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Monday, July 25, 2005

New Rooster

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve found myself rather busy with other things here and there. In any case, I did post a rooster of the week. I hope you enjoy this beautiful bird. This Pure Red Fox Grey is a beauty as you can see from the picture. In any case, more on poker in the near future.

Friday, July 15, 2005

All Over Da Place

We have a new Rooster of the Week to the right. First, I wasn’t going to put the little guys on the web. But after speaking to FAT GUY in Vegas and how he enjoyed my stories a bit, I figured what the hell.

This breed is called: Red Butcher and is very similar to the Johnny Jumper I had on here a couple of weeks ago. While the Red Butcher is faster and more aggressive, the Johnny Jumper is a much more powerful bird. In any case, the Red Butcher is a pain in the butt because they have so much energy. Yet, they are great Roosters and provide some of the most beautiful colors when the sun hits them.

I hope you all join in the fun this weekend, as it’s the FIRST WBPT event we are doing where all the proceeds are to go to the cancer organization that Charlie’s family chooses. I know someone has donated 100.00 dollars to the winner via Paul’s site. Also the Top 5 finishers get a free 2005 WSOP DVD from Iggy. This should be a fun event for all and both readers and bloggers are welcome. Also, not sure if Pauly is giving out something he tends to. There is a picture of Charlie below.

WPBT 'Charlie' Tournament for this coming Sunday at 18:00 EST - which translates to 6:00 pm EST; 5 pm CST; 3 pm WST - The entry is $20 - and every cent will go to a charity chosen by Charlie's family. Get your butt over there and sign up - tournament #9680072 under the private tab.

As most of you know, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer this past April. Thus, this tournament has brought many sentimental feelings for me and strikes a personal cord. Not to mention, currently our very own Felicia is battling cancer so send her good vibes (please send her really cheese emails. Also, encourage her husband, Glenn to shave his head in support…heehee! I have 20.00 bucks riding that he will). Thus, come out and support a good cause for very little money and the banter is really funny also.

Once again, for those of you who have a poker blog. You might want to read below on how to get the 2005 WSOP DVD for free. YES FREE! They even have events that they didn’t show on ESPN last year.

Also, I wanted to thank Grubby for getting me the hook up on a free magazine!!

I hope all of you are doing well on the felt. Oh, I wanted to send a special shout out to Maudie. Her voice is the voice of reason when I’m playing now a days. Who would have thought? Remember people: Respect your opponents when they play back at you.

Also, I remember a conversation at the WORLD FAMOUS PLAZA hotel. I’d been having problems getting action on my big cards. I had been running over the table and no one would play against my raises. So there was no play on either AA or KK on a few occasions. In any case, I was going through my memory bank (people say I have a great memory) and I remember Iggy saying that he rams and jams with over pairs always. I just read where Glenn got some advice from Felicia to always read the player after the flop, if an over card to your big pair hits. I guess you can get a good read right when the flop hits…yes, all this F’en information for free!!

Also, Derek and SoxLover also really helped me with the problem on those over cards situations.

In closing, hope all is well people and go over and thank Iggy and BG for seeting up the event this sunday. Oh, one more thing for the readers...I know people make fun of Iggy's height here and there (I never do, I find it kind of mean). They are soft jokes and all...well let's not drop too many of them during the game this sunday. Iggy knows most of us and takes them half hearted...but don't get too abusive.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

To My Little Friends

I was thinking of how I could address the events in London. Besides NYC I consider London to be my favorite city. I have a deep love for the place. I was thinking of what I could say or do. Yet, what comes out of my mouth is anger so I don't want to go there. I just wanted to post the following to the terrorists: FUCK YOU!!!!!

Fook U

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tournament For Charlie

Poker Stars has scheduled The WPBT 'Charlie' Tournament for this coming Sunday at 18:00 EST - which translates to 6:00 pm EST; 5 pm CST; 3 pm WST - The entry is $20 - and every cent will go to a charity chosen by Charlie's family. Get your butt over there and sign up - tournament #9680072 under the private tab.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Quick Little Post

I just wanted to send a shout to the following individuals:

Pauly – Who is covering the WSOP over in Sin-City. Keep it going Pauly and make sure and tell the ladies of the night that we want a picture!! Thus, ask Flip Chip (the number one Photo guy at the WSOP) to take a picture.

