Friday, July 15, 2005

All Over Da Place

We have a new Rooster of the Week to the right. First, I wasn’t going to put the little guys on the web. But after speaking to FAT GUY in Vegas and how he enjoyed my stories a bit, I figured what the hell.

This breed is called: Red Butcher and is very similar to the Johnny Jumper I had on here a couple of weeks ago. While the Red Butcher is faster and more aggressive, the Johnny Jumper is a much more powerful bird. In any case, the Red Butcher is a pain in the butt because they have so much energy. Yet, they are great Roosters and provide some of the most beautiful colors when the sun hits them.

I hope you all join in the fun this weekend, as it’s the FIRST WBPT event we are doing where all the proceeds are to go to the cancer organization that Charlie’s family chooses. I know someone has donated 100.00 dollars to the winner via Paul’s site. Also the Top 5 finishers get a free 2005 WSOP DVD from Iggy. This should be a fun event for all and both readers and bloggers are welcome. Also, not sure if Pauly is giving out something he tends to. There is a picture of Charlie below.

WPBT 'Charlie' Tournament for this coming Sunday at 18:00 EST - which translates to 6:00 pm EST; 5 pm CST; 3 pm WST - The entry is $20 - and every cent will go to a charity chosen by Charlie's family. Get your butt over there and sign up - tournament #9680072 under the private tab.

As most of you know, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer this past April. Thus, this tournament has brought many sentimental feelings for me and strikes a personal cord. Not to mention, currently our very own Felicia is battling cancer so send her good vibes (please send her really cheese emails. Also, encourage her husband, Glenn to shave his head in support…heehee! I have 20.00 bucks riding that he will). Thus, come out and support a good cause for very little money and the banter is really funny also.

Once again, for those of you who have a poker blog. You might want to read below on how to get the 2005 WSOP DVD for free. YES FREE! They even have events that they didn’t show on ESPN last year.

Also, I wanted to thank Grubby for getting me the hook up on a free magazine!!

I hope all of you are doing well on the felt. Oh, I wanted to send a special shout out to Maudie. Her voice is the voice of reason when I’m playing now a days. Who would have thought? Remember people: Respect your opponents when they play back at you.

Also, I remember a conversation at the WORLD FAMOUS PLAZA hotel. I’d been having problems getting action on my big cards. I had been running over the table and no one would play against my raises. So there was no play on either AA or KK on a few occasions. In any case, I was going through my memory bank (people say I have a great memory) and I remember Iggy saying that he rams and jams with over pairs always. I just read where Glenn got some advice from Felicia to always read the player after the flop, if an over card to your big pair hits. I guess you can get a good read right when the flop hits…yes, all this F’en information for free!!

Also, Derek and SoxLover also really helped me with the problem on those over cards situations.

In closing, hope all is well people and go over and thank Iggy and BG for seeting up the event this sunday. Oh, one more thing for the readers...I know people make fun of Iggy's height here and there (I never do, I find it kind of mean). They are soft jokes and all...well let's not drop too many of them during the game this sunday. Iggy knows most of us and takes them half hearted...but don't get too abusive.


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