Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Odds and Ends

I am glad that everyone seems to be getting back to blogging and writing. I know the high of Vegas still lives with many of us, but we need to move on in our writings. There have been some excellent non-Vegas posts by those individuals who couldn’t make it but were with us in spirits…I mean spirit…haha!

In any case, does anyone know what BG or Pauly is laying down as the over and under in terms of how many people will register for the next Vegas event? Yes, the next Vegas event when we bring the championship back to the East Coast (to be more specific, NYC where all championships should be…cough!cough! Go Yanks!).

Also, I’m wondering if Bill is going to scout some poker rooms for us while he is there this coming week…cough!cough!

I hate to do work at work…so go read the new post by Iggy.

Got some new cards sent to me from Marlboro via the mail, did anyone else get those? Maybe I won’t open them and have them as a bounty or something of the sorts.

Can someone say the Mrs. Hang has better poker content that the hubby. She talks about actual hands she was delt…good job Mrs. Hang. But Al’s too funny not to read daily in my opinion.

A couple odd Vegas thoughts:

- Yes, if no one will write it I shall. All the blogger wives are hot! Sorry, I don’t mean to offend. But the truth will set you free and it’s been building up inside, and now it’s out of me…I feel free!
- How did the Poker-Geek become everyone’s little brother on this trip…he even got backed on some action, too much. What about that shirt, I’m blogging this? Also, where are those shirts with the fish?
- Talking to Otis about staying home and working from the home office…seems he really enjoys the life he’s living…good job.
- Running into Spaceman at the airport and getting some last drinks in with him.

O.K. that’s it for now. Oh, make sure you check out the Rooster of the week on the photo below. If you are interested in obtaining such a Rooster for a pet please let me know. This one is not for sale, but it's children are so let me know. Hope all is well and enjoy your day.


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