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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Quick Reminder

I didn't write about it...but a few months ago this blog turned four years old. What can I say, it has been a ride where I have met some very unique people. I can go through all the personalities and what they have meant to me, but the truth is that there are too many characters to count. I am not too prolific via this blog but I just wanted to say thank you to all who have taken me in as a friend over the years.

With that being said, let me remind all you B-Listers of something from about this time last year.

Pauly Drama said it best when he wrote, I hadn't seen The Rooster that happy in a while. It was the truth, I was in a funky part of my life due to work and such. If you go to Pauly Drama's site you can hit his videos and see my falling apart after the all night bender where GCox was nice enough to take care of me.

But the truth is that I won the tournament. I am also the defending A-Lister Champion. Also, there is no real A-List or B-List. The reason being is that for there to be a list there needs to be more than one person...and I'm the only A-Lister. Nuff said. So going back to what my main man, Derek said, To be the man, you have to beat the man. And yes, I am the man.

Notable showings since the last WPBT Championship:

- Saturday's with Pauly Champion
- Final Table at The Bash
- Biggest Cash out at The Summit

On Another Note:

It is funny when people get to Vegas they are excited to see good friends, throw some cards and get caught up. Yet, for some of people the trip is a reflection of self over the year or years. You can see those people who wander off by themselves and are a bit quiet...I call that reflection time. These gatherings do that to some individuals...never take it personal those of you who haven't been to these things before...sometimes people just need some time to reflect. Those who have been bloggers, lurkers and/or both...know that we have seen some rough patches for people and they have written it on their blog for us to look at their pain, depression and sorrow...they have bled in public for us to lurk and for them to heal. Thus, I think sometimes these gatherings hit people a bit hard....the years kind of comes swarming back and lets be honest, these emotions can be a bit overwhelming for anyone. Sorry to be so is just something that came to mind.

I'm not sure how many more times I will post here before Vegas but I'm sure everyone will put up some past posts about how to prep for Vegas. Pauly, Al and Otis have a write-up on this stuff so read their old stuff. Also, might want to read about the solo rage...holla!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Searching For

I will be in Vegas in a couple of weeks. If you kind readers can do me a favor...if you see this lady in Vegas please let me know. Thank you very much...Mrs. Tripjax is my hero.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Iggy Cakes Takes 8th in Costa Ricka

My main man Iggy-Cakes and some of you know him as the blogfather took 8th place down in Costa Rica. Go give him a shout at his site.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It has been a long while since I posted. The odd thing is that I've been playing a lot of poker and just haven't posted results and such here.

I played in Saturdays with Pauly Drama. Who else better than Pauly Drama to recap my run.

The Rooster jumped out to an early lead and almost had 4K in chips in the first 20 minutes. He turned a Wheel against Chompy and doubled up. Ah, the Rooster would fade out before the first break. Ingoal got most of his chips with a boat over boat. The Rooster was eventually taken out by JPPhilly's Kings. The Rooster was nevermore in 16th place.

Since we are talking hand history and such here these days...cough!cough! This was the odd part...flop was 299. It was PLO so I know I'm a head with my pair of 2's. Ingoal bet and I raised POT. He came over the top with a re-pot. Now I know he has the 9's. He's a good player so I'm thinking he has 9,10,K,Q or something of the sorts. I didn't really put him on the nuts which was two 9's. So I re-pot and put myself all in...he instant called and the turn brought the 10 in his hand. That is poker my friends. But remember, The Rooster always goes in with the best of it.

In other news....The Bash. Some of you may have forgotten about it but I haven't written my report as of yet. Here are some photos which will recap some of it I hope and these are in no particular order. Oh, and I did make the final table...holla!

At the Bash Olympics there can only be one championship team in the Carbomb races. Nuff said. I love Drizz's outfit...see that ladies.

The Rooster flops a monster hand. Full-House over above for I had the Queens. Once again, The Rooster always always goes in ahead.

Dr. Chako and his wife showed up. Here is her blog for all the ladies who read this who love shoes The Wife.

Drizz and another one of his funny faces he makes for the pictures. For all the people in Minn...take note when Drizz is out of Minn he sports the green and yellow.

The Boys in Blue were there right on my arrival. I thought this was my ride and they got caught drinking and driving.

Of course I had to put the hurt on Dawn. On the rare occasion that I go in behind...I always catch up on by the River. Holla!

Me just chilling at the table.

Al, thanks for putting this food, booze and please get in the back of the SUV.

Another picture of Al being the gracious host and sitting in the back of the truck.

I love food as you know. But this had to be the best stuff I have ever had. I don't remember the name of it...but it is fantastic...thank you Philly for this stuff. Too bad they don't serve it here in Manhattan.

Of course I wanted to thank the fine gent..AlCantHang for the great time. The band was rocking and rolling, man.

Post Script - BamBam can dance all night long...madman!