Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Joaquin's Roll Call

I wish there was something happy that I could write about. Yet, I’m in a funk for our community today. We have been hit by so much sadness over the past two weeks that it’s been hard on all of us, but especially our fellow bloggers whose family, friends, and loved one’s are hurting both physically and emotionally.

I’m a religious man and I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel for every one. So know that tonight I will be lighting a separate candle for everyone of you, for both hope and love.

Growing up we had this thing called a roll call. So this is my roll call of good vibes and positive love.

Jen – How could your smile not fill the room with happiness? You will be missed by all and may your soul Rest In Peace above. And although you may no longer be here in the physical sense, I’m sure the memory of your infectious smile will bring a smile to everyone’s face here on earth.

BigMike – I have read of your exploits with Al and people probably think that, as many shots as you two have taken that you are invincible. Yet, I send you a hug because I know these times are difficult.

Felicia – You have been through so much the past couple of months, yet you find energy somehow. Can I please get breast milk! As much as you can be cruel, you have a heart of gold and are such the softy. I am amazed at how you are using your time to get Charlie calls and smiling through your pain. Amazing! The candle I light will be for both you and Glenn, for I know you two are one and a team. If anything I saw in Vegas that I never wrote about but will mention it here…its Glenn’s deep love for you. It was simply amazing and something that I can only aspire to reach.

Charlie – Brother Man…I’m here in the city rooting for you, man. Yes, you and the Yankees….cough!cough! I was going to send you a throwback jersey to when we won the series but I couldn’t choose which year you would like…we only have 26 or so to choose from…cough!cough! You can come after me the next online tournament where you might get the hammer from me…cough!cough! Like the Yankees, I find a way to win…cough!cough! Keep fighting the good fight, Charlie…there are thousands of us rooting for you and I will purchase and light a lucky Yankee Candle they sell at the local bodega. I send you a hug brother man.


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very well said.


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