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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Random Thoughts 2

It’s been some time since I have written in My Little Poker Blog. There has been a lot going on in terms of my playing. I have been killing a few different games on different sites as of late. I feel that my game is coming around to being super solid once again. This post is going be of random thoughts.

I met Pauly’s brother practicing for the H.O.R.S.E. Tournament on Full Tilt. Funny thing was that he was disguised as a soul-brother with his character which I thought was funny. You know the Afro-Brother on Full-Tilt...I think he had a soul-brother name also.

5 CD’s playing while I play:
1. The Judds – Greatest Hits
2. Mr. Gorge Strait – Straitest and the Greatest Hits
3. Gentle Side of John Coletrane
4. Tigres del Norte – Greatest Hits
5. Naz – It was written

I have been smart about staying away from games when I am tired or don’t have my game face on. I am really trying to pull this together and I’m seeing my bankroll grow because of this serious nature I’m taking to the game. I was getting too laxed in my starting hands and overall game. Now I'm starting to take notes and cleaned off my desk and just really clamped down. One might be surprised to see how much one’s bankroll grows when totally focused. I think Al wrote about this and now he no longer plays the 25 no-limit table with the bloggers. There is none of this, let me see if I get lucky and I hope the next card to be my card. Do the odds in your head really quickly and find out of the extra bet is worth it. Remembering that it’s o.k. to check on the end because sometimes if you don’t have the nuts you have to check if you aren't sure you have the best of it.

The reason this new breath of fresh air is happening is because of my bad play. I had been involved in an ugly Tilt session some days ago and lost some money. I was getting killed in some games and getting really frustrated. When I took time to sit back and read some books and just review my play I see how awful I had been playing. So I decided to play a sit-in-go for 5 bucks to see a lot of hands and see how it pans out. I took first place and moved it up 5 bucks and did a second there. So I decided to just settle down and relax while I play and to not fall too in love with odd cards. Thus, I’m back to Mr. Conservative on the felt. And yes, I have made back my losses from my Tilt session.

In closing, remember that you have to be having fun while you play. Set a goal of where you want to be and stick to it. I seen that Maudie was killing the 20 dollar end of the night game that she was playing. But she had set that goal and it was something she wanted to play well at and she really buckled down on that game. I suggest you all do the same. Really sit and get focused and play good country music to get you in that Zen mood.

Friday, March 11, 2005

A-10 Hand of Death

I wanted to write a bad beat story because we all have them. Instead, I decided to speak about something we all have. That one hand that we value too much. Three times in the last week I have gotten killed by “My Baby” Q-10 suited and non-suited. Not sure why I hold on to her so much. I see her in early position and bet with her all the while thinking...single non-connector…never play in early position. I know this rule inside and out and I can still never get away from the hand. I suppose the one thing that kills me is that this hand looks much more beautiful than what she is. Even suited she is kind of weak to be honest, because you know in low-limit there is always someone in with a K or A who is waiting for it to hit and will beat it to the end even if you do pair high card after the flop. So how do you play this hand is the question. Here are my thoughts.

In early position: You best play this baby hard and strong…that means raise. If people see you have been a rock they will put you on a strong hand…say high pair or AK. This is the only way in which to play this in early position in my humble opinion. If you are raised from behind you know you are probably facing a huge pair or AK and should opt to fold if you aren’t hit hard in the face on the flop. If you do hit your queen you can represent trips with a high pair and hopes that re-raise gets out. Yet, this is low-limit so you better hit trips or two pairs. Or you can hope for the straight or flush, but even then the flush might get chased down. I know that I am talking about a lot of monsters here. But truth be told it’s hard for this hand to stand on two legs because in low limit you’re going to be going up against a KorA almost every hand. So it’s something to think about.

Another thing that I hate about this hand is that often you get caught chasing the straight. Get out of there. You will almost always have someone with the high end of it. So be careful when you do hit the straight and see who is being sneaky about their bets. There should be alarms up at all times with the straight.

O.K. so now you know this hand has been killing me. I think it’s been killing PUALIE, too. I tell you there are those hands that you just have to fold and get out of. Kind of like a bad relationship. Your T.V. is missing and your girlfriend is skinny as a rail…she tells you the T.V. broke and that she took it to get fixed…in the mean time she’s grinded her teeth to the gums and won’t go outside and sits in a dark corner…when you ask her where and when you can pick up the T.V. she tells you to fuck off. Well that’s at how you should look at this hand…pure trash.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Thoughts

I sometimes see how individuals find my time playing poker as a waste. I mean, how can they comprehend sitting at a table for hours at a time inking out a small living. I see this as a side job and treat it as such. I don’t try and move up in limits for the most part and I know that for the most part my stomach can’t handle the swings that the NL tables provide, it’s just not in me. Some people can play those tables and look danger right in the face and say, SCREW YOU! Remember the line in Tombstone when Doc says, “I said Draw Boy!” That’s not in my nature. I’m more of the kind of the guy that lies in the bushes and waits for you to walk by, then I take my gun and get your from behind. Some people don’t like check-raise or playing possum, but I think you have to do it.

In any case, where is this going? I don’t know to be honest…just some things on my mind. I guess I get upset when people look at me odd when I tell them that I play poker as a full-time job aside from my regular job. My bankroll is small because I pull money out to have a good time in the city and ask anyone who has lived or come to NYC the place can run you some money.

I have gotten better about keeping my money intact to be honest, but it’s not in me to live a very conservative lifestyle. No, I tend to think of myself as a crazy kid that can go on tilt anytime. I mean, I can give my boss the brush right now and not worry about it what so ever. I know, I know, probably not very smart, but I can do it and get to the tables and another job and be o.k. Sometimes I get sad at my friends who have all this schooling and feel that they can’t leave their job. What is that all about? I don’t know, doesn’t one go to school so he/she can live their life how they want and without and worries. I don’t know, it’s just something that I think about from time to time.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I have been doing well in my poker. I am trying more free rolls now because they are free and good practice, yet I think the money games are where I will stay for the time being. If you want to make money you all might want to try the stud tables at Party Poker.