Otis – Keep up the good work and who are the morons that want you to write a list of chip counts for the people you are writing for…f’en morons. I’m sure you are missing the family but stay strong you will have a rest soon.

Felicia – I hope you are doing well with the Chemo. Stay strong and as a sign of solidarity I’m taking the bet that Glenn will shave his head also…ala: Sex In The City. O.K. no pressure Glenn…but the bet is being laid out now. Make sure and get over and send Felicia good vibes or just send them mentally. I’m sure if she gets too many emails she will state, I hate getting so many sappy emails….heehee!!

Spaceman – Happy to hear about Charlie’s goodbye. I hope that your soul is at peace knowing that you sent Charlie out just like he wanted. I’m sure he’s looking down at you smiling and thanking you.

Al – I want pictures of your and Grubby’s friends at the bar. Did you get a picture of the one that Grub was sweating at video poker?

Fat Guy – Glad you are blogging again…albeit in a bad mood at times.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Well I've run bad in tournaments as of late. I always try to run for the small $ is those freerolls. To be honest, I tend to do well in them when I sit and focus. I just like trying to outlast fields of thousands on those Party Freerolls. Why not? It's good practice and you can play hands diff. Just good practice for 4 hours of poker you can win 25.00 bucks...haha!

I wanted to thank everyone who wrote letting me know they got their videos. Remember to get the word out that if you have a poker blog and post the information you can get the free DVD. I think she's only gotten like 12 bloggers to write her. It's free, man! Nuff said. I haven't had a chance to watch them but I hope to soon.

Well I'm off until this coming week and I shall keep everyone posted on how those freerolls are gong

Friday, July 08, 2005

Quick Notes

I was just wondering if everyone who has sent for his or her new 2004 WSOP Series DVD has gotten hold of it. I know that my friend is busy and all, but she is really good at getting things to people in a timely manner to be honest. Thus, you might want to check your mail and say, “Wow! That Rooster really came through for me…I think I’m going to have to purchase that kid a couple of drinks at Vegas.” I’m just playing. As most of you know (inside the poker ropes) I’m not a very big drinker. Tell most of my friends from the city that and they would both piss and Shiite their pants from laughing so hard. But there are some rules that I have learned when it comes to drinking:

1. Never drink while playing poker…craps is o.k. Listen to me despite what those crazy kids Iggy, Al, Pauly and the boys from the mid-west tell you about it helping your bankroll and table image...stay away from the booze.

2. Never drink with co-workers…this lesson took some time to learn but once I learned it I was fine.

In closing, I hate to say this again...but remember to take a look at my Rooster of the week. Like I said, these are good little guys who have a friendly way about them. If you are interested in gamefowl such as this please let me know. Sure you might have to reach deep into your bankroll for one of these but I also can get them to you as little tikes and they don't cost as much then. It just depends on who their father is.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rooster Of The Week

As most of you can see I’m having problems with my blog because I put the large pictures in from Vegas. Nonetheless, I would hope that you would scroll down the page to see my Rooster of the Week. If you are interested in purchasing a beauty such as this one please let me know. I can get them to you both in egg form or tiny little babies.

These Roosters are nice and sweet if you have them since birth. Yet, if you let them run with some mean Roosters for a bit they will get feisty quick and can be up and down in terms of their attitude. Yet, they have a beautiful crow in the morning, at least I think so.

In closing, once again, let me know if these little babies interest you in any way.

It's A Small World

Yes, it’s often connections that get you somewhere in life. I have heard this time and time again. I think we all have. Yet, when my friend called me and told me an old friend was looking for some connections to the poker world at large…well Joaquin came to the rescue. I figured that everyone has started to pimp themselves on their sites for free material so why shouldn’t all us bloggers. Thus, if you want a free DVD of the 2004 WSOP this is what you have to do.

First, copy and paste the information from below. Post it to your site for the day and send your blog address and home address to the following email: You will then get the video sent to you over night. How cool is that? I just got my video today!!!

So when you see me in Vegas come Dec. (we are still on for Dec. right Bill) and I’m by the bar…cough!cough! Well you know what to do.

