Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sunday in Vegas - Dia Dos At Binions

It’s my last day in Vegas and I figure I might as well get some poker in. Bill Rini is off to check out Wynn’s new place and I am temped to go, but I love old Vegas and hit Binions again. Before that I see Pauly, Derek, Spaceman, Poker Geek (everyone’s little brother) and other individuals playing in the Plaza Tournament. I sweat them for a while then I head over to my new home, Binions.

What can I say, the 3/6 tables were soft and I love that they give you a food voucher if you are there long enough. There is a father son duo from the south sitting at my table. They seemed like a working class type of people (my type of people) and what I found to be so neat is the amount of respect the son had for his dad. No, he wasn’t laying down pocket Aces when Pops was in the hand…he just seemed to have a deep affection for his father which I thought was really neat. I crushed the table for a long while and before I knew it was time to eat my free meal and head over back to the Plaza.

I did manage to get many a photo of the old classic cars that were on show at the strip and I will post some of my favorites soon. I love antique cars and my father has two that are beauties so I grew up around this stuff.

Upon my return to the Plaza I get wind of something like this, “yes, the girls were on the bar dancing all night long.” Cough! Cough! I think Al was right when he said Ms. Hang had something up her sleeve. I can’t get into the details from the myths or truths I heard about the girls night out…coff!coff! But I did hear free drinks all night long…go girls! Nuff said.

I got to play craps with Pauly for a bit. We went and put some of my small earnings on the numbers. This guy rolling was hitting all over the place for a long while and we took our cash and ran…just like I like to do. When ahead get out of Dodge.

Then I got to sit with Iggy, Grubby, Fat Guy and Bill Rini at the bar. Great conversation between Iggy and Bill took place about how to play certain hands.

O.K. here is another sensitive thing that I thought…who helped Iggy up to the stool and who is going to help him down…the thought only passed my mind really quickly. Sorry Iggy.

Then Grubby and the Fat Guy were making me crack up with Grubby bouncing ideas off of the Fat Man about what raffles he should have on his blog. For those that don’t know, Grubby is a comps junkie at casinos and gets prizes for his slot tournaments.

I suppose every blogger has that conversation that really sticks with him/her…for me it was watching these conversations unfold. I suppose you had to be there but two interesting and funny conversations taking place at the same time between guys I read was great. It was almost time to catch my flight home and Bill and I decide to catch a cab together to catch our flights.

You make think this report is almost over but you have no idea.


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