Friday, October 07, 2005

Visit to AC

There is so much to blog about but so little time. Sorry, I can't just write them out one after another (Pauly) or do some massive posts (Iggy) or get all deep like (HDouble)…sorry man, that just ain’t my style. Shit, I can’t even write sad stories about running bad like (Grubby), by the way, not to be mean, but does anyone run as bad as Grubby. I’m not talking about in the physical sense, but have you seen how this poor guy gets pounded and pounded? Poor guy. Reading his posts you almost want to yell at the screen…Run Grub! Run! Take your 20.00 dollar win and call it a day!!! Watch out Grub, it’s going to happen soon…then BOOM! A guy hits two outer on him and you know it's just is a snowball…then the next line you read something like, “I figured it couldn’t happen again so I bought in for another 200.00.” And you know what’s going to happen…seriously, it pains me to read Grub’s posts sometimes.

Derek sent me an email all happy go lucky on how I did in AC this past weekend. I suppose he wanted to hear another great score story such as in Vegas. But in AC they don’t have accumulated pots and you can only spin the wheel after you hit a Royal Flush…piece of crap. In any case, I got killed in AC. Basically, they took a cork screw to my eyes…I had to fight and fight to leave about 150.00 down. This was the worst loss in some time. The thing that sucked balls was that I lost in my favorite game, Stud 20/40. I just got killed on the river on two hands and chased with good draws in another two hands…down 400.00. Then I lost another 100.00 in no-limit and I’m thinking…maybe I should get on the Greyhound Bus and go back to NYC.

I went back to the 20/40 stud game with my last 300.00 bucks. I figured if I were to go out it might as well be in a blaze of glory…no reference to Bon Jovi because I am in Jersey. I sit and decide to really hunker down at the table. Then I’m winning and hitting when I have lots of outs. I’m almost even and looking good. Then it all goes to crap as the table breaks and I start to get tired and of course being the cheap guy I am, I didn’t want to get a room. I started to play 2/4 Omaha8 and won some big pots. Now it’s like 5 in the morning on Sat. and I sit at a no-limit table and I’m back down 150.00 and call it a day. I leave AC about 10:00 am tired and beat to hell.

In closing, next time in AC I have to get a room at the HoJo. Serious, I hate playing when I’m tired after a long week of work. I will be back in AC next week to beat that 20/40 stud game. And trust me…I will beat it. I’m going to arrive Sat. all rested and ready to go.


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