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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tis Been A Long While

Sorry for the delay in post people. Since my last post a lot has happened and I hope to get you all caught up here in this post.

I spent some time with Pauly and Derek at the Borgata when Pauly was covering the Borgata Open. I can't say enough about these guys. Serious, Pauly was quick to give me a call when I sent them a text that The Rooster had arrived. He got my location and told me to call him upon my arrival at the Borgata. I got in a cab and my 20.00 bucks back at the cage (the bus is like 30 bucks but you get 20 bucks back upon arrival...they do this to try and keep you at their casino) and jumped in a cab and off to the Borgata.

Upon arrival at the Borgata I called Pauly and he was on his way down. I looked to my right and seen this lady putting in 100.00 dollar bills in to the slot machine like if it was raining 100.00's....I'm sure Grubby would have hit on her.

We head off to breakfast (because The Rooster wakes up before the sun comes up and gets on a bus for two hours and it is still breakfast) and of course...Pauly decides to pick up the bill...The Rooster is always in awe of how generous the Pauly Drama and PitW are. I can't tell you how many times they have picked up the tab at The Palms and that place ain't cheap.

So Derek and me walk around the floor of the casino as Pauly Drama is working. We see Eskimo Clark and I say hello...he grumbles back at Derek and I...we can't understand what he's saying.

Good times and then AlCantHang showed up with Riggstad. Then the drinking started. I had to get back to the city and took off. I hear many good stories happened after my departure. I wasn't drinking so I escaped the wrath of Al.

Moving On...

I got an email from Bam-Bam about some of his friends that would be visiting from the North. I figured it was a good sign since Bam-Bam likes a bit of country music and most girls I know from Canada like to Grab Ass.

I want to tell you that if Bam-Bam asks you for a simple email to a friend or help for a not hesitate to do it. Serious, Sam and her boyfriend were all class. I'm being serious, I exchanged about 8 emails with Sam about places to visit when she came to NYC and such...I have to tell you she and her boyfriend were the kindest people you would ever want to meet. Not only that, they brought me a few gifts from Canada...they weren't needed but like I said, the folks from Canada have some class. I took some photos:

This had to be one of the coolest gifts of all. They put this Rooster on the top of a deck of cards. Just an awesome gift!!!

This is some real maple syrup made from Andrew's parents farm. I've had this a few times on my Eggo Waffles in the morning and it is delicious.

In closing, Bam-Bam you were right on when you said these people were good people. Glad to know that there are kind people in this world that make me believe in humanity again.

Next Post....THE BASH!!!