Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Review

Number of tournaments (online and live) = 9

First place finishes = 4
Final tables (second place finish) = 1
KTFO = 4

Of course the most disappointing of these tournaments is the second place finish. I pride myself on closing the door when I'm there. That one I just couldn't close out on this kid. Nuff said. But it was a nice score none the less.

Since I fancy myself a cash game player I don't play many tournaments. I don't think that I will ever be a good tournament player...just like I don't think that I will ever be a good no-limit player. But I have my own little formula down that has been working and I'm sure I will take stab at tournaments here and there.

What I do know from speaking to many vets is that these things come in cycles. So this good run might end tomorrow and I might not win one for another month or so.

The Rooster wanted to interject here for a second:

The Rooster thinks that this run is o.k. but could have been better. Missed a couple of big draws heads up and lost one that should have been another victory.

The Rooster thinks one of the things that has helped The Rooster is the beats at the final table. Before when The Rooster would take a brutal beat by someone drawing out on him (because The Rooster always goes in with the best of it)The Rooster would tend to push a bit too much in following hands.

The Rooster would like to thank somone other than The Rooster for this improvement. Serious, Pauly Drama has really helped The Rooster with his mental coaching on this. The Rooster has said The Rooster will write a post on this topic. But in all honesty, The Rooster has found that a calm sense of self and only accepting victory is the key to success at final tables in tournament play. May sound odd and lame, but The Rooster stands by his take.

The Rooster would also like to point you to JoeSpeakers blog to catch a cool, dope and fantastic portrait of The Rooster. Sure Speaker is a B-Lister but The Rooster has to do his to perform community service.

The Rooster doesn't like to mix politics with his poker. Thus, if you want to talk politics The Rooster suggest you go here.


Also, The Rooster has found these two other blogs to be A-Lister material:


In closing, The Rooster would like you B-Listers to know that if you aren't having success with your blog or poker game that maybe you might want to take some lessons from The Rooster (20.00 bucks a hand)and read book after book on poker. The Rooster means dedicate your life to poker...at least try and be an A-Lister if you can't play like one.


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Nice run!


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