Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saturday in Vegas

Wow…so I played the tournament that day and then went to the Cantina Party. Yes, the legend of Al NoPuedeColgar was in effect. Needless to say we had to walk around a bit before we found our way out the casino…the blind leading the blind.

We hit the Cantina and I had to grab the mic…cough!cough! It’s just an old favorite that my grandmother and I use to love to sing together (read blog about passing of my grandmother) of course it stirs many memories of me growing up in her care. And I thought the bloggers gave me so much support during that time that it would be a shame if I didn't belt it out for the crew (no relation to Dutch's Crew). Funny thing is that it’s such an old song, it’s a classic and many of today’s young kids know the song, but a lot don’t know the meaning of the song and the man who sang it and why it’s so powerful. But I guess it’s up for interpretation.

After we just had some drinks and I had to show Derek what cool California girls looked liked when they walked in the Cantina and he agreed it was a nice batch (pictures to come).

Then I saw this guy with a blue shirt with a tiara…umm can you say funny or scary?

Then I seen this penis head from Texas…coff..coff…haha!

It was all shitzzz and gigglezzz…then Ms. Hang was holding court with the girls and I hear Al say, “She has something up her sleeve.”

Then we went back to the Plaza but not before Bobby Bracelet got the cab before us because as stated earlier, “those who play in the WSOP get the first cab”.

In any case, we got back to the Plaza and I was rather tired but I had to play some more poker with the crew…did I mention I hadn’t slept yet? I was getting really tired and Pauly knew this so he had some famous herb-tea for me to drink so I could crash.

Then out of nowhere Ms. Hang, Ms. Otis, and Ms. Head and others come barging in the room. If you thought everyone loved Ms. Hang for her kind words and always offering to give a hug hello…well Ms. Otis is tornado of all wives. She was making everyone laugh with her SC word…read Pauly’s blog about this word. I can’t mention Super Cunt in my blog too much. In any case, it was just too funny and the tea was starting to affect me. But Ms. Otis had us all in stitches and I think it had a reverse effect of the herbal tea I drank because I started to pace and freak out a bit. Then I just broke out to my room because I felt on tilt…yes, the blogger wife sets Joaquin on herbal tilt.

After taking a shower and getting dressed up I took an hour nap. Funny in Vegas while sleeping your mind can't turn it off. I hadn't slept in three days and while sleeping I wake up after an hour nap because I know Pauly is holding a tournament in his room. I figured I might as well get ready for the night…nothing really happened though. I played a couple of hands with the group downstairs and crashed out. Yes, finally some good sleep. I was so happy to get some good sleep.

Next my last day in Vegas.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

You singing that song was a great kickoff to the party.

Here's a pic for ya

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Ignatious said...

prolly my fave moment, in retrospect.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Graham Jones said...

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