ESPN Original Entertainment’s 2004 World Series of Poker Now Available on DVD
NEW YORK (June 28, 2005) — The poker phenomenon is still raging and so is its highest stakes game, No-Limit Texas Hold’Em. To the delight of poker fans nationwide, ESPN Original Entertainment and DVD Marketing Inc. have compiled the complete 2004 World Series of Poker’s Main Event, a six-day shoot-out between the crème de la crème of the poker world and wildcard amateurs to capture the multi-million dollar cash prize, onto an ultimate must-have three-disc DVD set.
The DVD set, packed with bonus features and more than 11 hours of poker action, will be available for online purchase as of today at and with a suggested retail price of $19.95. Availability in retail outlets will follow.
“Our fans will really enjoy the 2004 WSOP DVD collection because we’ve loaded it with four hours of bonus content,” said Victoria Stevens, vice president, ESPN. “It’s great for people who enjoy poker and dream of someday making it to the final table at the game’s biggest stage.”
A record-breaking 2,576 players, more than triple the number from last year, came to Las Vegas for the 2004 World Series of Poker. Once again, it was a virtual unknown in the poker world that would beat the poker masters and garner the top prize. Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, a patent attorney from Connecticut, parlayed a $160 online entry fee into $5 million in winnings and the coveted WSOP title.
This DVD set contains ESPN Original Entertainment’s final 10 programs from the telecast of the 2004 World Series of Poker, which earned a 1.7 rating for more than 1.5 million viewing households. Hosted by ESPN commentators and poker aficionados, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad, the DVD is presented in fullscreen (1.33:1) digital video without commercial interruption, and includes revealing interviews of star players, basic rules of No-Limit Texas Hold’Em and four hours of bonus features. Chapter points set at the key rounds allow the viewer to jump directly to the action putting them in control of every frame of video as ESPN captures the emotion, strategy and luck in route to crowning the champion of the World Series of Poker.
The unprecedented four hours of bonus features include:
* Top-10 moments from the 2004 tournament
* A Greg Raymer commentary
* A Greg Raymer All Access
* Greg Raymer’s Bio
* A Stu Unger feature
* Beyond the Felt: Poker Talk segment
* Coverage of the $1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold’Em
* Coverage of the $2,000 Buy-In Pot Limit Omaha
* Tournament of Champions feature
* Coverage of the Kansas City Lowball event, exclusive only to the DVD

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

China T and Running Bad

Ahhhh!! I continue to run bad and I think I need some help in my game. I have been reading and reading trying to get back on track. The book of choice is Super System. It’s been an easy read and I think that might be half the problem, I just read it and don’t let it sink it. Thus, I have been reading and re-reading the chapter on limit poker. We shall see what happens over the next two weeks.

Well last Thursday game went well. We had a private table, which was nice to have. I guess I will continue that type of game through the weeks and months ahead. I was thinking that we should have one game instead of a mixed game for a couple of hours then we could bust it out into no-limit at the end of the night. I will ask around and see who is up for what.

Attendees: Myself, F-Train, Sox-Lover, Bo, Rey, Beto, John “The General” Lee and two other folk. No Italian sports car this time.

Notes: I suck at O8 and will continue to read about it. One of my goals is to get better at this game by the end of the month. I think one of my goals when in Vegas was to sit with Al for an hour and talk O8…wait, did Al even sit for one hour? No, better yet, can Al sit for one hour? In any case, I lost 100.00 bucks in that dumb game of O8…ahhhh!!! One hand it took everyone to figure out and go to Sox-Lover or F-Train to get the scoop. For a couple of days after I was thinking I won the pot, but the boys caught on and they were right in the end. Yet, I went home shaking my head asking how I didn’t win that pot…haha!

F-Train did the old hamma on me two times in no-limit. Nuff said…but when you have a bad day at the tables and the last hand of the night the hamma’ is thrown on you…well you feel like sending your knee into someone’s nards.

In closing, I’m thinking of having a 100.00 dollar buy in Razz game this coming week. I just think that those types of games really improve your skills as opposed to mixed games. Mixed games are good and everything, but I just don’t like the flow of them to be honest. So we shall get a vote and see.

Ahhhh!! I continue to run bad and I think I need some help in my game. I have been reading and reading trying to get back on track. The book of choice is Super System. It’s been an easy read and I think that might be half the problem, I just read it and don’t let it sink it. Thus, I have been reading and re-reading the chapter on limit poker. We shall see what happens over the next two weeks.

Well last Thursday game went well.