Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AC with Bloggers

The next day I met up with Pauly Drama to head over to AC for a night of gambling. After we got checked in we decided to head to the tables. But before we even got to the tables Pauly Drama was swarmed by a few of the floor people and they started to chat about the Borgata Open and how they missed Pauly this last time around.

We decided to sit and start to play some cards and that was fun and all, but then we had a little altercation at the table which happened so fast I can't recall all the details. In any case, the table broke and we all went to eat...I thought Fat Burger was in order since it has been ages since I've had one of their burgers. I got to sit with the blogger crew and chill a bit and just listen to what people had to say.

Pauly was feeling sick so he called it a night but I stayed up and decided to continue to play a bit. But this is where the story gets funny...fast forward to about 5:00 am....weeee!!

So it is like 5:00am and the only people who are up drinking at the famous B Bar at the Borgata are F-Train, Carter, Brdwed, myself, and a pretty girl at the bar. The boys had just left their 1-2 no-limit table to join me for a drink. So we are there drinking and I start ordering another round and see the pretty girl watching the craps table from the bar and I ask her if that is her boyfriend throwing? She said no, but that she had been watching the guy throw for over a half hour and he kicks his leg back every time he throws.

I think to myself, there aren't many people at the table and he's been throwing for that long...to the average individual that wouldn't be a big thing. Yet, to those of us who have been around casinos for some time can do the math...the time in between throws isn't that much because change is given out quick to three people at the table. I wander over and this young preppie kid and he is on fire (not in the gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that). He doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing and the penguins (craps dealers) running the room are telling him to push more and more. He hit his number four times within seven throws...what are the odds? I look over and he has a whole rack of greens posted on the rail with tons of reds...he tells me that he started with a borrowed 100.00 bucks and the penguins confirm.

I call F-Train, Brdwed and Carter over and they are excited and put their money on the table. As we know, it is the Virgins that last forever in this game (no pun intended) and this guy was living proof. Yet, here he comes...the cooler of all coolers, F-Train. Nuff said. The kid rolls a 7 his next throw and his friend whispered to him, they brought in the cooler as he looked at F-Train.

We then walk over to the Blackjack table. Carter and Brdwed decided to use some of their earnings from 1/2 no-limit to fund their blackjack. The boys are running o.k. but then someone called the Cooler aka F-Train decides to jump in...dealer gets 21 on the first hand and 20 the second hand.

I think you all know the moral of the story here...when it comes to floor games and you are feeling hot...get F-Train away from you


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

F Train is the cooler!!

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Joe Speaker said...

120 lbs. of Cooler!

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Instead of Macy, I nominate F-Train to play the lead in "The Cooler II"

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Chilly said...


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