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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Backing By Rini

No, Bill hasn't foolishly backed me for the WSOP. I can do that with my own roll these days which is a nice change. In any case, I do have the endorsement of Bill for my future wife. What can I say, I'm touched that Bill would go out on the edge for me. I'm still pissed I can't leave a comment on his blog, it always kicks me out.

But Bill is the only guy that I've seen go on a heater in blackjack for 3G win. Other people such as Bobby Bracelet or Grubby aren't so lucky. But as Grubby says, there is no such thing as luck.

Odd ramblings.

A white guy has joined the Wu Clan. Hit up Daddy's site to the right. I'm not sure if he's spitting lyrics or just writing for the Wu...but it is what it is.

Of course Pauly Hollywood is going strong out in LA and he's always a good read. I tend to pick-up his other blogs for fun.

As I mentioned before, Spaceman is back on the blogger tip which is nice. I guess he is getting all into the music scene down in the dirty-dirty.

AlCan'tHang is still taking a break from blogging which sucks.

There is a good article on calls and what stands in home games by HighonPoker at the Wall Street Game. Myself, as much as I think Jamie (the guy who runs the Wall Street Game) to be a stand-up guy, I think that he can be an angle shooter so the fold stands in my book...haha! Just messing Jamie, but I would hold you to your word so if you say, fold...well fold it is.

Human Head still thinks the government is out to get everyone and those reads are a bit deeper than eye level. So I suggest you take some time to read...or if you are bored just go to the pictures of his new baby girl.

Joe Speaker will take you on a trip where you will be saying, WTF.

Sore Loser/StB is still being a sore loser. Viva Stevie The Bull.

G-Cox is killing innocent animals for joy. I'm really not sure why he's doing this and if he asks himself, WWJD? Buy that guy the bracelet which has those initials.

Change100 is all over the place...Monte Carlo, American Idol, Zuma Beach and almost killing French people.

Donde esta Irish Jim?

Kat continues to bubble. Seems the only thing she can close on these days is grabbing butts.

Speaking of hot butts...might want to go welcome Maudie back. Seems like she is out of her funk and writing again.

These next two blogs are really killing it as of late and make me laugh.



Monday, April 28, 2008


I called Joe Speaker drunk the other night in search of some relationship advice. Sure the guy is batting 0-2 in the love-zone, but who better to call than someone who is 0-2? In any case, I just wanted to thank Speaker for being open to listening to a drunk rant. A true bad beat for Speaker to have to listen to The Rooster drunk.

Speaking of loss and stuff. To be honest, I have never dealt well with loss. There are times when I just break-down with pain when walking down the street. I don't cry, but my heart aches, and it reminds me that life is so damn fragile. I wish I had some of these people around to play spades with, five card draw, and Broken-7 card stud.

With that being said, I shout to my homies who are alive and some beer is to be poured out for those whose time has come and gone too soon on this earth.

With that being said, let us never forget Charlie Tuttle. One of the good guys of poker. I can not say enough about Charlie and what he meant to us in the poker/blogger world. Even if you are a new school blogger and say that the old bloggers are out of touch, that the community changes and we should understand that (and honestly most of us do), and that we are dated and need to understand the new brand of blogger. I totally agree but you should also know the story of Charlie and what he meant to us old school folk and why we hate to hear people from the community berate anyone of the community.

I can go on and on about Charlie and I never met the guy in the flesh. But for some reason, I, like so many others in the community, took to Charlie because he was a good guy who took his lumps like a man. Not only that, he was a good friend of Spaceman (who by the way is blogging again) and I think that Charlie brought out the human in all of us, reminded us the importance of friendship as we watched Spaceman work through his pain as he seen his best friend dying and not being able to alter the course of the end, and what it showed us was how dynamic and special this group of internet dweebs calling themselves bloggers really was. We who remember Charlie rooted for him till he left this earth for a better place. When all of you start to get in a huff over a bad beat remember that Charlie was delt the worse hand you can ever be delt, Cancer. But Charlie pushed on and fought it to the end...he never complained about a bad beat or cards he was dealt. Puts things in perspective doesn't it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who Sits Behind The Rooster

I love it when a hot shot kid sits down at my table with Shades, Hat, Cool Shirt that Reads: The Nutz and has a girl sitting behind him. If he has some ice on his ears, wrist or neck it is even better. Of course he has brought her along to show her that he's got game can fleece someone at the poker table. Dear God!

