friend who is now a resident of Vegas and we had a quick coffee to talk about home and where we were in our lives and here is a picture:


I was happy to see that my friend was doing well in her life and happy with her new found love of her life. Myself, I was going through some personal drama but played the happy character that I always play. After we said our good-byes of course I was sad to see my good friend go but I was also happy to see that she was in a very happy space, for if anyone deserves happiness it is her.

More to come tomorrow:
Friday mixed game special
Friday night and Al Can't Hang leaves to rage SOLO
Friday night conversations with various bloggers and breakfast at 8:00 am Saturday
Friday get to chat with G-Cox and his little donkey


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

excellent post, rooster.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Even though you're a Cowboys fan, I'd still hang with ya anyday of the week.

Until next time sir.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Derek McG said...

long live The Rooster!


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