Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crazy Ride Home

I’m in the cab with Bill and he must think I’m psycho. The cab driver tells me there is an accident on the freeway and he wants to take the streets because it’s faster. I’m like…wait a minute, how much is this going to cost. He says 25.00 bucks and I start to press him to drive faster. Bill must be sitting there thinking what the hell? I’m from NYC and we don’t let Cabbies take advantage of us. I know they work hard for their money and want the next fee, but I know they will get over if they can.

I check in via the kiosk (I love those things) and head to my plane. I know Bill is in line a couple of airlines over so I go looking for him and find him. I walk up to him and go into my rant:

“My God…you’re Bill Rini aren’t you? Gosh, I know you are trying to catch your plane and all, but can I just get a quick picture to show my friends back home. We are all fans of yours and they aren’t going to believe that I met you.”

The two guys in front of Bill were just looking at him with wide eyes. I knew this would make Bill laugh more than anything and he played along…thanks Bill. I had a star sighting.

Then I see Spaceman and we decide to catch some beers before we get on our planes. So a beer and shot after it’s time to get on plane. I run to my plane and then run back to Spaceman to catch some pictures of him and my good friend.

I get on plane and try to help this lady get her huge luggage in the overhead. It’s not happening…just then they say, someone is sick on the plane is a doctor on board? I tell her I have my advanced EMT Lic. if they need any help? When trying to get the luggage in overhead I’m cracking jokes and making people laugh so when I said that I could help this stewardess didn’t take me serious. As a matter of fact, she was very rude and told me to be serious and sit down. I figured why beg and plead to help someone who was throwing up. I’m not going to lose sleep over it…the lady got off the plane and I figured she didn’t want to go home and tell her husband she blew her kids college fund.

Then there is this crazy girl behind me who is piss drunk with 3 of those little plane size shots of Jack D in front of her. I was a bit thrown off on how come they kept selling them to her (esp. because this was a midnight flight). I was doing my notes for the weekend and I can hear her writing like a crazy woman behind me. I tear some pages off my pad and pass them back to her…bad move. She asks me if she can sit next to me to share her writing? I agree and sit next to this hot girl who is 5 sheets to the wind. Serious, she would get up to hit the head and not know which way to walk. I would have to get up and point her the right direction. The guy across the row is sitting there laughing with me about this. I couldn’t read her writing because it was too sloppy and her thoughts made no sense. Then she would start to talk LOUDLY about how her boyfriend didn’t like her drinking…ahhh yes! I can see why, sweetie.

I finally pulled into NYC and came straight to work. Next post will be my reads on people.


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