Sometimes if I'm lucky enough to fleece someone like this I will say something, dumb luck!

In any case, this got me thinking...who would The Rooster have sit behind him. are a few of my options:

But when all is said and done...this is the girl who I would have sit next/behind me:

And remember ladies...The Rooster brings home the bacon:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Turning Down The WSOP

I was asked by someone who I highly admire and respect in the poker community to cover the WSOP. He wanted me to cover both poker and party life that takes place during the WSOP. I was a bit excited about this proposal to be honest, and I was really touched that this friend thought of me. But the truth of the matter is that it was too much work.

I can't see myself working 15 to 20 hours a day at this point in my life. Not only that, but the job entailed me to party and write about it. See...when The Rooster starts to party he doesn't stop and I wouldn't be able to get up and go to work the next day and cover poker.

I don't see how Pauly, Otis, Change100 and Spaceman do it. Serious, the job seemed rather stressful when explained to me. Not only the hours but also the deadlines that would have to be met and the editing and such that comes with it. Not only was it not in me, but I'm a hack of a writer and I have never really put much time and effort into the craft that it deserves. Sure millions come to this site and such...but you get what I'm saying.

Not only that...but I thought it might be a bit B-Lister of me to follow in the footsteps of those mentioned above. I don't want to be at the WSOP working there and seeing my friends who have made the way for me. I just can't bring myself to it...The Rooster has always walked to his own beat (Think the Wu Tang Clan!!!)

I admit, when the job was explained to me minus the hours and deadlines I was all about it...this seemed like a job for The Rooster. But the truth is that it takes a certain talent to pull this stuff off. Plus, as I said, I want to carve out my own circle and niche. I'm not saying that I might not take another assignment or that there isn't room for me...but I'm just that guy that doesn't like to be a follower.

In closing, I wanted to thank my inter-dweeb friends for the third of many opportunities they have thrown my way. Serious, all you B-Listers have been nice enough to always ask The Rooster Consulting if it wanted some of the pie, the cool-aid, or the bacon you all were eating and I'm touched. But the truth of the matter is that I just belong in the far reaches of the Stud Tables by the Bathrooms at the Borgata. Holla!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I love that people are tough over the computer. Serious, I hope someone has heard of Vincente Perez and what he did in a live game to a tough guy who mouthed off to him. Nuff said.

Moving on. A blogger friend of mine asked me my take on moving in with a girl. First, I started to laugh that someone would want to move in with this B-Lister. Second, I was surprised that this blogger was able to get a girl. My final take was this, she is too young for you to move in with her. I've seen many an old guy trying to wrestle down a young girl. I've done it, but I'm an A-Lister. Young girls need space, Man. Let her run and go be a coke-head for a while with her friends. Let her get drunk and strip on the pole. It is then, and only then that you can tie her down, and get married and stuff.

I got killed in AC this Saturday. I lost a buy-in ($800). I played some hands horrible. I played some well and got drawn out on. What I don't like is that they put all the 7-card stud players in the 20-40 game way on the end of the room. For those of you who have played at the Borgata I'm talking about by the bathrooms. Like we have some rare disease that can't be cured. All the players in that game are old men...why do you put us way in the corner where these poor guys have to trek to get there?

Also, I have taken to old guys slow-rolling me. Yet, it is not for the reason that I like to do it back. These guys are old and turn them over slowly because they aren't sure they have the winning hand from time to time. Serious, let me give you an example where I had to tell the old guy that he beat me and I had to hand about a 200.00 of my dollars to the old guy.

So I raise with a K showing and it folds around to the old guy. He looks at his cards for the third time and calls with a 3d showing. He's about 80 or so. So I put him on a big pair under or a diamond draw. Not a bad call but not a great one either. To make a long story short...he calls all the way down and backed into two pair which hit on the river...he had Queens hidden under...not a great play but by third exposed card he was also on a diamond flush this hand I don't feel too drawn out on. In any case, so I flip over my king and say pair. He's looking at my hand and turning his three down card over slowly and doesn't take note that his 6c paired with his 6d. He looks again and I got it...take it down. He looks...and looks again and is like, Wow! Before I use to get pissed at this type of play, but the truth is that he did that on every hand he played till the end. He was just a bit slow at reading his biggie. Good enough guy when we got to chatting and he chuckled that he won that pot from me.

