Monday, September 25, 2006

Pre-Bash Festivities in the NYC

Wow...there is so much to say here and I don't really know where to start to be honest with you. Thus, I will do my best to start where it all started. Pauly Drama was nice enough to invite me and Flagstaff to join him and Derek to dinner to celebrate his birthday. What did we have for dinner...well you will have to visit my FOOD BLOG to get pictures of the meals.

But what this first post of three is about is Wed. night. It is like any other night in NYC...calm...until The Rooster hits the town. I was having a problem if I wanted to post this story here or on my CITY BLOG but I thought the story would fit here.

In any case, where was I. Well we had dinner at the Palm and so I decided to cruise the boys around mid-town at some bars my roomie had introduced me to. You know, simple bars where we could drink for cheap and just get caught up. I decided the boys needed to visit Barcelona Bar where they have over 500 shots you could take give or take a few. I felt that Falstaff needed to take the Top Gun shot and with Pauly Drama as his wing man. So here are some pictures (take note that Highway to the Danger Zone was playing in the background). Note...these two guys were originally cast to play Mav and Goose



It was none other than Lindsey who took time to serve us. This wasn't a pose, I just caught her as she turned around in this picture. Boys, she is single so for a small fee of 300.00 dollars I will get you her number. The real reason I took this picture was for Al Can't Hang and Big Mike...see the Eagles in the background.


For as many shots as Barcelona Bar has they need plenty of different liquors and here is a photo:


After we hit Barcelona and another $1.00 beer night place we decided to hit the bar of all bars, Yogi's!! I can't tell you enough about this place but this is how the night bartenders giving one another body shots and being rather buzzed and keeping the party going. Once again here are some pictures:

First: The Cutie known as, Leah

The Good and two...down the hatch she goes!


I can't tell you enough what happens when you have three more crazy people join the party, but it looks a little something like this.


Last but not least. Here are some pictures of the nicest girls the South has ever brought up to the NYC to visit. Really nice group of girls who were all there as friends and getting along with everyone at the bar. I guess when you think Southern Charm they come to mind.



In this case pictures can't capture all the fun that was had on this night. It was good to see old friends who you hold not only an intellectual kinship with, but also a kindship of being an outsider for loving to play cards matter how popular poker becomes it will always be seen as a seedy game.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Nice pics!

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Derek McG said...

top gun flagstaff!

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