Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beer and Wingman Stuff!!

I’m starting to come down from my weekend Chicago energy high. There are some points that might have not been mentioned in other posts.

The boys from Minn brought some good beer. Of course they were trying to represent their state well and the beer was quite good. It got a little out of hand when Drizz said that a few of those beers could be auctioned on EBAY for a couple of hundred but I let him run with the story. Chad tried to back him up on this claim but I think they had this pre-planned…unless I see the link where the beer sales for that much. But the Brown Can was much better than the Red Can.

One thing that I took note is that all these guys love beer of different types. Everyone was willing to try everything DP threw at them. What really surprised me is that Drizz liked Belgium Beer. I always put him on Old Milwaukee or PBR. I know that StB loves to try every beer on tap so I knew he would have some new beers to suggest.

The best home brew of the two was Baily’s Special. I really liked the taste but I was trying to mix it up a bit and I was in Chicago so I had to have a lot of Goose Island.

Once we got to the stadium it was Old Town for the Rooster. I think I had about 7 of them give or take a few. Drizz drank the most at 10 but I’m sure StB had just as many but he wasn’t keeping count. I’m sure StB would say that keeping count is for Rookies who just came up to the bigs.

After the game I went to HB brew house and had one of the big boys there. Oh, and I did get a Summer Ale from Goose Island which was nice. DP had these mugs at his pad and I would pour two beers into them and drink.

Grubby and I took off and went to his hood for a beer. Every time I visit Grubby’s hood I like it more and more for they have a good mix of micro-brews and drinking bars.

Speaking of Grubby he is a great wing man. He was willing to go up with me to talk to any of the fine ladies of Chicago.

I think Chad would be a great wing-man also but he’s a bit too blunt. I seen you making the move to talk to that girl, Rooster…she sucked. Yes, yes she did fine Sir…twas like pulling teeth talking to her.

As for Bobby Bracelet…well depends how many beers he has drank for the night. He has too much backhanded humor for many girls to understand. For instance, “you aren’t fat like all the other girls The Rooster talks to.” Nice.

DP…well after all his Rooster-Blocking I got him back and clean. Needless to say, it was such a bomb that the girl told him, you will never get laid with this guy around. I pointed to his ring and said, his wife is much hotter than you and he’s only talking to you for community service hours he owes! Boooooom-Chaka-Laka.

Spreaker, Drizz and StB…well they just shake their head and walk away when they know where I’m going with my comments. Where is the love for The Rooster? No Homo.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Irritable Male Syndrome said...

The beer that Drizz is talking about is none of those that I brought down. It was the "Darkness", a royal imperial stout that they released in December of last year. There were 6 bottles on Ebay, and all but one of the auctions (I think) were nixed by Ebay for being outside the T&C. I've read the last bottle sold for $406, but that money also went to charity.

I tried it when it was on tap around Minneapolis. It was $7 for an 8 oz goblet. Good, but not good enough me to justify paying that more than once, maybe twice if they put it out again this year.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Rooster-blocking! How dare he!? Dig the wingman insights. It's definitely a unique skill. I'm always tryin' to explain to bros how they could better fill the role on my behalf, (strangely they never care to learn how to better help a brother out, but I try to improve their wingman skills anyway.)

Oh, and Minnesota's full of beer snobs, like that's the only place in the country with micro-brews. They're freakin' everywhere people. A stout's a stout, a lager's a lager, an IPA's an IPA, etc... (Albeit I suppose these Southern-Canadians have far more time to spend meddling with their ingredients, given there's nothing else to freakin' do there.)

Tell ya what... I'll let you play wingman for me after I dethrone you from the blogger championship in December!!! Oooh... trash talk, HOLLA!

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Sadly, I've turned into a beer snob in the last couple of years, and those tasty brews at DP's just made it worse.


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