Question, where do all these old guys get their money? He re-bought like three times. Odd.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yes, it is true...The Rooster is moving to Ireland. Something just came over me that made me decide to move to Ireland to try and obtain a job with Full-Tilt Poker (take note, I don't have a job there as of yet, but I know people. I hate to drop names like, Hey, HDOUBLE how you doing? Cough!Cough!

Rooster, how did this happen you ask?

See I visit our good friend, Bill Rini's site pretty often (it is hard to leave a comment there). Then I get a bit pissed that he's traveling the world and having a great time. Thus, I have to see what I'm missing out on so I visit HERE. Yes, we are just cube/office monkey's plowing away while some people travel every damn weekend for fun.

So I was pondering my life and what I wanted out of it and I came across this picture and found my calling:

Yes, this is my mission in life. To work for Full-Tilt to meet this girl. Thus, if anyone at Full-Tilt wants to hire one of the last A-Listers to join their staff please contact me. I will even start out in the mail room. Well actually that will just allow me to see this girl daily while on my mail routes.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good Posts

UP FOR POKER is back and running. They have ended their hiatus and decided to come back and reunite one more time for BadBloods Birthday. Strong showing boys. But as G-Rob figured out, a while out of the game and the poker chops get rusted. Go read Bloods question of Quein Es Menos Macho.

Maudie has a quick recap of the movie: 21. Should go give it a read and as you all know Maudie is in semi-retirement for now and I hope to see her back soon enough.

Oh, and if you need humor in your life I suggest you go HERE. CHORIZO CRUSHER!!

As all of you know there are two very metro-sexual guys who are also shutting down their blogs. I'm sad to see HIM and HIM go. What can I say, I'm going to miss you guys. Maybe you will only be semi-retired like Maudie.

Oh, also go check out Derek and a fellow A-Lister's blog for he has a great write up about his last Vegas trip. Key word: stripper!!

In closing, with all the talk of people bad-mouthing everyone can someone say names? Just don't sit there and not say names...that way they won't be invited to all The Rooster's secret A-Lister parties that I throw.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Viva BigMike

A few days ago a legend in the blogging community won The Big Game. For those of you that don't know BigMike he makes up one-third of the three amigos, the fun bunch, the three Penn-ateers, and so on. You can read about their adventures in limos, chatting-up random blonde girls with big boobs, rock concerts and shots Here.

You ask, why does BigMike get so much street cred from all the bloggers? If you ever shake BigMike's hand you will know why. He is just the nicest guy in the world. I can't really explain the BigMike is hard to put my finger on it to be honest. I guess BigMike is the guy everyone wants to have as a friend or family member. I, The Rooster, am honored to say I know the man.

So I hoist a Cosmo to you BigMike and also I'm going to pump Barry Manilow's greatest hits in your honor all day.

In closing, as much as I hate to say it...and I sat here in front of my computer for an hour before I wrote this....BigMike sets the bar on what an A-Lister is.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Robyn Moreno

Once again, I try not to promote people I know much. Serious, for I only do know A-Lister's and they get enough air time if you ask me.

In any case, this is one of my old school friends, Robyn Moreno. I met Robyn many moons ago in the city when she was a lone nobody. Now she has three books and is blowing up the spot. I teach the rookies well is all I can say, if you listen young Jedi as Robyn did, well then you too might become an A-Lister. Holla!!

In any case, make sure and click

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

RIP Frank

I sit here a bit sad today due to the passing of my friend, writer, and reader of my humble blog, Frank Walsh. Frank Walsh passed away this past Saturday in his sleep and he will be missed. Frank fought cancer like nobody else and he fought it down to his last days. I suppose I can talk and talk about Frank but in the end he was a good husband, father, and son.

We exchanged many email on the daily and this was an email he sent me on Friday. I have cut some out because we were talking back and forth but this is the main part:


Last year the doctors told me I probably would not make it til this Easter. Well against the medical odds I am still here.

God has more work for me here on earth so he is letting me hang around!

I hope you have a great day ....thanks for being my friend


You can also read some of Franks articles by clicking

Please keep Frank's family in your positive thoughts.