Saturday, December 30, 2006


I wasn't sure if to post this on my city blog or poker blog. Yet, being that it is sport and there was probably some sick person who was willing to bet on the outcome of this game I figured that I would put it here in my poker blog.

I wanted to send a loud congratuations to my buddy Frank Walsh from Huntersville, NC. In any case, Frank started this team last year and they finished last in the league and this year they finished first. What a turn around.

This league has all former pro players as coaches for the kids and has a bit more of a professional league feel to it being that the clock stops when it is suppose to. I guess in other leagues it is a runnng clock to get the kids on and off the field, this league tries to promote kids to learn as much as possible so the whole on the field off the field as quickly as possible doesn't apply.

In any case, Frank is the team Prez. and the team is coached by NFL Great, Adrian Murrel. Here is a picture of the team after their championship victory.


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