Tuesday, July 05, 2005

China T and Running Bad

Ahhhh!! I continue to run bad and I think I need some help in my game. I have been reading and reading trying to get back on track. The book of choice is Super System. It’s been an easy read and I think that might be half the problem, I just read it and don’t let it sink it. Thus, I have been reading and re-reading the chapter on limit poker. We shall see what happens over the next two weeks.

Well last Thursday game went well. We had a private table, which was nice to have. I guess I will continue that type of game through the weeks and months ahead. I was thinking that we should have one game instead of a mixed game for a couple of hours then we could bust it out into no-limit at the end of the night. I will ask around and see who is up for what.

Attendees: Myself, F-Train, Sox-Lover, Bo, Rey, Beto, John “The General” Lee and two other folk. No Italian sports car this time.

Notes: I suck at O8 and will continue to read about it. One of my goals is to get better at this game by the end of the month. I think one of my goals when in Vegas was to sit with Al for an hour and talk O8…wait, did Al even sit for one hour? No, better yet, can Al sit for one hour? In any case, I lost 100.00 bucks in that dumb game of O8…ahhhh!!! One hand it took everyone to figure out and go to Sox-Lover or F-Train to get the scoop. For a couple of days after I was thinking I won the pot, but the boys caught on and they were right in the end. Yet, I went home shaking my head asking how I didn’t win that pot…haha!

F-Train did the old hamma on me two times in no-limit. Nuff said…but when you have a bad day at the tables and the last hand of the night the hamma’ is thrown on you…well you feel like sending your knee into someone’s nards.

In closing, I’m thinking of having a 100.00 dollar buy in Razz game this coming week. I just think that those types of games really improve your skills as opposed to mixed games. Mixed games are good and everything, but I just don’t like the flow of them to be honest. So we shall get a vote and see.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey Joaq. Its been a while. I'm into playing some live pokah. Shoot me an email. Its Brodybanky at aol dot commie. Unfortunately, though, I dont think I have the bankrolls you guys usually play with, so it'll depend on the timing and the stakes.


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